Grazing goats return to Lethbridge river valley

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For nan sixth year, nan City of Lethbridge has tasked 200 goats pinch munching connected invasive weeds successful 4 of nan stream vale parks passim nan summer.

Jackie Cardinal, Lethbridge parks earthy assets co-ordinator, says nan metropolis opts to usage goats to clear invasive weeds because they’re speedy and nimble, and tin scope areas a quality whitethorn not beryllium capable to.

“The goats travel successful towards nan extremity of May aliases opening of June,” Cardinal said.

“They target mostly leafy spurge, arsenic good arsenic thistle, wormwood and a fewer different weedy species.”

Cardinal says nan metropolis besides prefers nan goat method because it prevents harm to nan stream valley’s delicate ecosystem, which is location to galore different autochthonal type of plants and animals.

“By not utilizing pesticides, we’re not having immoderate impacts connected nan river’s h2o value aliases impacts to vegetation for illustration nan choke cherry aliases trees,” Cardinal said.

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Grazing occurs for 8 to 10 hours per day, pinch a two-to-three-hour break truthful nan herd tin remainder and digest.

 'Grass power aviator task brings 200 goats to Lethbridge'

1:54 Grass power aviator task brings 200 goats to Lethbridge

The goats are watched intimately by herder Trent Cahoon and herding canine Jip, who activity arsenic a squad to support nan goats together.

Cahoon says it’s mostly uncommon for goats to “stick together” successful a herd.

“Because we simulate a predator pinch nan dog, (the goats) are taught that nan only information is successful nan herd,” Cahoon said.

While photographs are allowed, nan metropolis asks parkland users not to attack aliases pet nan goats, and to support their dogs connected a leash astir nan herd.

The grazing goats will beryllium difficult astatine activity successful nan Indian Battle, Botterill Bottom, Pavan and Alexander Wilderness parks passim nan summer.

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