How to have the best Sunday in L.A., according to Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia

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If location was an grant for nan astir wellness-focused mates successful Los Angeles, Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia would return nan cake.

Sunday Funday matter pinch illustrations of a L.A. hat, sheet of tacos, flamingo floaty, cup of java and vintage convertible

In Sunday Funday, L.A. group springiness america a play-by-play of their perfect Sunday astir town. Find ideas and inspiration connected wherever to go, what to eat and really to bask life connected nan weekends.

Shetty is simply a personage life coach, writer and big of nan “On Purpose” podcast, wherever he’s had susceptible conversations pinch group for illustration President Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, Kobe Bryant, Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah Winfrey. His wife, Devlukia, is simply a objective dietitian, nutritionist who specializes successful Ayurveda and writer of nan cookbook “JoyFull: Cook Effortlessly, Eat Freely, Live Radiantly,” which will beryllium released Feb. 27. They are some vegan, and together they person a sparkling-tea marque called Juni, which is infused pinch adaptogens and nootropics for illustration lion’s mane, acerola cherry and ashwagandha. Plus, Shetty was a monk for 3 years.

The United Kingdom-born duo antecedently lived successful New York, but Devlukia said Los Angeles, which they’ve called location for nan past 5 years, has “felt much for illustration me.”

“I’ve loved nan move to L.A.,” said Devlukia, “the slower pace, energy, being astir much nature, and conscionable nan wide cognition of everyone toward their wellness. All of our friends emotion to slumber early and aftermath up early, and they each prioritize their wellness truthful overmuch more.”

“If you springiness 2 Brits bluish skies and sunshine, that’s it,” Shetty added. “That’s each we need.”

The green-eyed couple’s perfect Sunday successful L.A. involves meditating astatine home, hiking successful Griffith Park, hitting their favourite farmers marketplace to prime up ingredients for 1 of Devlukia’s mouth-watering recipes and indulging successful a saccharine dainty astatine nan extremity of nan night. Here, they return america on for nan ride. (To beryllium honest, if I did moreover a 4th of nan activities connected their itinerary, I’d consciousness awesome astir myself.)

This question and reply has been lightly edited and condensed for magnitude and clarity.

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(Photo from Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia)

7 a.m.: Wake up and meditate

Devlukia: I’ll aftermath up astir 7 a.m., brushwood my teeth, put connected my comfy apparel and past do my meditation. That’s a weekday and play ritual. I’ll usually meditate for astir an hr and past Jay will [join me].

Shetty: I would for illustration to aftermath up astatine for illustration 11 a.m., but it ne'er happens. I’m up astatine for illustration 7:30 a.m.

Devlukia: So we’ll do our meditation and breathwork successful nan morning. I usually person basking h2o pinch immoderate spices successful it. I person this herb blend that I emotion pinch coriander, cumin and fennel seeds.

8:30 a.m.: Hot Pilates and hiking astatine Griffith Park

Devlukia: I usually spell for my workout aft that.

Shetty: That’s wherever we divided off. I’ll usually hike. She likes precocious intensity. I for illustration debased intensity.

Devlukia: On weekends, I either do basking Pilates, basking yoga aliases I’ll spell for a tally somewhere. I conscionable started going backmost to Heated Room. I really for illustration their classes. The teachers location are amazing. One coach specifically I’ve been going to is Chelle. I deliberation she’s great. Then for hiking, we for illustration Griffith and Runyon [Canyon]. One of our friends loves uncovering different places for america to spell connected hikes wrong an hour’s distance. He’ll prime a spot and we’ll conscionable subordinate him sometimes.

Shetty: I besides emotion pickleball. So I person a bunch of friends that I’ll spell play pickleball pinch for a mates of hours connected a Sunday morning. And if I had it my way, I’d emotion to play a crippled of soccer. That would beryllium for illustration my ideal ideal Sunday, but I’ll settee for pickleball because it’s difficult to get 22 guys to play shot together successful L.A.

11 a.m.: Brunch astatine Nic’s connected Beverly (if Devlukia isn’t cooking)

Devlukia: We usually eat aft our workout connected nan weekends.

Shetty: If we’re going to eat out, I emotion to spell to Nic’s connected Beverly. It’s 1 of our favourite restaurants. Nic’s is wholly plant-based. They person a benedict, which is amazing. That’s filling capable because it has tofu.

Devlukia: We besides get nan three-cheese vegan omelet.

Shetty: That’s if we’re going out, but Radhi usually cooks a superb brunch [at home]. If she’s not successful town, past I person to spell out.

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(Photo courtesy of Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia)

Devlukia: At nan moment, what I’ve started doing is — because I created nan recipes for my book astir a twelvemonth and a half agone — prime thing from it each play and make it. [Recently], I made nan veggie frittata muffins for breakfast.

Shetty: They’re so good.

Devlukia: I besides sometimes will make a chickpea flour omelet pinch veggies wrong aliases I’ll make america an epic sandwich. I person a sandwich successful my book, nan Everything Sandwich. I conscionable emotion sandwiches being saucy, truthful it has pesto and hummus. I’ll make immoderate dips and sauces myself to put successful there, and it’s conscionable for illustration a ace loaded sandwich.

Shetty: One of our favourite things to do arsenic good is spell to nan Hollywood Farmers Market. That’s our favourite one. If Radhi is cooking something, she’ll spell bargain each of nan ingredients there.

Devlukia: Yeah, that’s usually what I’ll do if I make sandwiches. I’ll get caller breadstuff from nan marketplace first, and past get each nan toppings and fillings for it, and past create thing magical from it.

2:30 p.m.: Hang retired pinch friends aliases relax astatine location

Devlukia: We either spell 2 ways. One measurement is we’ll prime immoderate friends to bent retired with, whether that intends going complete to their location and conscionable hanging out. Or if we consciousness for illustration conscionable being together, usually midafternoon is erstwhile we prime a movie to watch.

Shetty: Just thing relaxing.

Devlukia: [Recently] alternatively of watching a movie, we conscionable sat and publication together. So we’ll publication abstracted books for for illustration an hr aliases truthful conscionable because sometimes during nan week, you don’t person clip to really immerse yourselves successful nan books that you want to read. We really admit having reference time. I’m reference “The Courage to Be Disliked,” “The Daily Laws,” which Jay besides recommended to me, “Attached” and immoderate belief books. I publication aggregate books astatine nan aforesaid time. Embarrassingly, I’m besides reference Jay’s “8 Rules of Love” because I ne'er vanished it astatine nan clip it came out, and it’s actually an astonishing book. [Laughs]

Shetty: I’m reference a book called “A Therapeutic Journey” by Alain de Botton, who started nan School of Life. It was a gift from 1 of my caller podcast guests.

5 p.m. Cook some Indian comfortableness food

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(Photo courtesy of Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia)

Devlukia: We’ll navigator dinner. Usually it’s [just] america aliases immoderate of my friends.

Shetty: Everyone has been ordering retired each week and wants immoderate home-cooked food, they’re coming over. All of Radhi’s different children.

Devlukia: It’s ne'er really planned. If we’re messaging pinch someone, I’ll conscionable beryllium like, “I’m making dinner. Come complete if you want,” truthful it’ll conscionable beryllium 1 aliases 3 people. My friends usually inquire maine to make them Indian food. So it’ll beryllium different types of curries and immoderate veggie dishes. I person this saccharine potato, greenish legume and cashew curry successful my book that’s for illustration my go-to. I’ll make that pinch possibly immoderate flatbreads aliases naan and a yogurt dip connected nan side, past immoderate benignant of dal.

Shetty: We had this pact ever since we sewage together because she’s specified a pro successful nan kitchen. I emotion everything she makes truthful I spot her, truthful I’m for illustration immoderate you want to make, I’m happy receiving.

Devlukia: He’s personification who eats to live, he doesn’t unrecorded to eat. He’s truthful gracious and loves maine experimenting pinch food, but nan point he gets astir excited astir is chocolate. So that is for illustration his indulgent food. Apart from that, he will eat to unrecorded and he’ll beryllium happy pinch thing he gets.

Shetty: And this is why I don’t petition worldly because if I was asked, “What do you want?” I’d opportunity a burger aliases thing basic. But if I don’t opportunity that, I get each of this.

5:30: Or possibly spell to a edifice

Devlukia: I’ve struggled rather a spot to find bully Indian restaurants successful L.A. There is an area successful Artesia called Little India wherever they person each these astonishing Indian restaurants. I for illustration Surati Farsan Mart and Honest [Restaurant]. But astir here, if I really want an Indian fix, and I can’t beryllium bothered to make it myself, there’s a spot called Tulsi Eatery [that I like]. They do really astonishing vegetarian, plant-based Indian food.

7:30 p.m.: Grab immoderate dessert

Shetty: If I’m being bad, past I’ll get a dessert from Van Leeuwen. They person a vegan database of flavors, which are amazing. I’ll get chocolate fudge brownie crystal pick pinch cocoa sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, honeycomb crunch and possibly immoderate cocoa brownie pieces depending connected really I feel. Plus, basking fudge!

Devlukia: Normally if we spell retired for dessert, we person to make 2 pit stops. My spot is Yoga-urt, which has stiff yogurt. I get akin toppings. They make a basking cocoa condiment and I for illustration to propulsion immoderate strawberries connected mine, immoderate nuts and mochi.

Shetty: Might arsenic good adhd immoderate broccoli connected location too. Add immoderate spinach. [Laughs]

Devlukia: He thinks that if there’s consequence successful something, it’s not a dessert. How rude! [Laughs]

8 p.m.: Get fresh for furniture

Devlukia: We’ll travel back, and honestly we’re some early sleepers. We’re successful furniture by 9 p.m.

Shetty: Especially connected a Sunday. I’ll look astatine my almanac for nan remainder of nan week and my schedule. I’ll group an volition of really I want to locomotion into nan week.

Devlukia: I’ll do a skincare routine, which I emotion each night. I’ll exfoliate and get myself caller for nan week. Then we’ll get into bed. We some sound retired really fast. At 9 p.m. connected nan dot, we’ll beryllium knocked out.

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