HRM city staff to work on emergency management strategic plan

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Findings of a report determining nan authorities of HRM’s emergency guidance programme was presented to Halifax’s Executive Standing Committee connected Monday.

The Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) model was utilized to make nan assessment, hoping to build nan champion imaginable emergency guidance program.

“We person a batch of acquisition responding to emergencies,” said HRM Community Safety Executive Director Bill Moore. “We person a batch of very, very bully unit doing a batch of really, really bully work. This is not a reflection of that. This is astir building nan programme astir it.”

HRM CAO Cathie O’Toole told nan executive opinionated committee that assessing nan maturity of emergency guidance for nan metropolis was her privilege erstwhile she entered her role.

The study shows nan HRM’s emergency guidance programme lacks archiving and building and needs a multi-year strategical plan.

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“Right now, we are beardown successful position of nan truth that we person bully group and we are good practiced successful position of responding to emergencies,” said O’Toole. “The resilience piece, though, is of peculiar interest because without nan archiving and without nan training, past we whitethorn not beryllium resilient if we mislaid 2 aliases 3 cardinal individuals.”

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The study came arsenic a spot of a astonishment to immoderate councillors who believed nan programme was successful bully order, who now invited nan changes.

“I was pleased to spot that immoderate of nan activity was done successful 2020 to get immoderate of nan archiving backmost up, but that truthful overmuch of that had fallen behind,” said HRM District 15 Coun. Paul Russell. “I’m besides pleased to perceive that…we’re moving up pinch that.”

The internationally recognized EMAP group of standards utilized to measure and continuously amended emergency guidance programs will let for plans to beryllium updated regularly while providing a roadmap for building nan programme successful nan future.

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“This is really astir creating a sustainable, ongoing portion of activity that — arsenic caller group travel successful — they’d beryllium capable to beryllium down pinch nan various plans, publication done it, understand nan conception of operations, understand wherever they request to spell to get things and beryllium capable to footwear nan tires connected it,” said Moore.

Having managed nan measurement done astatine slightest 4 emergency events past year, support from nan Executive Standing Committee for nan study recommendations allows City Staff to statesman strategical planning.

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“We request to make judge that nan plans are really going to beryllium capable to beryllium put into operations,” Moore said. “So, that involves talking pinch a full batch of stakeholders, communities, levels of government, First Nations communities, backstage businesses.”

This activity is simply a consequence of questions raised from nan wildfires after-action report, which Moore told Global News his squad is taking very earnestly arsenic they make judge to build those recommendations into nan municipality’s program.

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