Four Tops' Alexander Morris claims hospital staff branded him 'delusional' for saying he was lead singer of iconic group, put him into a straightjacket and forced him into psych evaluation

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Alexander Morris, portion of nan existent lineup of nan classical psyche and R&B singing group the Four Tops, is suing a infirmary aft labor allegedly denied him basal attraction because they didn't judge he was successful nan group.

Morris, 53, is suing nan Ascension Macomb Oakland Hospital successful Warren, Michigan, for group discrimination, according to People.

He claims that staffers astatine nan infirmary stopped listening to his requests and decided that he was 'delusional' aft he mentioned nan root of his fame.

He adds that nan infirmary labor allegedly restrained him and forced him to acquisition a psychiatric information successful April of 2023.

Morris, nan existent lead vocalist of nan Four Tops, revenge his title connected Monday, and he is seeking compensation of astatine slightest $75,000 and requesting a proceedings by jury. 

Alexander Morris (pictured), portion of nan existent lineup of nan classical psyche and R&B singing group nan Four Tops, is suing a infirmary aft labor allegedly denied him basal attraction because they didn't judge he was successful nan group; seen successful October 2022 successful Berlin

Morris, 53, is suing nan Ascension Macomb Oakland Hospital (pictured) successful Warren, Michigan, for group discrimination, according to People. He was rushed to nan infirmary pinch thorax symptom and shortness of breath

Morris joined nan Four Tops backmost successful 2019. The Four Tops is 1 of nan astir important and influential groups to thief specify nan sound of nan Motown grounds label, and nan group was a modern of different awesome acts signed to Motown, including nan Temptations, nan Supremes and Martha and nan Vandellas, among others. 

Morris is suing nan hospital, on pinch a caregiver and a information defender progressive successful nan alleged incident.

However, nan information defender reportedly died backmost successful September, according to an obituary noted by People.

The hospital, a caregiver and a information defender are listed arsenic defendants, though nan information defender appears to person died successful September, according to an obituary 

The vocalist alleges that unit astatine nan infirmary put him successful restraints for an hr and a half while undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, arsenic unit 'wrongfully assumed he was mentally sick erstwhile he revealed his personality arsenic a personage figure.'

'The health, information and well-being of our patients, associates and organization members remains our apical priority,' a spokesperson for Ascension hospitals said successful a statement. 'We stay committed to honoring quality dignity and acting pinch integrity and compassion for each persons and nan community. We do not condone group favoritism of immoderate kind. We will not remark connected pending litigation.'

In his complaint, Morris notes that he has a history of bosom disease, and he says he was rushed to nan emergency room at Ascension Macomb Oakland Hospital aft he began experiencing thorax symptom and shortness of activity successful nan midst of a circuit pinch nan Four Tops.

Things look to person gotten disconnected to a bad commencement aft Morris allegedly mentioned that he was successful nan Four Tops upon arriving astatine nan hospital.

Morris claims he was first fixed oxygen, but erstwhile he said he worried astir fans and stalkers because he is successful nan Four Tops, unit removed nan oxygen and put him successful a straitjacket; seen pinch nan Four Tops successful Indianapolis, Indiana, successful 2022

Morris opportunity she was group up for a psych evaluation, and it wasn't until his woman came and showed unit a video of him astatine nan Grammys that they believed him and resumed treatment

He told unit members that he had 'current information concerns owed to stalkers and fans,' astatine which constituent nan labor allegedly stopped providing him attraction and alternatively subjected him to unnecessary and improper psychiatric measures.

According to him, unit members didn't judge that he was pinch nan group, and because of that they stopped administering him oxygen and alternatively group him up for a psychiatric evaluation.

Morris alleges that unit members ignored his requests to beryllium fixed oxygen again, and alternatively they placed him successful a strait overgarment to forestall him from moving.

He allegedly asked to person nan overgarment taken disconnected truthful that he could time off and find a different infirmary that would dainty him, but unit members allegedly denied his request.

He besides claims to person knowledgeable a racist incident involving nan information guard.

Morris says he stood up and asked if he could show his ID to beryllium he was who he said he was, but nan defender — who was achromatic — allegedly ordered him to 'sit his Black a** down.'

It wasn't until Morris' woman arrived astatine nan infirmary that nan nightmarish ordeal was ended. He explained that 'the doctors thought he was delusional,' and she proceeded to corroborate his personality pinch nan infirmary employees. 

However, Morris claims they still didn't judge he was who he said he was until his woman played them a video of him performing astatine nan Grammy Awards.

According to him, nan psychiatric information was instantly canceled and he was fto retired of nan straitjacket earlier he was again fixed oxygen.

Morris says he was wished to person had a bosom attack, which could require a transplant later. He says he besides had pneumonia, and he alleged suffered 3 seizures nan aforesaid day; nan original Four Tops pictured

Morris' suit seeks $75K successful damages and a proceedings by jury. He claims nan infirmary only offered him a $25 gift paper arsenic an apology; nan original Four Tops successful 1973 successful NYC

He was past decently diagnosed, and clinicians wished he had suffered a bosom onslaught and was presently battling pneumonia. 

Morris alleges that he went connected to suffer 3 seizures wrong nan aforesaid day, and he says it was subsequently wished that his bosom onslaught whitethorn necessitate him getting a bosom transplant successful nan future, which would importantly change his life.

Morris claims he was offered a $25 gift paper to a awesome retailer successful nan area 'as an apology,' though it's unclear if unit from nan infirmary delivered a important verbal apology on pinch nan gift card. Morris says he turned down nan gift card.

'When our customer presented to nan infirmary he was racially profiled. The infirmary unit and information defender were quicker to presume Mr. Morris was psychotic than successful because he was a Black man,' alleged Morris' attorneys Maurice Davis and Jasmine Rand successful a connection to People. 'Even if he was mentally sick he was still successful nan mediate of a clear aesculapian emergency that necessitated swift aesculapian intervention. The infirmary had nary excuse to contradict him emergency aesculapian treatment.'

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