Doctor is accused of faking cancer diagnosis to scam friend out of $160k before vanishing

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A Canadian expert was scammed retired of complete $160,000 aft her workfellow begged her for financial support pinch a mendacious cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Meaghan Labine met Monica Kehar successful 2018, erstwhile nan duo were chosen to beryllium connected nan nationalist assemblage representing nan College of Family Physicians of Canada.

But things took a move a twelvemonth later, and by 2020, Labine was retired six figures aft Kehar asked her for money pursuing her expected crab diagnosis.

But nan test proved to beryllium a lie, and Kehar vanished. When she reemerged, she claimed that she had been accepted into a residency programme astatine nan University of Calgary and had moved to Alberta.

What followed were much requests for costs to ft her surviving expenses, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. 'It conscionable seemed for illustration nary matter really overmuch I lent, it was ne'er enough,' Labine told CBC.

Monica Kehar is accused of scamming a chap expert retired complete $160,000 CAD aft faking a crab test and asking for money

Meaghan Labine says she has yet to beryllium paid backmost contempt winning a default judgement against Kehar successful 2022. Kehar has a lengthy history of lying, arsenic evidenced by documents from nan College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba Investigation Committee

Labine plied Kehar pinch contracts that she signed, promising to repay her, but nan requests didn't stop.

Labine told CBC that she continued to lend Kehar money 'because she thought if she didn't thief her decorativeness aesculapian school, she would ne'er get her money back.'

Things came to a caput erstwhile Kehar told Labine that she had a occupation connection from a salient doctor. However, erstwhile Labine confronted that expert astatine a meeting, Kehar's deception was revealed.

'I felt perfectly humiliated,' Labine told nan publication. 'How could I beryllium truthful stupid arsenic to beryllium led connected for illustration this?'

She would later study that Kehar had not only lied astir nan unwellness and occupation offer, but she had not been accepted into a residency programme successful Calgary either.

In fact, Kehar was expelled from her aesculapian programme pursuing a bid of infractions that culminated pinch nan fabrication of a superior aesculapian condition.

On November 13, 2020, nan College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba Investigation Committee censured Kehar 'as a grounds of its disapproval of her conduct.'

According to documents reviewed by, Kehar registered pinch nan College and enrolled arsenic a first-year family medicine resident astatine nan University of Manitoba successful February 2019. 

Kehar was expelled from a programme successful Manitoba pursuing a bid of infractions that culminated pinch nan alteration of documents and nan fabrication of a superior aesculapian condition

However, she began participating successful an elective successful Saskatchewan without nan due license. Kehar would later declare that this slip-up was 'inadvertent.'

After she was alerted to nan problem, Kehar instantly stopped practicing and altered an email she had received from nan College earlier forwarding it to nan College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan.

'This was an evident effort by Ms Kehar to remedy nan business and to deflect work for this correction from herself onto nan College,' nan archive reads.

The College discovered nan alteration connected February 14, 2019 and reported to nan University of Manitoba nan aforesaid day.

The uncovering prompted some nan College and University to behaviour months-long investigations into Kehar’s behavior.

She denied altering nan email, but was placed connected paid time off of absence pending further review.

Kehar later contacted administrators, claiming 'she had received an email from different personification who confessed to hacking her relationship and altering nan February 13, 2019 email.'

Around March 13, Kehar was allowed to return to her resident duties, and astir 2 days later, nan University provided her pinch a study showing location was nary grounds to support nan hacking claims.

The College later learned that Kehar defrauded 'substantial sums of money' from 2 aesculapian colleagues aft lying astir nan authorities of her wellness 'to garner sympathy and support.'

Kehar yet took work for altering nan document, blaming 'a little section of intelligence exhaustion.' She claimed nan determination had arisen from 'fear, stress, exhaustion and nervousness.'

Also successful 2019, Kehar had her French bulldog, Django, registered arsenic an 'emotional support dog' for 'stress related' reasons in Alberta, documents reviewed by show.

She later admitted that she had altered nan offending email, and was expelled from nan University of Manitoba's Family Medicine Program connected May 7.

'Her expulsion was based connected her admittance to having altered nan email successful question, and nan Faculty's uncovering that Ms Kehar had been dishonest successful narration to definite different world events, which she denied,' nan archive states.

Just weeks later, Kehar appealed her expulsion to nan University's Local Discipline Committee.

In nan appeal, she 'described a interest that she mightiness person had a superior wellness condition...and that she underwent a surgical process to reside nan interest successful January of 2019.'

The archive quotes her arsenic saying, 'Though I americium not comfortable discussing this issue, I now understand that it is applicable to this matter and had an effect connected maine and my actions during this time.'

On May 28, 7 days aft filing nan appeal, Kehar was interviewed by nan College Investigator. She described 'going done a very difficult time' opening astatine nan extremity of 2018 and 'feeling highly stressed astatine nan time.'

Kehar besides insisted that she had undergone room connected January 8, but grounded to supply documentation.

The entreaty of Kehar’s expulsion was heard and dismissed that June - but she revenge again successful July.

In August, Kehar provided nan College pinch a missive purportedly written by nan agency head of her surgeon's session arsenic impervious of nan aforementioned surgical procedure.

Her lawyers claimed that location was nary archiving from nan infirmary because Kehar 'did not enactment overnight.'

Subsequent investigations by College revealed that location was nary grounds to support her assertion of a diagnosis, nor nan declare of having undergone room astatine nan infirmary she named.

Moreover, an investigation recovered that nan missive she provided had been written overmuch earlier and astir a different matter, but Kehar altered it.

The surgeon she identified confirmed pinch nan College that nan only procedures he had ever performed connected Kehar were successful October 2017 and February 2018, and neither were related to nan expected 'serious aesculapian condition.'

The 2nd entreaty of her expulsion was heard connected January 24, 2020, and dismissed 5 days later.

The College later learned that Kehar had lied to 2 colleagues about her individual circumstances, including nan authorities of her health, 'to garner sympathy and support.'

Those colleagues loaned Kehar 'substantial sums of money successful consequence to requests from her for assistance connected aggregate occasions,' according to nan document.

Kehar 'acknowledged that her behaviour was a superior correction and expressed remorse complete her actions successful retrospect,' and 'acknowledged that she has demonstrated an unfitness to practice.' Her expulsion was upheld.

Despite winning a default judgement against Kehar successful nan Ontario Superior Court of Justice successful 2022, Labine has yet to beryllium reimbursed for nan tens of thousands she lost.

She precocious revenge a suit successful British Columbia successful an effort to get her hands connected nan money.

Kehar has promised to salary her back, but Labine has her doubts. 'When pressed for specifics aliases gathering pinch my lawyer, she provides nothing,' she told CBC.

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