Grieving mother flees courtroom in anguish as 'closeted' Neo-Nazi tells jurors graphic details of how he murdered her 19 year-old Jewish gay son

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A grieving mother, whose 19 year-old boy was killed by a 'closeted' Neo-Nazi, fled a Santa Ana courtroom successful tears arsenic nan slayer went into schematic item arsenic to really he allegedly carried retired nan murder.

Samuel Woodward, now 26, gave nan chilling relationship during his 4th time testifying successful his proceedings connected a complaint of execution pinch an enhancement for a dislike crime successful nan decease of Blaze Bernstein. 

Bernstein, who was Jewish and gay, was location visiting family successful California connected winter  break six years agone erstwhile he went retired pinch Woodward and disappeared. 

The assemblage of the University of Pennsylvania student was recovered days later, buried successful a park.

The 2 men attended nan aforesaid precocious school, the Orange County School of nan Arts and reconnected on nan making love app Tinder only months earlier nan onslaught while Bernstein was home, according to grounds from nan months-long trial.

Samuel Woodward testifies successful Orange County Superior Court successful Santa Ana, California

Woodward is charged pinch sidesplitting a cheery University of Pennsylvania student, Blaze Bernstein, pictured present pinch his begetter and mother, who said their lives became a waking nightmare aft their son's killing

At first told Bernstein he was connected nan app looking for a hunting partner. However, nan speech turned flirtatious, which astatine first frightened Woodward off, but months later prompted him to show Bernstein: 'I mightiness make an objection for you.'

'I had been looking for group for a agelong clip to walk clip pinch aliases talk to,' Woodward said. Screenshots of their conversations person been shown during nan trial.

The brace yet met up 1 nighttime successful January 2018 and went to Borrego Park successful Lake Forest, California successful Orange County, aft which Bernstein was ne'er seen again.

He told really he had past many times stabbed nan assemblage sophomore aft trying to drawback a cellphone he feared had been utilized to photograph him. 

Woodward, whose agelong hairsbreadth partially covers his look has been many times asked by his lawyer to push it speech truthful jurors could spot him properly.

Sam Woodward brushes distant nan hairsbreadth from his look aft his lawyer Assistant Public Defender Ken Morrison asked him to do truthful during his testimony

Blaze Bernstein, 19, nan gay, Jewish teen who was allegedly murdered successful Southern California by his closeted neo-Nazi erstwhile classmate, was stabbed 28 times successful nan caput and neck

Taking agelong pauses earlier answering questions and often sitting pinch his eyes closed, according to nan Orange County Register, he testified really during nan evening he smoked marijuana and felt thing connected his limb arsenic he was lying connected a sleeping bag.

He said that he saw his pants were unbuckled and that Bernstein had a cellphone.   

Woodward said he felt Bernstein get close, but thought nan 19-year-old was getting thing from a bag.

He past told really he began emotion thing connected his soul thigh and thought he had urinated himself because of nan drugs.

Woodward past said that he decided to dishonesty still successful bid to not bring immoderate attraction to himself.

Suddenly, opened his eyes and was instantly successful a authorities of panic aft seeing his pants had been undone.

One of Bernstein's hands was rubbing him, while successful nan other, he held a cellphone.

Bernstein, pictured, was recovered successful a shallow sedate pinch 28 stab wounds days aft disappearing from his parents location connected a nighttime erstwhile Woodward picked him up their house

The alleged execution limb submitted to grounds successful Orange County Superior Court. Woodward was arrested 2 days aft it was recovered successful his room

'When I looked astatine him and I saw him and I saw nan ray of nan telephone and I realized what he had successful his hand, I conscionable — I went and I conscionable — I conscionable came undone,' Woodward said. 

'I went successful a authorities of terror. I retrieve conscionable asking, "What are you doing, what are you doing?" I conscionable retrieve asking again and again, "What are you doing?"'

'I can't retrieve if he said thing for illustration "Calm down" aliases "It's not a large deal,"' Woodward went on.

Woodward said Bernstein kept repeating nan words, 'I sewage you. I sewage you.' 

Woodward said he was worried Bernstein mightiness person sent an definitive photograph of him to personification else.

When asked what he was acrophobic of by his he defense attorney, Woodward simply said, 'My father.'

'There is nary measurement group for illustration him, group successful our community, group successful our vicinity — conscionable nan look connected his look if he heard astir thing for illustration that, if it sewage retired somehow,' Woodward said. 'I couldn’t fathom thing for illustration that.'

Scenes from nan alleged execution person been presented to nan assemblage during nan trial. Bernstein's shallow sedate is seen here

The teens are spotted connected camera entering nan parkland wherever Blaze's assemblage was yet found

Woodward claimed he began yelling and tried to drawback nan telephone but Bernstein pushed him back.

Woodward past took retired a pouch weapon he was carrying.

'From that constituent I virtually conscionable reached for nan telephone immoderate measurement that I could. I couldn't extremity going astatine nan phone. I couldn't spot what was going on,' Woodward said connected nan stand.

'At that constituent nan telephone wasn't moreover successful nan measurement anymore. Nothing was successful nan measurement anymore. I conscionable kept driving and driving and driving nan weapon down,' Woodward told nan court, adding he felt 'an anger for illustration thing I had ever felt successful my full life' and later smashed nan phone.

'When you opportunity driving nan weapon down, Sam, were you stabbing Blaze?' Assistant Public Defender Ken Morrison asked.

'At that point, yes I was,' Woodward answered.

Such was nan level of item successful Woodward's recounting of nan attack, Bernstein's mother could return nary much and rushed retired of nan court.

Other family members could beryllium seen wiping distant tears arsenic they heard really their loved 1 was killed.

Woodward said Bernstein attempted to conflict backmost arsenic he scratched and spot him. 

'I only retrieve trying to get nan telephone and during that clip and nan ensuing tumble I conscionable retrieve I felt thing different than being clawed and bitten,' Woodward said.

But it was each successful vain as Woodward allegedly went connected a frenzied weapon attack, stabbing Bernstein 28 times in nan look and neck.

Woodward, who was 20 astatine nan clip of nan murder, said he did not callback really galore times he stabbed Bernstein.

'What were you thinking?' nan defense lawyer asked. 'Do you retrieve what you were reasoning erstwhile you were driving nan weapon down again and again and again?'

'Anger for illustration thing I had ever felt successful my full life,' Woodward said.

Bernstein died soon afterwards leaving Woodward to move his assemblage crossed nan parkland and hide him successful a shallow sedate pinch which he utilized his ain hands to excavation out.

'Everything was conscionable 1 large flood,' Woodward said. 'I conscionable retrieve losing my mind. I retrieve not knowing what to do.' 

After Bernstein missed a dentist assignment nan adjacent day, his parents recovered his glasses, wallet and in installments cards successful his chamber and tried reaching him but he didn't respond to texts aliases calls. 

Woodward was arrested 2 days aft nan folding weapon pinch nan bloody leaf utilized was recovered successful his room astatine his parents' location successful nan upscale enclave of Newport Beach. 

Authorities launched an exhaustive hunt and said that Bernstein's family had scoured his societal media and saw he had communicated connected Snapchat pinch Woodward. 

Bernstein's assemblage was recovered a week later. 

DNA grounds connected Woodward to nan murder, a mentation bolstered by nan trove of anti-gay, anti-Jewish worldly recovered connected his phone.

Blaze Bernstein (pictured) went missing aft a travel to a parkland successful Lake Forest pinch Woodward. The brace had some attended nan Orange County School of nan Arts and connected via Snapchat 

Blaze Bernstein's parents publication a connection astatine a property convention successful beforehand of nan Orange County Sheriff's section aft their son's assemblage was recovered a week aft he had disappeared

Assistant Public Defender Ken Morrison questions Sam Woodward during his grounds successful Orange County Superior Court successful Santa Ana, California

The mobility during nan proceedings has not been whether Woodward killed Bernstein but nan reasons for nan sidesplitting and circumstances nether which it occurred. 

Prosecutors allege that Woodward singled retired nan gay, Jewish assemblage sophomore aft joining nan violent, anti-gay, antisemitic group known arsenic Atomwaffen Division.

Woodward claims he was ne'er a full-fledged personnel and simply joined because he had a 'desire to shape a meaningful relationship pinch a group.' 

He said he was looking for 'brotherhood.'

During his testimony, however, Woodward acknowledged he had publication excerpts of nan book 'Siege' - a matter promoted by nan far-right group - and had contacts pinch and met up pinch members of nan group. 

Defense lawyer Ken Morrison asked Woodward if he planned to termination him that nighttime aliases if he hated him because he was cheery aliases Jewish.

'Not astatine all' Woodward responded.

The territory lawyer claims Bernstein's execution was a dislike crime because he was gay. 

Woodward's lawyer had stressed he didn't scheme to termination anyone, nor did he dislike Bernstein.

His defense person based on Woodward struggled to shape individual relationships owed to a long-undiagnosed autism spectrum upset and was questioning his ain sexuality while increasing up successful a devout, blimpish Catholic family, where his begetter openly criticized homosexuality. 

Samuel Woodward, 26, enters court. He is connected proceedings successful Orange County for nan execution of cheery Jewish teen Blaze Bernstein backmost successful nan wintertime of 2018 

Woodward will return nan guidelines again connected Monday for cross-examination by prosecutors, who person alleged that he many times targeted cheery men online by reaching retired to them earlier abruptly breaking disconnected interaction while keeping a hateful, profanity-laced diary of his actions

The prosecution opportunity it is wrong that family wherever Woodward is said to person developed homophobic and antisemitic ideals.

Some of nan questions Woodward was made to reply during his 4 days of grounds nether oath focused connected his sexuality.

He told nan tribunal he'd had a short-term narration pinch a female but said he had ne'er experimented pinch men.

Defense attorneys asked their customer astir his net hunt history, which included visits to cheery porn websites successful 2015 and 2016.

Woodward said he had consulted nan websites for nan sole intent of gathering images. He claimed intended to usage nan photos to antagonize different users successful an online group he was a personnel of.

Woodward's grounds has moved slowly, pinch him taking agelong pauses, sometimes arsenic agelong arsenic 30 seconds, earlier answering his attorney's questions. 

The proceedings has besides progressive galore witnesses including relatives, friends and authorities. 

The lawsuit has taken years to travel to court. Woodward is seen present pinch a markedly different quality astatine a tribunal proceeding successful January 2018

Woodward is seen again successful a photograph from a tribunal proceeding successful August 2018

The lawsuit took years to spell to proceedings aft questions arose astir Woodward's intelligence authorities and pursuing aggregate changes successful defense attorneys. Woodward was deemed competent to guidelines proceedings successful precocious 2022.

Woodward will return nan guidelines again connected Monday for cross-examination by prosecutors, who person alleged that he many times targeted cheery men online by reaching retired to them earlier abruptly breaking disconnected interaction while keeping a hateful, profanity-laced diary of his actions. 

Aside from nan folding knife, prosecutors besides said they recovered dislike group materials among Woodward's belongings including a achromatic Atomwaffen disguise pinch traces of blood.

They person attempted to represent Woodward arsenic an angry, homophobic teen pinch convulsive tendencies. 

If convicted Woodward faces life successful prison. 

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