Hilarious moment Reds staffer is swept up by infamous 'Tarp Monster' in Cincinnati - before having to crawl out during rain delay

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  • A female connected nan Reds grounds unit was trapped underneath nan 'tarp monster'
  • 'Mayday - they're not stopping,' nan announcer said arsenic she was swallowed up
  • READ MORE: Reds grounds unit personnel is consumed by tarp aft falling over

By Emily Selleck

Published: 11:19 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 11:19 EDT, 27 May 2024

The infamous Cincinnati tarp monster claimed different unfortunate erstwhile the Reds took connected nan Dodgers at Great American Ballpark successful rainy conditions Sunday. 

During a upwind delay, the grounds unit brought retired a huge, achromatic tarp to protect nan section from incoming rain. 

As nan staffers bolted crossed nan field, dragging nan ample tarp down them, 1 female fell complete and was promptly swallowed up by nan monolithic creature. 

'Mayday - they're not stopping,' the Reds announcer said, arsenic nan crew continued to propulsion nan tarp towards nan third-base line, wholly enveloping their coworker.

'Good news, bad news,' he went on. 'Good news, nan Reds are up four. Bad news, Tarp Monster did get 1 personnel of nan grounds crew.' 

The Cincinnati tarp monster claimed different unfortunate during nan Reds crippled Sunday

The female who was trapped underneath had to service crawl retired of nan darkness

The announcer noted that nan female trapped underneath was 'trying to service crawl to freedom.' 

'That's one of nan bigger cheers of nan day,' they said, arsenic she emerged from nan tarp. 

Social media users recovered nan infinitesimal arsenic hilarious and harrowing. 

'I can't respire watching this,' 1 personification wrote successful consequence to nan MLB's station connected X. 

'That tin beryllium immoderate scary worldly nether location honestly,' different chimed in.

A 3rd wrote, 'That's amazing, hilarious, and besides terrifying.'  

'That's 1 of nan bigger cheers of nan day,' nan announcer said, arsenic she emerged from nan tarp

The Reds completed a three-game expanse against nan Los Angeles Dodgers, winning 4-1

It was acold from nan first clip nan tarp monster has swallowed up a personnel of nan Reds grounds crew. 

Last summer, 1 man slipped while unfurling nan tarp arsenic nan Ohio squad took connected nan San Francisco Giants.  

'Every man near behind, fend for yourself,' nan announcer said astatine nan time.

The Reds were up 4-0 earlier nan rainfall hold successful nan apical of nan sixth inning Sunday.

They completed a three-game expanse against Los Angeles pinch a 4-1 victory, arsenic Jonathan India and Nick Martini each drove successful 2 runs successful nan win.

'It shows what we're tin of doing erstwhile we play well,' Reds head David Bell told reporters. 

'We cognize that astir ourselves. We judge that we perfectly person to spell retired and show it. It's bully to spot for our squad and our players, conscionable fighting to displacement nan power around.'

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