Former MLB pitcher Albers enjoying full-circle return to Cairns Field with Saskatoon Berries

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California’s Michael Singleton is quickly emerging arsenic nan early-season ace for nan WCBL’s Saskatoon Berries, starring nan squad pinch 3 starts and 15 innings connected nan mound done nan first 3 weeks of nan team’s inaugural season.

Like nan remainder of nan Berries’ rotation, he’s been capable to soak up awesome convention proposal from first-year pitching coach Andrew Albers.

“He’s not really forcing maine to do each of these things,” said Singleton. “He’s conscionable giving maine bully suggestions and I tin return it aliases I don’t. But astir of nan clip I return it because it’s bully suggestions.”

Transitioning from an elite-level subordinate to a coach of summertime collegiate baseball, Albers said it’s been an enjoyable process to spot really young pitchers for illustration Singleton are opening to germinate their crippled to nan wooden-bat WCBL environment.

“He does a awesome occupation of attacking nan zone,” said Albers. “He throws a batch of strikes, that fastball has sewage a batch of life and it’s really reliable for guys to quadrate up that first aliases 2nd clip through.”

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After 5 seasons pitching for nan Minnesota Twins, Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays, nan 38-year-old Albers has moved into nan adjacent shape of his profession connected nan unit of Berries caput coach Joe Carnahan.

 'New section of Saskatoon shot written pinch inaugural Berries location opener'

2:05 New section of Saskatoon shot written pinch inaugural Berries location opener

It’s been a different alteration of gait for nan North Battleford product, who astir precocious is coming disconnected representing Canada astatine nan 2023 World Baseball Classic.

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“It’s a small spot different level than nan past clip I played, truthful it’s a small spot of an accommodation that way,” said Albers. “But astatine nan aforesaid time, I’m learning and trying to walk connected what I spot and my knowledge to nan guys that we person here.

“You’re conscionable hoping to thief them get better.”

The Berries will person plentifulness of acquisition to tie upon this play from Albers, who sounded successful 31 MLB games betwixt 2013 and 2021.

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Set to beryllium inducted into nan Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame successful his location organization of North Battleford later this summer, Albers besides comes to nan Berries pinch important world experience.

Albers represented Canada astatine 3 profession World Baseball Classics, arsenic good arsenic a brace of golden medals won astatine nan Pan-American Games successful 2011 and 2015.

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“He’s played astatine nan level everybody wants to play at,” said Carnahan. “To person him correct present moving pinch nan players is conscionable a awesome opportunity for them.”

Albers has been responsible for starring nan Berries’ pitching staff, which for illustration nan remainder of nan squad is simply a marque caller assortment of players moving together pinch Saskatoon’s description into nan WCBL this year.

For Singleton, it’s a chance to prime nan encephalon of personification who has committed his life to reaching nan highest levels of master shot successful nan world.

“I consciousness for illustration he has a bully mentality, obviously, being successful nan convention for years,” said Singleton. “I conscionable effort to beryllium for illustration that because I would opportunity my mentality lacks a small spot successful that sense, truthful I consciousness for illustration he tin thief maine location for sure.”

It’s a storybook return to Cairns Field for Albers, who was a personnel of nan now-defunct Saskatoon Yellow Jackets during their 2004 season.

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Returning to nan aforesaid shot gem wherever his shot profession began to return off, he’s aiming to usage his knowledge gathered betwixt stints successful nan convention to amended Saskatoon’s group of young pitchers.

“It’s absorbing really that comes afloat circle,” said Albers. “I person immoderate bully memories here, truthful it’s been great. It’s bully to beryllium a portion of nan community, I’m starting to settee successful now and getting to beryllium a portion of Saskatoon and nan organization adjacent to wherever you grew up in. It’s a batch of nosy being backmost present and a batch of nosy being a portion of this inaugural season.”

After Monday’s crippled against nan Swift Current 57’s was postponed owed to rain, nan Berries (5-8) will return to action connected Wednesday astatine 7:00 p.m. to footwear disconnected a two-game bid pinch nan Medicine Hat Mavericks.

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