Daily Review: The Costs of the EU’s Migration Policies

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An investigation by a consortium of world media outlets recovered that EU support and financing has been utilized by North African countries—in this case, Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania—in clandestine operations to detain tens of thousands of African migrants and dump them successful nan godforsaken aliases distant separator areas to forestall them from walking connected to nan EU. (Washington Post)

Our Take

The truth that respective North African governments person been progressive successful operations for illustration this is not a revelation. In 2018, Leila Beratto wrote for WPR astir really Algerian authorities had been expelling African migrants by dumping them astatine nan country’s borders pinch Niger and Mali since 2014. Numerous reports complete nan past decade person revealed akin operations successful Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and crossed nan region.

It is besides nary concealed that for overmuch of nan past decade nan EU and individual European nations person turned to overseas governments to outsource nan containment of irregular migration to Europe. Amid nan migrant and exile situation successful 2015, nan EU signed a woody pinch Turkey successful an effort to incorporate Syrian refugees to a “safe 3rd country,” and Brussels has since signed migration agreements pinch respective North African countries, including Libya.

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