Elle Woods Best Hairstyles from Legally Blonde

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It’s difficult to believe, but it’s been complete 20 years since nan iconic movie Legally Blonde deed theaters. (I object!) Legally Blonde brought america galore iconic moments, including nan crook and threat dance, a Harvard admissions video pinch aggregate sequin bikinis, and Elle winning nan lawsuit utilizing her hairsbreadth attraction knowledge (you tin brushwood up connected perms here). 

Of course, location are besides plentifulness of unforgettable manner and beauty moments successful Legally Blonde. After all, Elle’s happy spot is nan beauty salon. Her flirty 90s wardrobe includes halter dresses, fluffy coats, and sparkles, each successful her signature pinkish color. The outfits are perfectly complemented by A-plus hairstyles. Whether she’s utilizing ineligible motto successful her rule schoolhouse classes, making her lawsuit successful nan courtroom, aliases getting fresh for day night, Elle Woods’ hairsbreadth is ever looking fabulous. 

She sports everything from glamorous waves to butterfly clips and sleek ponytails successful nan movie. To observe Legally Blonde’s 20th anniversary, we’re launching our Legally Blonde x Luxy Hair set, which includes a ponytail extension, detangling brush, pinkish Gravity Defying Hair Ties, vegan pinkish feather pen, and a notebook pinch a sticker expanse that has nan astir iconic Legally Blonde quotes. This hairsbreadth group has each of nan essentials to execute an Elle Woods-worthy hairstyle. To thief animate your Legally Blonde look, here’s a database of Elle’s champion hairstyles from nan movie and step-by-step instructions connected really to recreate them astatine location for illustration a pro. 

ponytail hold pinch bangs

1. High ponytail pinch bangs

It feels for illustration yesterday that Elle Woods arrived astatine Harvard Law School, fresh-faced and eager to triumph backmost her ex-boyfriend, Warner. For Elle’s first time of classes, she proves that scholars tin beryllium stylish too. She sports a superior bluish smoking jacket, knee-length skirt, achromatic glasses, and gangly brownish boots, cleanable for strutting her measurement down nan halls. Her precocious ponytail perfectly complements her stylish look. Elle leaves retired 2 strands of hairsbreadth connected either broadside of her look to framework her bouncy pony. If you’ve seen nan film, past you cognize this is nan look Elle wears for her iconic run-in pinch Warner astatine rule school. At first, Warner couldn't judge Elle sewage into rule school. Her consequence is 1 of nan champion lines from nan movie: “What, for illustration it’s hard?”

If you request a fierce first-day of schoolhouse aliases activity ponytail, aliases conscionable want to dress to impress, you tin recreate this look successful a fewer elemental steps. One of nan things we emotion astir about Elle Woods’ hairstyles is really overmuch bounce and vigor her hairsbreadth has. If you precocious trim your hairsbreadth short aliases want to adhd immoderate measurement to bladed locks, hairsbreadth extensions tin thief you execute a longer and thicker ponytail instantly. 

Start by brushing retired your hairsbreadth thoroughly, removing knots and tangles. Draw hairsbreadth backmost into a precocious ponytail. Remove face-framing bang pieces from nan ponytail. You tin usage an elastic to necktie them up and distant from your face. Twist nan ponytail and propulsion it up into a bun and unafraid nan bun into spot utilizing a Gravity Defying Hair Tie.

ponytail accessories

Now, you person a choice. You tin either usage your Curly Ponytail Extensions for a more voluminous look aliases Straight Ponytail Extensions. Just tally complete them pinch a curling robust to get beautiful waves for illustration Elle. Whichever ones you choose, brush them retired pinch our Detangling Wet Brush first.

After your extensions are tangle-free, clip them up onto your bun and wrap the velcro guidelines astir securely. Take a strand of hairsbreadth and put it astir nan guidelines to conceal nan set and usage bobby pins to unafraid your style into place. Grab your Luminous Shine Hair Oil and put a fewer drops into your hairsbreadth to make it consciousness soft and hydrated. As a last touch, usage a straightener aliases curling robust to springiness your face-framing bangs a subtle wave. The reference glasses are optional.  

sleek ponytail extension

2. Sleek precocious ponytail

Elle ne'er says nary to a situation aliases a sky-high ponytail. She shows her classmates conscionable really fabulous Elle Woods really is successful this look, which she wears for lounging astir connected nan schoolhouse section while Warner plays shot nearby. Her eye-catching pinkish sequin bikini, reddish sunglasses, fluffy jacket, and sleek pony soon tie much attraction than nan lucifer itself.

The look is ace fun, positive it keeps hairsbreadth retired of Elle’s face. If you request to disguise greasy 2nd aliases 3rd time hair, ponytail extensions will spell to activity for you.

ponytail accessories

Want to recreate this ponytail astatine home? Start by utilizing a brushwood to region tangles and knots from hair. When you propulsion nan hairsbreadth backmost into a ponytail, usage nan brushwood to make it soft and lump-free, for illustration Elle’s.

Apply a ray furniture of hairspray and usage your hands to dispersed it evenly complete your caput to forestall pesky flyaways. Slide a comb nether your hairsbreadth necktie astatine nan apical of nan ponytail and unafraid your hairsbreadth extensions. Take nan velcro guidelines and wrap it astir nan ponytail until it is firmly successful place. You tin hide nan set by taking a strand of hairsbreadth and wrapping it around. Give your caput a shingle to make judge it’s unafraid and you’re fresh to go!

3. Classic mediate portion pinch 90s hairsbreadth accessories

What would Legally Blonde beryllium without nan crook and threat scene? For nan unfamiliar, nan crook and threat is simply a move Elle teaches to her friend Paulette successful nan nail salon to thief her triumph complete nan hunky mailman. According to Elle, nan seductive move boasts a “98 percent occurrence complaint of getting a man’s attention.” While Paulette ends up breaking nan man’s chemoreceptor pinch her crook and snap, nan 2 yet extremity up together successful nan end. It really works!

While giving her crook and threat instruction to nan folks astatine nan nail salon, Elle wears a chic and saccharine outfit pinch jeans, pinkish vessel top, and a yellowish necktie top. It’s simple, but undeniably chic. Her hairsbreadth is parted successful nan middle, pulled backmost connected apical pinch tiny hairsbreadth clips, and worn down connected nan sides.

Whether you usage ‘90s butterfly clips, a claw clip, aliases glittery bobby pins to unafraid your hair, you tin easy usage this hairstyle to animate your adjacent look. If you want to execute Elle’s length, usage our Seamless clip successful hairsbreadth extensions for a comfortable and unafraid hold. They will enactment successful place, nary matter really overmuch snapping you get up to. 

blonde ponytail extension

4. Low ponytail pinch broadside part

Elle Woods’ outfits are ne'er disappointing, particularly erstwhile she’s trying to make a bully belief astatine school. For her predisposition day, she pairs a bluish and pinkish striped garment pinch a pinkish newsboy headdress and debased ponytail. Of course, her Chihuahua Bruiser is by her broadside erstwhile she introduces them arsenic “Gemini vegetarians.” While her classmates are not amused, that doesn’t extremity Elle from making nan astir of nan day.

ponytail hairsbreadth accessories

If you want to transcript her effortless debased ponytail style astatine home, you conscionable request to travel a fewer elemental steps. Gather your supplies, including a clip successful ponytail extension, bobby pins, a hairsbreadth elastic, a hairbrush, and your favourite hairspray. It’s champion to commencement pinch 2nd time hairsbreadth aliases hairsbreadth that’s somewhat oily truthful that nan style doesn’t gaffe and slide. If you conscionable washed your hair, usage a texturizing spray for other hold.

Once you person your accessories, brushwood retired your hairsbreadth and propulsion each of it backmost towards your head. Smooth retired nan hairsbreadth astatine nan crown and unafraid nan ponytail into a bun astatine nan nape of your neck. Take your extensions and unafraid them astir nan bun utilizing nan wefts. Take a half-inch strand of hairsbreadth and wrap it astir a ponytail and unafraid it pinch a bobby pin to hide nan extensions. After your agelong and luxurious ponytail is successful place, springiness your locks a dose of hairspray to guarantee it stays successful spot each time aliases nighttime long. And if you want to accessorize nan pony pinch a pinkish newsboy cap, we’re not opinionated successful your way!

5. Bouncy blowout

Last but not slightest is this bouncy blowout Elle wears astatine nan opening of nan movie for a day nighttime retired pinch Warner. While Elle thinks nan blowout is for her connection dinner, nan look turns into her breakup blowout erstwhile Warner breaks nan news that he wants to extremity their relationship. However, Warner is decidedly a bonehead for dumping Elle. Everything astir this hairstyle is swoon-worthy!

From nan measurement to nan curls, Elle’s blonde locks are bringing it. You tin usage this look to animate your adjacent day nighttime aliases girl’s nighttime out. If your locks are emotion limp, don’t fret! Our Halo Hair Extensions Collection tin adhd earthy measurement and magnitude to your hairsbreadth instantly.

If you want to recreate nan curls, commencement pinch hairspray. This will thief your waves past each day. Lightly mist your hairsbreadth pinch nan spray from guidelines to tip. Brush done your hairsbreadth a mates of times and past usage a curling robust to curl 1-inch sections of your earthy hairsbreadth distant from your face. Hold nan wand parallel to nan floor, nary matter which manus you’re using. Always curl your hairsbreadth successful nan aforesaid guidance for a accordant look.

After your earthy hairsbreadth is curled, it’s clip to curl your extensions earlier clipping them in. Use nan aforesaid curling method truthful that your extensions will blend good pinch your earthy curls. Once your extensions are curled, you tin clip nan wefts straight into your hair. Secure a 3-clip weft astatine nan nape of your cervix and a 4-clip weft supra it. The 2 and 1-clip weft tin beryllium arranged astir your look for an other dose of va-va-voom volume. 

If you are looking for a nary power method, you tin usage our Velcro Hair Rollers for a healthy, no-heat style. The group comes pinch 18 rollers successful large, medium, and mini sizes. Simply commencement pinch hairsbreadth that’s somewhat damp and brushwood retired your beforehand pieces of hairsbreadth pinch a comb. Clip nan remainder of your hairsbreadth back. Take nan hairsbreadth pieces and use a furniture of hairspray. Then, return 1 of nan ample rollers and rotation nan bangs distant from your face. Secure nan roller successful spot pinch 1 of nan included clips.

Continue pinch nan remainder of your hair, spraying each portion pinch hairspray earlier securing nan roller. Roll hairsbreadth inwards to framework your face. Use smaller rollers successful nan beforehand and larger ones successful nan backmost to get that va-va-voom volume. After each of your hairsbreadth is up successful nan rollers, time off them successful for 20 to 30 minutes. When it’s clip to return them out, simply region nan rollers 1 by 1 and bask hairsbreadth that looks caller from nan salon.

Although location were decidedly immoderate manner bumps on nan way. For example, who tin hide erstwhile Elle showed up astatine nan non-costume statement wearing a pinkish bunny costume, complete pinch a tail? Or erstwhile 1 of her professors asked her to time off people connected nan first time for her outfit choice? Luckily, Elle had Bruiser and her friend Paulette astir for support.

While galore characters often underestimate Elle based connected her blonde locks and nosy manner choices, she smashes stereotypes and proves you tin person beauty and brains. As Elle says herself astatine nan extremity of nan film, “You must ever person religion successful yourself.”

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