Dr. Dre says he had three strokes when hospitalized for brain aneurysm

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Dr. Dre’s hospitalization for a brain aneurysm successful 2021 was a harrowing acquisition that included 3 strokes complete a two-week period, nan legendary shaper precocious said.

“It’s conscionable thing that you can’t power that conscionable happens, and during those 2 weeks, I had 3 strokes,” he said connected nan March 14 section of SiriusXM’s podcast “This Life of Mine ... With James Corden.”

The “Next Episode” and “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang” rapper besides noted that he initially dismissed his first symptom: symptom down his ear.

“I conscionable woke up, and I felt thing correct down my correct ear, and I almost felt for illustration nan worst symptom I ever felt, and I sewage up and I went connected astir my time and I thought that I could conscionable laic down and return a nap,” nan hip-hop icon recalled.

“My boy had a female friend that was location and was like, ‘No, we request to return you to nan hospital,’ truthful they took maine to urgent attraction and I sewage to urgent attraction and they were like, ‘No, this is serious.’ Next point you know, I’m blacking out. “

The Compton-born philanthropist and media mogul, whose existent sanction is Andre Young, said he was successful and retired of consciousness and ended up successful an ICU for 2 weeks; there, he heard doctors telling him, “You don’t cognize really fortunate you are.” He added that he didn’t recognize that he had hypertension because he’d ever taken attraction of his health. (He antecedently told The Times that he “never saw that coming.”)

“I asked questions like, ‘What could I person done to forestall this?’ and cipher could springiness maine an answer. I had nary thought that I had precocious humor unit aliases thing for illustration that because I’m connected my wellness s—,” he told Corden. “I’m lifting weights, I’m running, I’m doing everything I tin to support myself healthy. I said, ‘Would that person prevented it if I had worked retired a small spot harder aliases ate different aliases thing for illustration that?’ It’s like, no. That’s hereditary. High humor unit successful Black men, that’s conscionable what it is. They telephone it nan silent killer. You conscionable person nary idea, truthful you know, you person to support your s— checked.”

According to nan Mayo Clinic, encephalon aneurysms shape and turn because humor flowing done a alloy puts unit connected a anemic area of its wall, which tin summation nan size of nan aneurysm. If nan aneurysm leaks aliases ruptures, it causes bleeding successful nan brain, known arsenic a hemorrhagic stroke.

Dre did not elaborate connected nan type of strokes he had aliases their effects. But nan experience, he said, didn’t needfully consequence successful a important alteration to what he had been doing aliases really he wanted to unrecorded his life.

“I’m not saying, ‘OK, I’m conscionable gonna spell f— crazy because who knows if nan lights are gonna travel retired tomorrow,’ I don’t deliberation astir it for illustration that,” he said. “I conscionable deliberation it was thing that conscionable happened to me. It decidedly makes you admit being alive. That’s for sure.

“When you spell done that situation, it’s crazy. Especially erstwhile I was connected my measurement location from nan infirmary because possibly, that couldn’t person happened. I don’t know. It’s crazy, truthful now knowing that I had nary power complete that. It’s conscionable thing that could hap retired of nan blue. You aftermath up and you go, ‘S—. OK. I’m here.”

The rapper, who roseate to fame pinch rap group N.W.A. and went connected to go a apical shaper and co-founder of Beats Electronics, previously said that his doctors didn’t deliberation he was going to past nan ordeal.

“I’m astatine Cedars-Sinai infirmary and they weren’t allowing anybody to travel up, meaning visitors aliases family aliases thing for illustration that, because of COVID, but they allowed my family to travel in,” he said connected nan “Workout nan Doubt” podcast successful 2022. “I recovered retired later they called them up truthful they could opportunity their past goodbyes because they thought I was outta here.”

Dre said he “didn’t cognize it was that serious” astatine nan clip but remembered nan changeless check-ins and treatments he received during recovery.

The aggregate Grammy Award winner has rebounded since nan wellness crisis, performing pinch chap hip-hop legends conscionable complete a twelvemonth later during his hometown Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show and receiving nan inaugural Dr. Dre Global Impact Award astatine nan 2023 Grammy Awards.

And, connected Tuesday, he’s group to receive nan 2,775th prima connected nan Hollywood Walk of Fame. Legendary power big Big Boy will emcee nan ceremonial and Dre’s longtime collaborator Snoop Dogg and chap euphony impresario Jimmy Iovine will present remarks.

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