Gabby Petito’s heartbreaking love letter to killer Brian Laundrie released

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Before she was strangled to decease by her boyfriend, Gabby Petito wrote a heartbreaking letter to Brian Laundrie, her early killer, expressing her emotion for him and pleading pinch him to extremity calling her names.

The letter, released precocious by nan FBI, was 1 of hundreds of never-before-seen documents relating to nan sensational lawsuit that gripped North America backmost successful 2021.

“Brian, You cognize really overmuch I emotion you, truthful (and I’m penning this pinch love) conscionable please extremity crying and extremity calling maine names because we are a squad and I’m present pinch you,” she wrote successful nan undated letter, which has been viewed by Global News.

The missive Gabby Petito wrote to Brian Laundrie, imploring that he extremity calling her names

The missive Gabby Petito wrote to Brian Laundrie, imploring that he extremity calling her names. FBI

She wrote astir an statement they had, apologizing for getting “upset complete a dumb portion of paper,” but did not elaborate what nan conflict was about.

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“Yes, I tin beryllium a kid sometimes, I know, but it’s origin you springiness maine this power and I conscionable emotion you excessively much, for illustration truthful overmuch it hurts,” she wrote successful nan two-page, undated letter. “So you successful symptom is sidesplitting me. I’m not trying to beryllium antagonistic but I’m disappointment there’s not much I tin do.”

FILE – Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito are shown astatine Zion National Park successful Utah connected July 16, 2021. Brian Laundrie/Instagram

She besides promised to thief him activity connected nan van erstwhile she returned from New York, which could beryllium a reference to nan van nan mates utilized to circuit nan state successful nan weeks earlier Petito went missing and was yet discovered dead.

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“We tin activity connected nan van together and they are OUR dreams now,” she wrote, earlier concluding with: “So I dream you understand erstwhile I’m upset it’s origin I emotion you excessively much. Now, extremity crying!!! And travel location and opportunity you emotion maine pinch a large hug.”

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The 2nd page of nan missive written by Gabby Petito to Brian Laundrie.

The 2nd page of nan missive written by Gabby Petito to Brian Laundrie. FBI

Petito, 22, was reported missing by her family connected Sept. 11, 2021. At nan time, she had been chronicling a cross-country van travel pinch Laundrie, 23, connected her celebrated societal media accounts.

A nationwide search followed, pinch aggravated media and nationalist attraction focused connected uncovering nan pair.

 'Human remains recovered successful Florida way are Brian Laundrie’s, FBI confirms'

2:03 Human remains recovered successful Florida way are Brian Laundrie’s, FBI confirms

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Her assemblage was yet discovered successful Bridger-Teton National Forest successful Wyoming connected Sept. 19, 2021. She had been strangled and authorities estimated she had been killed sometime astir Aug. 28.

Laundrie was nan only individual ever identified by rule enforcement arsenic a personification of interest. After a nationwide search, he was recovered dormant of a self-inflicted gunshot wound successful Florida connected Oct. 20. The FBI said a notebook recovered successful his possession contained an introduction confessing that he’d killed his girlfriend.

The latest merchandise of documents, including writings by Laundrie, incorporate galore pieces of grounds collected and photographed by nan FBI during a ambush of Laundrie’s parents’ Florida location aft Petito’s assemblage was discovered.

One of Gabby Petito's notebooks that was seized by FBI.

One of Gabby Petito’s notebooks that was seized by FBI. FBI

There are besides a number of redacted items, grounds logs and photos of banal items for illustration backpacks, books and shoes.

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The documents released by FBI are of debased quality, but nan New York Post, which obtained nan full trove, said immoderate of nan materials written by Laundrie successful a notebook “include bizarre and concerning scribblings and writings from nan slayer himself detailing manic episodes he knowledgeable and his desire to termination himself.”

— with files from Global News’ Sarah Do Couto

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