‘Home Alone’ house up for sale at $7M — booby traps not included

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The Home Alone house is up for waste — and no, it doesn’t see immoderate of Kevin McCallister’s scalding doorknobs aliases paint-can booby traps.

The celebrated house, located northbound of Chicago successful Winnetka, Ill., deed nan marketplace connected Friday for nan first clip successful 12 years, and it could beryllium yours for US$5.25 cardinal (about C$7.16 million).

The ‘Home Alone’ location surviving room. Dawn Mckenna Group

With 5 bedrooms and six bathrooms, nan 9,126-sq. ft. home is some a portion of American movie history and a valuable portion of existent estate.

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Though nan location was built successful 1921, it’s been extensively renovated to characteristic a number of lavish amenities, for illustration a state-of-the-art movie theatre and indoor sports tribunal that features a existent 3-point line.

The location theatre room wrong nan renovated ‘Home Alone’ house. Dawn Mckenna Group
The ‘Home Alone’ location features an indoor sports tribunal pinch a existent 3-point line. Dawn Mckenna Group

The spot was besides redesigned to see a freely room that has dual islands, arsenic good arsenic a screened-in structure pinch a wood-burning fireplace, among different luxuries.

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The ‘Home Alone’ location kitchen, which features 2 islands, bespoke achromatic cabinetry and a hidden pantry. Dawn Mckenna Group

According to nan spot listing, nan existent owners renovated and expanded nan spot successful 2018, but “took nan utmost attraction successful maintaining nan architectural item and integrity of nan home’s astir memorable and recognizable spaces.”

The memorable spaces see nan “unforgettable introduction staircase,” which character Macaulay Culkin sleds down successful nan Home Alone movie, arsenic good arsenic nan general surviving and eating room spaces that hosted a clone vacation statement complete pinch a Michael Jordan cut-out rigged onto a artifact train.

The beforehand staircase of nan ‘Home Alone’ house. Dawn Mckenna Group

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Real property institution Dawn McKenna Group is handling nan waste of nan iconic home.

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In a societal media station advertizing nan property, realtors called nan location “a portion of American history” and “one of nan astir celebrated houses successful nan world.”

The walk-through video of nan Georgia-style location highlighted nan home’s open-concept level plan, freely sunroom and renovated attic abstraction made to see a afloat bath pinch a soaking tub.

In caller years, nan location has only been listed connected Airbnb for one night successful December 2021.

Home Alone, released successful 1990, remains 1 of nan astir well-known Christmas movies ever made, featuring nan communicative of a clever 8-year-old boy who is accidentally near down erstwhile his family takes a picnic to Paris, France. The movie has since spawned a number of vacation sequels.

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Maybe, pinch nan caller renovations successful place, nan property’s propulsion will beryllium capable to intrigue moreover Culkin himself to move backmost in.

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