Firpo backing Leeds to sink Southampton in Championship play-off final

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Leeds United defender Junior Firpo is assured his squad will flooded Southampton successful nan Championship play-off last astatine Wembley.

The Whites came adjacent to securing automatic promotion but mislaid retired to Ipswich Town connected nan last time of nan regular season.

Instead, Daniel Farke’s men person had to do it nan difficult measurement successful nan play-offs, but they swept speech Norwich pinch easiness successful nan semi-finals.

Now, each that lies betwixt them and a return to nan apical formation is Southampton.

Both teams will consciousness they beryllium successful nan Premier League and nan benefits for whoever is promoted intends location is simply a immense magnitude of hostility building up astir nan match.

The conflict successful nan superior takes spot this Sunday, a time aft Manchester United return connected Manchester City successful nan FA Cup final.

Firpo has been integral to Leeds’ complaint towards nan apical formation this season, playing 28 times successful nan convention and tallying 8 assists.

Speaking to PA Media, he said: “Players played 50 games – that’s a lot.

🔜 Focused connected Sunday!

— Leeds United (@LUFC) May 24, 2024

“Especially astatine nan extremity of nan season, erstwhile you request players arsenic caller arsenic possible. People were tired pinch knocks, pinch small injuries aliases whatever.

“So I deliberation nan astir important point that we did was retrieve from nan beingness side, because our mindset did not alteration – if it’s not automatic promotion, we’ll spell up done nan play-offs.

“It’s a final. It’s 90 minutes. It will beryllium a nervy game, a difficult crippled I think, but if I person to prime 1 squad successful nan final, I prime us.”

Farke will beryllium hoping his players execute erstwhile it matters against nan Saints and he admitted he is aspiring to negociate astatine nan apical level again.

The 47-year-old took Norwich to nan Premier League successful 2019 and is hoping to do it now pinch Leeds, but he is alert astatine really reliable of an force Southampton will be.

He added: “They’re 1 of nan champion sides successful nan Championship.

“They’ve sewage knowledgeable players and a prestigious coach. The nine is not nervous. It’s difficult to hit them. This was proven successful nan first 2 games.

“I signed a statement because I believed nan nine and organization were fresh and deserved to beryllium successful nan Premier League.

“I want to activity astatine nan apical level. The Premier League is nan champion convention successful nan world. I americium highly motivated.”

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