Is Boden Leaving ‘Chicago Fire’? ​Inside Eamonn Walker’s Exit and If His Character Is Gone for Good

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Chicago Fire fans want to cognize if they’ve seen nan past of actor Eamonn Walker, aft his character, Wallace ​Boden, seemingly departed nan show astatine nan extremity of play 12.

How Was ​Boden Written Out ​of nan ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 12 Finale?

Fans mightiness person known thing was up erstwhile successful section ​9, Boden took a time off of absence from Firehouse 51 owed to individual family matters involving stepson, James. He near Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) successful complaint but returned for nan show’s finale.

Boden returned for nan last section of play 12 and aft witnessing an unthinkable enactment of bravery astatine a building tract collapse, he told his squad his planned to officially tally for Deputy Commissioner.

FTR Is Boden Leaving Chicago Fire Eamonn Walker Exit

Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC

Chicago Fire executive shaper Andrea Newman told TV Insider up of nan play finale, “Boden has been managing a batch of alteration astatine location (with his stepson James) and astatine 51, and learned a batch while doing it, including astir himself.”

She added, “A shocking incident successful nan finale will item what it intends to him to beryllium a leader, and everyone adjacent to him will beryllium impacted successful a immense measurement by nan determination he makes.”

Is Chicago Fire’s Boden Character Gone for Good?

Boden is live and well, he’s conscionable taking connected a caller profession way that has resulted successful him nary longer being a full-time formed personnel connected nan show. He is expected to return successful a recurring position going forward. Eamonn has not said why he is leaving Chicago Fire arsenic a bid regular.

“As we each said to Eamonn, we are not really letting you go, ever. You will ever beryllium stuck pinch america because we emotion you excessively overmuch to opportunity goodbye,” Andrea told Deadline connected May 22, 2024, aft nan play finale aired.

How Long Has Eamonn Walker Starred connected ‘Chicago Fire?’

The British character has been location from nan show’s very first section erstwhile it premiered connected NBC successful October 2012.

His characteristic of Boden started retired arsenic nan Battalion Chief of Firehouse 51 and was a 30-year seasoned who worked alongside Kelly’s precocious father, Benny Severide, successful nan department.

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Is Boden Leaving Chicago Fire Eamonn Walker Exit

Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC

What Did Creator Dick Wolf and Executive Producer Andrea Newman Say About Eamonn’s Departure?

“Eamonn was nan first character formed on Chicago Fire, and we knew erstwhile he said yes, that we were disconnected and running. His characteristic Chief Wallace Boden was nan undisputed leader of Firehouse 51 and, off-screen, Eamonn has filled nan aforesaid domiciled pinch our ensemble cast,” Dick told Deadline connected May 22, 2024, nan aforesaid time nan play 12 finale aired.

E.P. Andrea told nan outlet, “There is immoderate talk successful nan finale astir who would return complete for Boden if he were to leave, and Boden’s thoughts astonishment everyone, astir particularly nan personification he chooses. Like you say, those are immoderate very large shoes to fill, and I deliberation whoever mightiness travel into that domiciled would person to lead successful a very different measurement than Boden did. There’s nary replacing Chief Boden, aliases Eamonn Walker.

She added, “Eamonn is nan astir big-hearted, passionate, hard-working and dedicated character (and human) I know, and he is for illustration a begetter to each formed personnel and unit personnel of this team. He is loved for illustration nary other. Any alteration successful his position connected Fire is going to beryllium for illustration an earthquake coming through. The vibe connected group for nan finale was just, clasp onto Eamonn arsenic tight arsenic you can. Every infinitesimal pinch him is simply a gift.”

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