Collision launches final Toronto conference, Geoffrey Hinton among speakers

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By Staff The Canadian Press

Posted June 18, 2024 7:13 am

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Tech leaders are gathering in Toronto today for nan last Collision convention that will beryllium hosted successful nan city.

The yearly arena gathers tech assemblage workers, investors and startups who return successful transportation sessions, demos and speeches from world icons.

Artificial intelligence pioneer Geoffrey Hinton, tennis prima Maria Sharapova and Indigenous authorities advocator Autumn Peltier are among nan speakers group to return nan shape astatine nan Enercare Centre this week.

AI, nan task superior scenery and navigating an system still grappling pinch precocious liking rates and ostentation are expected to beryllium basking topics astatine nan event.

This twelvemonth marks nan last twelvemonth nan travelling convention that made its Toronto debut successful 2019 will beryllium hosted successful nan city.

Organizers person said nan arena will displacement to Vancouver adjacent twelvemonth and beryllium transformed into a North American loop of nan Web Summit conferences hosted successful Portugal, Brazil and Qatar.

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