Did Perfect Match’s Holly Scarfone Get Plastic Surgery? Her Before and After Photos

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Holly had fans confused erstwhile she shared a vlog via TikTok successful March 2024 and did a pricey skincare regular astatine nan array of an chartless five-star restaurant.

In nan clip, she ordered achromatic truffle shavings, caviar and Dom Perignon – only 1 of which she indulged in.

“I don’t really eat erstwhile I travel here, I travel to do my concealed tegument attraction routine, which is simply a concealed successful Hollywood. The logic why truthful galore celebrities property for illustration good wine,” Holly said, earlier adding nan truffle and caviar to her face.

“There’s a ton of wellness benefits from achromatic truffles been recovered to beryllium anti-inflammatory. It besides improves moisture and h2o retention connected nan skin. So, it’s a really awesome heavy conditioner and virgin vitamin C,” she explained, later adding, “It’s nary concealed that Caviar is 1 of nan astir nutritious foods successful nan world. Not to mention, it’s phenomenal for your tegument packed pinch vitamins and minerals, moisturizing, brushing, anti-aging tegument re texturizing, and 1 of nan astir effective ways to brighten your face.”

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