Inside NBA icon Rajon Rondo's lavish Lake Como wedding... as Lakers star Kyle Kuzma packs on the PDA with model girlfriend Winnie Harlow

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Former NBA prima Rajon Rondo and his wife, Latoia Fitzgerald, enjoyed a lavish wedding successful Lake Como, Italy complete nan play arsenic they partied pinch a big of different hoops players.

Rondo, 38, and his woman person reportedly been together since astir 2020 - nan aforesaid twelvemonth he won a title pinch nan Los Angeles Lakers.

And respective of Rondo's aged LA teammates made nan travel to Italy arsenic Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Kyle Kuzma were pictured enjoying nan event, arsenic good arsenic existent Clippers defender James Harden.

Kuzma was seen his his exemplary woman Winnie Harlow arsenic nan brace packed connected nan PDA, pinch nan Wizards guardant seen pinch his limb astir her.

The erstwhile Laker won't person to study to campy until nan autumn and could beryllium seen indulging successful a cigarette.

Rajon Rondo and his wife, Latoia Fitzgerald, are seen astatine their wedding ceremony successful Italy

Kyle Kuzma - a erstwhile Lakers teammate of Rondo's - and Winnie Harlow packed connected nan PDA

Kuzma, who presently plays for nan Wizards, was seen indulging successful cigaret during nan event

James Harden was besides spotted astatine nan wedding celebrations pinch girlfriend Paije Speights

Rondo and Fitzgerald walked manus successful manus arsenic they matched successful achromatic for their celebration

He sported a achromatic vessel apical and bucket chapeau while Harlow wore a straw chapeau of her own. 

Harden could beryllium seen pinch woman Paije Speights, arsenic nan brace looked each smiles aft they went viral astatine a caller wedding.

The erstwhile Rockets prima had a hilarious guidance caught connected video. arsenic his woman caught nan bouquet, leaving him wide-eyed and wholly frozen.

Rondo enjoyed a agelong NBA profession crossed 9 different franchises, and ex-teammates Troy Daniels (Lakers) and Josh Smith (Pelicans) besides made nan travel for his large new. 

Rondo wore a matching pick group pinch achromatic sneakers while his caller bride Latoia was seen successful a much classical achromatic wedding dress.

Rondo and a impermanent were each smiles arsenic they celebrated nan ex-NBA star's large time successful Italy

Josh Smith was different erstwhile NBA subordinate to look astatine nan event, alongside his partner

Kuzma and Harlow, who person dated since 2020, sat down to talk pinch 1 another

Kuzma won nan 2020 NBA title pinch nan Lakers while Harden is still looking for his first ring

It's nary wonderment that nan brace looked stylish, fixed that Latoia a successful manner designer, moving for brands for illustration Lionelle and Dillonger according to Sportskeeda.

There were respective notable moments captured successful pictures, arsenic Rondo, Daniels, Caldwell-Pope and Kuzma chatted successful a group astatine 1 point.

Kuzma, who had a profession twelvemonth for nan Wizards, could beryllium seen signing autographs for fans successful a generous infinitesimal arsenic well.

He and Harlow, who he's been making love since 2020, appeared to beryllium successful awesome spirits astatine nan event.

The exemplary was seen happily indulging successful an crystal pick cone successful 1 picture, while Kuzma's ex-teammate Caldwell-Pope lounged pinch his woman McKenzie arsenic well.

Rondo past played successful nan 2021-22 play for nan Cleveland Cavaliers, ending his profession pinch 4 All-Star appearances, and 2 championships.

Rondo, Kuzma and ex-Lakers teammates Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Troy Daniels chat

Kuzma signed autographs for fans during nan event, which comes during nan NBA Finals

And his woman Harlow treated herself to a vanilla crystal pick arsenic she fought disconnected nan Italy heat

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, seen pinch his woman McKenzie, was successful bully spirits during nan event

Harden's girlfriend, Paije Speights, appeared to beryllium enjoying herself arsenic she lifted her arms up

He spent nan first 9 years of his profession pinch nan Boston Celtics and formed a title-winning halfway pinch Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. 

They would spell connected to hit nan Lakers successful nan Finals successful 2008.

In January, Rondo was arrested successful Indiana connected firearm and supplier charges.

According to Indiana State Police, he was facing misdemeanor firearm, supplier paraphernalia and marijuana charges aft being pulled complete for 'traveling recklessly.' 

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