Grayson Murray, 2-time PGA Tour winner, dead at age 30

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NOTE: The pursuing article contains references to suicide. Please publication astatine your ain discretion.

The parents of Grayson Murray said nan 30-year-old pro golfer died by termination connected Saturday morning, conscionable 1 time aft he withdrew from a PGA tourney citing wellness reasons.

Murray, a two-time PGA Tour champion, was unfastened astir his struggles pinch intelligence wellness and alcoholism.

“Life wasn’t ever easy for Grayson, and though he took his ain life, we cognize he rests peacefully now,” Eric and Terry Murray wrote of their son’s decease successful a statement shared by nan PGA Tour.

“Please respect our privateness arsenic we activity done this unthinkable tragedy, and please grant Grayson by being benignant to 1 another. If that becomes his legacy, we could inquire for thing else.”

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A connection beneath from Grayson's parents, Eric and Terry Murray.

If you are experiencing a intelligence wellness crisis, please telephone nan nationalist termination and situation lifeline successful nan United States astatine 988 aliases sojourn their website astatine

— PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) May 26, 2024

The commissioner of nan PGA Tour, Jay Monahan, said he was “devastated to learn” of Murray’s death.

“The PGA Tour is simply a family, and erstwhile you suffer a personnel of your family, you are ne'er nan same,” he said.

Last week, Murray played successful nan Charles Schwab Cup Challenge astatine Colonial. He changeable 68 successful nan opening information and was 5 complete successful nan adjacent information erstwhile he withdrew, citing an illness, connected Friday. The adjacent time he was recovered dead.

The tourney will proceed contempt his death, Monahan announced.

“I reached retired to Grayson’s parents to connection our deepest condolences, and during that conversation, they asked that we proceed pinch tourney play,” Monahan said. “They were adamant that Grayson would want america to do so. As difficult arsenic it will be, we want to respect their wishes.”

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Murray won nan Barbasol Championship successful 2017 arsenic a 22-year-old rookie, an accomplishment he called nan “best point and worst point that ever happened to me,” successful a news convention successful January. The golfer disclosed that he would portion during tournaments because he felt “invincible.”

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After this early profession high, Grayson encountered roadworthy bumps connected nan PGA circuit. In 2021, he was suspended by nan PGA for an alcohol-related incident astatine a edifice barroom successful Hawaii. He wrote connected societal media astatine nan clip that he was an “alcoholic that hates everything to do pinch nan PGA Tour life and that’s my scapegoat.” He besides accused nan circuit of not giving him due help, which nan circuit denied.

Murray concisely mislaid his PGA Tour paper for nan 2023 play owed to his declining capacity connected nan circuit. He was demoted to nan Korn Ferry Tour, wherever he won 2 tournaments and regained his PGA eligibility.

In January this year, Murray won nan Sony Open successful a triumphant return to nan circuit, marking his 2nd PGA Tour win. He made a 40-foot birdie putt connected nan first other spread of nan playoff for an affectional win.

“It’s not easy,” Murray said instantly aft winning. “I wanted to springiness up a batch of times. Give up connected myself. Give up connected nan crippled of golf. Give up connected life, astatine times.”

Grayson Murray poses pinch nan Sony Open title trophy aft triumph connected nan first play-off spread during nan last information play astatine nan Waialae Country Club connected Jan. 14, 2024 successful Honolulu, Hawaii. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In a news convention aft nan victory, Murray revealed that he had been sober for 8 months.

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“I’m a different man now, and I would not beryllium successful this position correct now, today, if I didn’t put that portion down 8 months ago,” he said.

Murray was known to deterioration reddish and black, nan colours of his favourite NHL team, nan Carolina Hurricanes, erstwhile competing connected Sundays. In honour of Murray, galore PGA golfers were seen wearing reddish and achromatic pins successful their caps for nan last time of nan Charles Schwab Cup Challenge. Davis Riley ended up winning nan tourney connected Sunday.

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Players are wearing reddish and achromatic ribbons connected Sunday astatine nan @CSChallengeFW to grant Grayson Murray.

Murray wore nan colors of his hometown Carolina Hurricanes, erstwhile competing connected Sundays.

His family requested that ribbons pinch nan aforesaid colors beryllium worn Sunday. ❤️🖤

— PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) May 26, 2024

“I deliberation 1 of nan elements of his bequest is his resiliency,” Monahan said. “So you deliberation of going backmost to 2017, winning nan Barbasol Championship, going backmost and distant betwixt nan Korn Ferry Tour and nan PGA Tour … self-assessing, coming back, becoming successful his ain eyes a stronger quality being, and past winning 3 times successful nan past year.

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“To me, that’s a level of resiliency that is extraordinary.”

When he won connected nan Korn Ferry Tour past year, Murray talked astir his parents having “been done hellhole and backmost fundamentally for nan past six years for maine fighting immoderate intelligence stuff.”

“Everyone has their battles,” Murray said a twelvemonth ago. “Sometimes group are capable to hide them and function, and sometimes you’re not. I deliberation our nine now is getting amended astir accepting that it’s OK to not beryllium OK. I’ve embraced that mentality. I’m not ashamed that I spell done slump and anxiety.”

He besides utilized societal media to scope retired to others dealing pinch akin issues successful a athletics wherever losing happens acold much than winning.

Murray said successful January aft he won nan Sony Open that he often felt for illustration a nonaccomplishment who had wasted his talent.

“It was a bad place, but for illustration I said, you person to person courage,” he said. “You person to person nan willingness to support going. Lo and behold, that’s what I did, and I’m here, and I’m truthful blessed and I’m thankful.”

He saw that Sony Open triumph — which sewage him into nan Masters for nan first clip — arsenic nan commencement of a caller chapter. He said he had go a Christian and was engaged. He said successful January nan wedding had been planned for precocious April.

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“My communicative is not finished. I deliberation it’s conscionable beginning,” Murray said successful Hawaii. “I dream I tin animate a batch of group going guardant that person their ain issues.”

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