Denise Richards and Family to Star on New Reality Show After ‘RHOBH’ Exit: What Is It About?

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Denise Richards is returning to reality TV pursuing her exit from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What is her caller show astir and erstwhile does it premiere?

What Is Denise Richards’ New Show Called?

The Illinois native’s caller show was announced connected June 10, 2024, and is tentatively called Denise Richards and nan Wild Things.

What Is Denise Richards’ New Show About?

Denise’s caller show will aerial connected E! She is already acquainted pinch nan network, arsenic her show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated antecedently aired connected E! from 2008 to 2009.

“My family and I are thrilled to return location to E!” she said successful a connection obtained by Page Six.

She will prima connected nan upcoming show alongside her husband, Aaron Phypers, and her 3 daughters. Denise shares adult children Sami and Lola pinch ex-husband Charlie Sheen, and she adopted girl Eloise successful 2011 erstwhile she was single.

The show will travel nan “complicated and unpredictable” play successful Denise’s individual life, arsenic good arsenic show her family members “test each other’s boundaries” arsenic they unrecorded their lives successful nan spotlight.

Denise will reunite pinch shaper Alex Baskin, whom she previously worked pinch successful RHOBH, connected nan project. “Alex Baskin and I met erstwhile I joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I loved doing that show,” she told nan outlet. “This is nan cleanable business for our family’s bid arsenic our lives are afloat of fun, emotion and unpredictability, and we can’t hold for nan assemblage to stock this escapade pinch us.”

Meanwhile, NBCUniversal Entertainment exec Rachel Smith explained that Denise is simply a “pop civilization force” and is “no alien to capturing nan public’s attention.”

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“With her return to E!, we look guardant to Denise and her family sharing their beautifully chaotic world pinch our audience, who will admit their candor and relatability arsenic overmuch arsenic we do,” she added.

When Does Denise Richards’ New Show Premiere?

An nonstop aerial day has not been revealed for Denise’s caller show, though it is expected to premiere connected E! successful 2025.

 What Is It About?

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Why Did Denise Richards Leave ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’?

Denise starred connected nan Real Housewives franchise from 2019 until 2020. She announced her exit from nan series successful September 2020 pursuing play pinch respective of her costars. However, she returned arsenic a friend during play 13, wherever fans watched her butt heads pinch longtime prima Erika Jayne.

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