Jason Kelce hits back at trolls after being labeled 'hypocritical' over Harrison Butker's controversial speech

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Jason Kelce has deed backmost astatine trolls connected societal media aft being called 'hypocritical' for his sentiment connected Harrison Butker's arguable commencement reside earlier this month.

The Kansas City Chiefs kicker sparked awesome contention erstwhile he told graduates astatine Benedictine College that women should prioritize being 'homemakers' alternatively of pursuing careers, while besides taking purpose astatine nan LGBTQ+ community, abortion advocates and much successful an opinion-dividing speech.

Jason, who has 3 young daughters pinch his woman Kylie, defended Butker and said he could 'take awesome worth successful it erstwhile he is talking astir nan value of family and nan value of a awesome mother'.

But nan precocious retired Philadelphia Eagles prima besides insisted parts of Butker's reside 'are not things that I align myself with'.

That has led to disapproval from societal media trolls, who accused Kelce of being 'hypocritical' and suggested his woman Kylie is 'a homemaker'.

Jason Kelce has deed backmost astatine disapproval of his sentiment connected Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker's speech

Butker claimed women should prioritize being 'homemakers' alternatively of pursuing careers

Kelce, who will activity connected ESPN adjacent season, deed backmost connected Monday greeting and defended his narration pinch his wife.

He posted connected X: 'Responding to this, because I person seen a number of group opportunity it.

'I don’t deliberation of Kylie arsenic a homemaker, I deliberation of her arsenic my wife. I deliberation of her arsenic a mother. She has an occupation, arsenic do I, and we support our location nan champion we can.

'Our matrimony is simply a partnership, we are equals who are figuring it retired connected nan daily. The only anticipation is that we emotion each other, support 1 another, and are committed to our family, that comes first. 

'We some raise our kids, we some work, we some support our home. It is some our faults it is messy, but specified is life pinch 3 young children, engaged schedules, and neither of america being neat freaks. She besides makes a mean sandwich.

'If being a homemaker, useful for some, and that’s what they want, past hellhole yea, that’s awesome, much powerfulness to you. 

'I want to beryllium clear, I’m not downplaying that astatine all, but that is not our family dynamic.'

Discussing Butker's reside pinch his relative Travis connected nan latest section of their New Heights podcast, Jason added that the reactions from nan group who really cognize Butker, specified arsenic Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs coach Andy Reid and Travis, carried much worth than those connected nan internet. 

The retired Eagles halfway said that nan saga has made him bespeak connected his ain domiciled arsenic a father 

He said: 'It's ever awesome to perceive from group who really really cognize group than a bunch of group reacting to comments without really having met nan guy. 

'I deliberation nan teammates reactions, Andy Reid's guidance - you study astir group connected a regular basis. There are ever going to beryllium opinions that everybody shares that you are going to disagree with.

'Make nary correction astir it, nan things he said successful nan commencement reside are not things that I align myself with. But he's giving a commencement reside astatine a Catholic assemblage and shocker, it ended up being a very belief speech.

'To me, I tin perceive to personification talk and return awesome worth successful it erstwhile he is talking astir nan value of family and nan value of a awesome mother - while besides acknowledging that not everybody has to beryllium a homemaker if that's not what they want to do successful life.

'When you perceive to somebody, you return successful what you for illustration and you perceive to different things and opportunity I don't f***ing for illustration that.

'I've had truthful galore group inquire maine what would you do if your daughters had to beryllium location and perceive to personification show them aft they person conscionable earned a grade that they should conscionable spell and align to beryllium homemakers.

'I would opportunity that if my daughters perceive to personification show them what to do, that they should beryllium homemakers, I grounded arsenic a dad.

'Like what nan f**k are you talking about? I don't attraction who's talking to them, if you fto personification up connected a shape show you that you can't do that, and past you're for illustration "oh f**k, I conjecture I won't spell beryllium a CEO"... past you're not gonna make it!

'If you don't for illustration what personification says, each you gotta do is conscionable say: "That guy's a f***ing idiot" - and past you move on. I don't get what nan full fuss is astir rather honest.'

Kelce past backtracked by stressing that he does understand nan contention surrounding Butker's remarks, earlier making a joke astir his woman Kylie erstwhile discussing her thoughts connected nan commencement speech. 

'I get what nan fuss is about, because I cognize that definite groups person been persecuted against for a agelong play successful this country,' he continued.

'And women successful particular, evidently my wife... I deliberation she was a small spot disappointment pinch immoderate of these comments.

'Initially I said listen, you're gonna person to spell backmost successful nan room and make maine a sandwich. I'm listening to nan crippled correct now.'

The Kelce brothers past burst into laughter earlier Travis said: 'We were doing truthful good! We were sidesplitting it!'

Jason past added: 'I dream she didn't perceive that.'

On Friday night, Butker doubled down connected his remarks, comparing himself to Saint Daniel 

On Friday night, Butker doubled down connected his remarks, comparing himself to Saint Daniel during different reside astatine a Regina Caeli Academy arena successful Nashville, Tennessee. 

He told nan event: 'Over nan past fewer days my beliefs, aliases what group deliberation I believe, person been nan attraction of countless discussions astir nan globe.'

He continued: 'At nan outset, galore group expressed a shocking level of hate. But arsenic nan days went connected moreover those who disagreed pinch my position points shared their support for my state of religion. 

'As to beryllium expected, nan much I've talked astir what I worth most, which is my Catholic faith, nan much polarizing I person become.'

The kicker went connected to opportunity his determination was 1 that he did 'not regret astatine all', and said it wasn't group but Jesus Christ he was trying to please. 

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