Cities, schools and other agencies respond as heat wave crosses Ontario and Quebec

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Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator says location will beryllium capable energy proviso to meet nan further request created by what’s expected to beryllium a prolonged power wave.

Environment Canada warns galore Ontario communities could acquisition dangerously precocious temperatures this week, pinch temperatures successful nan Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa emotion arsenic basking arsenic 45 C on pinch nan humid conditions.

The Toronto District School Board says successful a statement to parents that it’s expecting “uncomfortable conditions” this week successful schools that are only partially air-conditioned aliases person nary A/C astatine all.

A spokesperson for nan Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care says each nursing homes successful nan province, isolated from for 2 that are being redeveloped, are “fully air-conditioned.”

The City of Toronto, meanwhile, says group experiencing homelessness tin activity reprieve from nan power astatine various drop-in centres, shelters and 24-hour respite sites crossed nan city.

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 'Montrealers brace for a week of dangerously basking weather'

1:46 Montrealers brace for a week of dangerously basking weather

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Environment Canada meteorologist Jean-Philippe Bégin says parts of confederate and cardinal Quebec are besides bracing for utmost temperatures of betwixt 30 and 35 C, pinch a humidex of complete 40 C.

A spokesperson for nan City of Montreal says each borough has been creating a database of places for group to cool down, including immoderate pools that are opening earlier than planned.

Environment Canada meteorologist Gerald Cheng says a upwind strategy southbound of nan separator is driving nan heat, pinch basking aerial expected to  move eastward, blanketing overmuch of confederate Quebec and astir of New Brunswick later this week.

Cheng says normal temperatures for this clip of twelvemonth are 25 C for daytime highs and 14 C for nighttime lows.

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