‘General Hospital’ actor Johnny Wactor shot, killed during attempted robbery

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Actor Johnny Wactor of General Hospital was changeable and killed successful Los Angeles early Saturday during a suspected car robbery. He was 37.

Wactor’s supplier confirmed news of his death. The actor’s mother, Scarlett Wactor, told ABC7 Los Angeles her boy was killed erstwhile he approached a group of 3 masked thieves attempting to portion parts from his parked vehicle.

Scarlett said her boy had been unaware of nan robbery and confronted nan thieves, believing that his car was being towed.

The Los Angeles Police Department alleged nan robbers had been attempting to bargain a catalytic converter from Wactor’s vehicle, parked astatine Hope Street and Pico Boulevard successful downtown Los Angeles.

During nan confrontation, 1 of nan thieves changeable Wactor, past fled nan segment pinch nan 2 others. Police responded to nan incident astir 3:15 a.m. section time. They person not yet provided a explanation of nan suspects.

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No arrests person been made, though nan investigation is ongoing.

Wactor was taken to hospital, wherever he was later pronounced dead.

He appeared successful astir 200 episodes of General Hospital as Brando Corbin. He remained a recurring characteristic successful nan bid from 2020 until 2022, erstwhile nan characteristic was written off.

Wactor besides appeared successful NCIS, Westworld and Criminal Minds, and had galore different acting roles.

The General Hospital societal media page uploaded a tribute to Wactor connected Sunday.

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“The full General Hospital family is heartbroken to perceive of Johnny Wactor’s untimely passing,” nan caption reads. “He was genuinely 1 of a benignant and a pleasance to activity pinch each and each day. Our thoughts and prayers spell retired to his loved ones during this difficult time.”

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Wactor’s agent, David Shaul, told People mag that Wactor was “not conscionable a talented actor” but besides “a existent civilized illustration to everyone who knew him.”

“In nan highs and lows of a challenging occupation he ever kept his chin up and kept striving for nan champion he could be,” Shaul praised. “Our clip pinch Johnny was a privilege we would wish connected everyone. He would virtually springiness you nan garment disconnected his back. After complete a decade together, he will time off a spread successful our hearts forever.”

Actor Sofia Mattsson, who played Wactor’s woman Sacha Corbin connected General Hospital, said Wactor was “the absolute best.”

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“My bosom is truthful utterly broken,” she wrote connected Instagram. “He ever made judge everyone astir him felt seen, heard and loved. I respect nan man he was truthful overmuch and I’m a amended personification for having known him.”

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