Israeli troops exchange fire with Egyptian soldiers near Rafah, killing one: IDF says incident 'under investigation'

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By David Averre

Published: 10:16 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 10:23 EDT, 27 May 2024

Israeli forces earlier coming exchanged gunfire pinch Egyptian troops on their shared separator that resulted successful nan decease of astatine slightest 1 Egyptian soldier. 

The IDF this day reported a 'shooting incident' on nan separator pinch Egypt, adding that it was discussing nan rumor pinch nan Egyptian authorities but revealed nary further information. 

'A fewer hours ago, a shooting incident occurred connected nan Egyptian border. 

'The incident is nether reappraisal and discussions are being held pinch nan Egyptians,' nan subject said this day successful a statement.

Cairo quickly confirmed nan shooting arsenic a subject spokesperson said authorities had opened an investigation into nan incident.  

The shooting comes hours aft nan IDF conducted an airstrike connected a exile campy successful nan metropolis of Rafah successful Gaza which killed astatine slightest 45 Palestinians according to nan Hamas-run Health Ministry. 

Smoke rises from nan region pursuing nan Israeli attacks connected various areas successful Rafah city, adjacent nan Egyptian border, Gaza connected May 25, 2024

Source dailymail