How to Get a House for Free (or Almost Free)

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A location is an costly acquisition that an individual aliases family makes. Purchasing a location done auctions, authorities programs, aliases pinch rental income tin supply a free aliases almost free measurement to bargain a home.

Key Takeaways

  • Reliable, semipermanent tenants tin thief salary disconnected a owe loan.
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sponsors homeownership and assistance programs for qualified individuals.
  • Foreclosed homes whitethorn waste done an absolute auction wherever nan highest bidder wins sloppy of nan bid amount.

Use Rental Income

Investors commonly get a mortgage connected a spot and past rent it by charging a competitory rent that provides capable money to meet nan monthly payments. It is imaginable that reliable, semipermanent tenants tin salary disconnected nan entirety of a mortgage.

Buying properties for usage arsenic an Airbnb is besides popular. Over nan agelong run, this acquisition tin supply a dependable passive income. These rentals are typically short-term. According to AirDNA, nan mean regular complaint for an Airbnb successful Los Angeles successful 2022 was astir $190, pinch units typically occupied 67% of nan year. 

Buyers should beryllium alert that making a profit from renting retired spot is not simple, and location are factors to consider earlier choosing this route.

Home Ownership Programs

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sponsors programs for qualified individuals that include:

  • Law enforcement officers, teachers, firefighters, and emergency aesculapian technicians whitethorn suffice for nan Good Neighbor Next Door Sales Program. HUD offers a discount of 50% disconnected nan database value if nan eligible purchaser commits to surviving successful nan spot for 36 months arsenic their main residence.
  • A section Public Housing Authority (PHA) whitethorn connection nationalist lodging units to residents and different eligible low-income families successful their communities. A PHA tin besides usage Capital Funds for homeownership activities, including financial assistance for closing costs, downpayment, and owe loans to nationalist lodging residents.
  • The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), portion of HUD, insures loans truthful lenders tin connection buyers incentives for illustration debased down payments and closing costs.

Auctions and Tax Sales

Homes whitethorn extremity up successful auction owed to a owe default aliases foreclosure, aliases a homeowner's nonaccomplishment to salary taxes. Foreclosed properties are seized by a owe lender aft a borrower fails to make owe payments complete immoderate time. When an proprietor doesn’t salary spot taxes, nan section taxation authority whitethorn prehend nan property. Auctions tin beryllium conducted successful personification aliases online and are deployed successful 1 of 3 ways:

  • Absolute Auction: The highest bidder wins sloppy of nan magnitude of nan bid.
  • Minimum Bid: A minimum dollar worth is required to bid for nan property
  • Reserve Auction: Bids are treated arsenic offers that tin beryllium rejected by nan seller.

How Do I Contact HUD for Assistance? offers national homeownership and home-buying assistance programs. Additionally, location whitethorn beryllium programs sponsored by authorities aliases section governments. 

How Can I Get a House I Can't Afford?

There are respective sources of thief disposable to bargain houses. You tin use for homebuyers’ assistance programs, effort a rent-to-own option, aliases look into replacement loans.

Where Can I Find Houses Selling astatine Auction?

Local realtors and banks whitethorn transportation listings of foreclosed homes and connection accusation regarding nan day and clip of auctions. provides subscribers entree to regular updates connected disposable homes.

The Bottom Line

Three affordable aliases low-cost lodging options see section auctions, government-sponsored programs, aliases receiving rental income. Potential homebuyers tin sojourn nan U.S. Housing and Urban Development website for assistance aliases online auction sites for listings.

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