DoorDash driver is fired after camera captures horrific slur against black customer

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  • The driver dropped nan container connected nan structure earlier saying thing horrible 
  • A viral video of nan incident prompted nan institution to enactment quickly 

By Sophie Mann For Dailymail.Com

Published: 19:36 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 19:42 EDT, 11 June 2024

The infinitesimal a now-former DoorDash worker utilized nan N-word arsenic he delivered an bid to a achromatic woman's structure was captured connected video. 

The video, which was uploaded precocious past week by TikTok personification Christina Derrica, has been viewed upwards of 3.2  cardinal times.

An unidentified man approaches nan doorway of a location successful Nashville, and says loudly capable that nan audio was intelligibly captured by nan Ring camera: 'Here's your nutrient n*****.'

The transportation driver appears to look wrong nan container earlier backing distant and taking a image of nan transportation to corroborate it had been deposited.

The man, again, brazenly drops nan group slur, saying, 'Chow down n*****,' arsenic he walks away.  

The driver (pictured) dropped nan container connected nan structure earlier saying thing horrible for nary evident reason

The shocking video, which was uploaded precocious past week by TikTok personification Christina Derrica (pictured) , has been viewed upwards of 3.2million times

'Did he not spot my Ring camera?' wrote Derrica successful nan caption of nan video she shared.

She besides called retired nan institution successful her post, adding, 'Fire him IMMEDIATELY, HELLO @DoorDash.'

In a consequent missive nan institution Derrica besides posted to her TikTok, DoorDash confirmed nan driver had been fired and apologized for nan incident.

'Please cognize that nan type of behaviour you described has nary spot connected nan DoorDash platform, aliases anyplace else, and is simply a usurpation of our information policies.

'I want to guarantee you that we person investigated this incident and taken due action by removing this dasher from nan platform.'

The driver has not been identified aliases located. It remains unclear what triggered his reaction, aliases if he was simply expressing racist sentiments he harbors.

In consequence to an enquiry from nan Atlanta Black Star, which reported connected nan incident, nan institution confirmed nan worker had been fired, and added: 'There’s nary spot for dislike connected nan platform.'

'We’re horrified and appalled by this incident,' a spokesperson said via email. 'Make nary correction - we person zero tolerance for racism. This incident violates some our policies and what we judge in. 

'We person deactivated this Dasher relationship and reached retired to nan customer.'

Viewers crossed societal media were shocked and disheartened by nan contented of nan video.

'I did not expect that. The gasp that conscionable came retired of me,' wrote 1 TikTok viewer.

'And this is why I will not ever get doorway dash. I'm sorry but I conscionable don't spot random group bringing maine nutrient successful their car. Nope,' wrote another. 

Some said they dream nan customer had thrown nan full bid distant because, 'He looks for illustration nan type to spit successful someone's food.'

Others said they would person attempted to face nan man to spot if he had nan audacity to usage nan slur during a face-to-face interaction.

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