FA Cup final: Guardiola says Manchester City are gunning for place in history books

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Pep Guardiola says nan chance to make history and onshore back-to-back home doubles offers his Manchester City broadside other information for tomorrow’s FA Cup last against Manchester United.

City caput to Wembley for a repetition of past year’s last – a crippled they won 2-1 – pinch nan chance of becoming nan first English squad to triumph some nan convention and FA Cup successful successive seasons.

Guardiola’s men are overwhelming favourites to spot disconnected their neighbours and nan Spaniard is fresh to clasp nan challenge.

He said: “If history gives america a chance to do thing not done before, effort it. Maybe [it will be] other information for players. I didn’t speak astir this specifically to nan players. Playing for a win, a trophy, is enough.

“No teams person done 4 [league titles] successful a row, nary person done back-to-back doubles. That is because it is not easy.

“We are going to London to execute well, aforesaid routine, not forgotten, 1 twelvemonth take sides our crown until adjacent season.

“Saturday we will spell for it pinch each we have. If we suffer I want it to beryllium because they were amended and not because we weren’t who we are.

“The players cognize it is nan past crippled of nan season, nan past effort. I person been impressed pinch really bully they person trained this week.”

PEP 💬 The truth we tin do backmost to backmost doubles of people it’s important… FA Cup for itself is nan FA Cup. Wembley, our fans going to London. Players cognize it’s nan past crippled of season, nan past effort. I’ve been impressed pinch really bully we trained aft a fewer days off. The people… pic.twitter.com/yg9IKopKaw

— Manchester City (@ManCity) May 24, 2024

Sympathy for Ten Hag

Guardiola goes into nan crippled safe successful his occupation but nan aforesaid cannot beryllium said for opposing head Erik 10 Hag pinch reports this week suggesting United are sizing up alternatives specified arsenic Kieran McKenna, Thomas Tuchel and Mauricio Pochettino.

The erstwhile Barcelona leader has sympathy for Ten Hag and pointed to nan club’s wounded database arsenic mitigation for their eighth-placed decorativeness successful nan Premier League.

He added: “In nan large clubs for illustration United aliases City, erstwhile you don’t triumph you are ever successful trouble. I person a immense respect for nan occupation he’s done successful nan past and I work together erstwhile he says they person not had a afloat squad.

“They person had a batch of injuries, it’s nan astir important point to deliberation about. Players person to beryllium fresh different you can’t usage them. When that happens nan head suffers but I deliberation they person a really bully squad.

“They person nan runners, nan actions from immoderate superb players they person up front.

“When Bruno Fernandes has nan shot everything happens. His power connected that squad is outstanding. His productivity is 1 of nan champion I person ever seen.”

Xavi coming became nan latest head of a large European nine to suffer his occupation erstwhile he near Barcelona. In nan past week alone, location person been vacancies created astatine Chelsea, Juventus and Milan.

Guardiola said: “We said coming astatine meal [about head sackings]. Normally players move a lot. 

“In our occupation you person to triumph different you’re successful a vulnerable position. No matter [if you’re] caller aliases old, you person to win, do a bully occupation and beryllium bully pinch galore things, different it happens.”

Will City stumble?

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