Gilgo Beach suspect Rex Heuermann's basement was primary focus of six-day search of home, attorney reveals

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The basement of Gilgo Beach serial slayer fishy Rex Heuermann's Long Island location was nan area investigators zoned successful connected during their six-day raid.

Heuermann is presently successful jailhouse aft being charged pinch nan murders of 4 activity workers - Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, Amber Costello, and Maureen Brainard-Barnes, besides known arsenic 'The Gilgo Four.'

Attorney Robert Macedonio told 'It appears nan superior attraction was successful nan basement, and immoderate grounds they were looking to retrieve was there.'

The remainder of nan location seemed intact, compared to past summertime erstwhile investigators swooped successful during nan first ambush leaving nan location successful shambles.

'It appeared everything was put back. I deliberation this clip they took awesome item not to create nan firestorm that was created past time. It is wholeheartedly appreciated by maine and nan family,' Macedonio said.

Search crews removing items from nan basement of Rex Heuermann's home 

Heuermann is charged pinch 4 murders attributed to nan Gilgo Beach serial killer 

The larger motortruck pinch nan reddish beforehand motor is wherever they were loading possessions of nan family to clear retired nan rooms to do much searching and nan achromatic container motortruck is existent grounds motortruck that goes backmost to nan crime laboratory for testing 

'Victoria's room, Asa's room, and Christopher’s room did not look for illustration they were disturbed astatine all,' he said. 'The beds were still made. The room was fine, and surviving room, nan bathroom. 

'No plumbing taken retired for illustration past clip - truthful nan location is still habitable.' 

Asa Ellerup, 59, and her son, Christopher Sheridan, 34, person been down successful South Carolina.

Ellerup's daughter, Victoria Heuermann, 27, was nan only family personnel location erstwhile investigators came to nan Massapequa Park location past Monday to execute nan search.

Victoria was very cooperative, and near nan property. 

On Wednesday, she surfaced to prime up her car that was parked down nan block,  and escorted by Macedonio. She drove disconnected though it was unclear wherever she was heading.

On Sunday morning, little than 24 hours aft nan hunt ended, Macedonio met Victoria, and brought her into nan location aft they were fixed nan greenlight to return.

'We had nary thought what we were stepping into. I deliberation it is simply a small comforting knowing it is not nan aforesaid arsenic past year,' he told

'I didn’t want them to beryllium emotionally traumatized again. Last year, erstwhile we were backmost successful nan location it was wide reported nan information it was in.'

'The beds were still made- nan bathroom,, nan surviving room. There were reports successful nan news that they took - nan television, nan TV is still sitting correct connected nan stand,' he said.

'The food are still successful nan bowl. The food were location for a week. The food are live - personification must person fed them during nan week. Like I said, location was greater item taken this clip not to person that aforesaid image.  

He said nan location is now unafraid and the family will beryllium capable to move backmost in. 

Attorney Robert Macedonio said adjacent nan Heuermann location connected Wednesday aft he escorted Asa's girl Victoria, 27, to her car 

Police are seen carrying retired of nan location containers of individual items during nan six-day search

Piles of boxes stacked extracurricular grew higher and higher arsenic much grounds was seized

When asked if he, and nan family were amazed that their location was being hunt again aft 10 months, he said, 'yes.'

He said: 'They are collateral harm - Asa, Victoria, Christopher, for immoderate Rex is accused of.' 

'I don’t cognize what developed. Again, I person nan utmost assurance successful nan prosecution teams that they legally had probable origin and they went successful to do a hunt warrant. They aren’t going to return chances connected a lawsuit of this magnitude.

He further stated, 'but again, we don’t cognize what that probable origin is yet.

'We haven’t received that it whitethorn beryllium nether seal aliases it whitethorn beryllium nether protective bid astatine immoderate constituent successful clip I americium judge we will spot it but we haven’t received a transcript of nan affidavit to find probable origin yet,' he said.

The hunt was executed by Suffolk County Police Department pinch assistance from nan New York State Troopers.

It was unclear what prompted nan caller ambush 10 months after Heuermann was arrested.

Heuermann's lawyer Michael Brown told connected Monday he was incapable to remark connected immoderate questions relating to nan case. 

His adjacent tribunal day is June 18. 

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