Charles Barkley RETIRES! NBA icon makes stunning announcement that he is leaving TV after 24 years as NBA analyst

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By Ben Nagle

Published: 00:20 EDT, 15 June 2024 | Updated: 00:20 EDT, 15 June 2024

NBA fable Charles Barkley has made nan daze determination to discontinue from television, revealing that adjacent play will beryllium his 25th and last twelvemonth arsenic an analyst.

The erstwhile Philadelphia 76ers star, 61, has been an on-screen TV characteristic connected Inside nan NBA since 2000, and his news comes alongside nan arguable determination to axe nan show from nan extremity of adjacent season.

Speaking aft nan NBA Finals Game 4 betwixt nan Celtic and Mavericks, Barkley said: 'I've been reasoning guys... I want to opportunity this, because you guys are my family.

'I really emotion TNT, each nan group who activity here, NBA television, you guys person been awesome to maine for 24 years. I want to opportunity convey you to my full NBA family, I emotion you guys. There's been a batch of sound astir our web nan past fewer months.

'I conscionable want to say, I've talked to each nan different networks, but I ain't going obscurity different than TNT... but I person made nan determination myself, nary matter what happens, adjacent twelvemonth is going to beryllium my past twelvemonth connected television.

Charles Barkley appeared connected NBA TV to denote he is retiring from tv adjacent year

'My bosom is afloat of joyousness and gratitude, but I'm going to walk nan baton astatine nan extremity of adjacent year. I dream nan NBA stays pinch TNT but for maine personally, I wanted you to perceive it from me.'

Barkley past went connected to insist he will do nary further interviews connected nan matter. 

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