Celebrity Baby Births 2024: Sofia Richie and More Who Announced They Welcomed Babies

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The 2024 personage babe roar kicked disconnected pinch nan arrivals of immoderate adorable newborns conscionable aft nan caller year. Some celebrities besides had their small ones astatine nan extremity of 2023, but waited until January to stock nan news pinch their fans.

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January was filled pinch commencement announcements from celebs for illustration Michael Phelps and Halle Bailey. In February, Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker revealed that they had welcomed babe No. 4, while Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner besides expanded their family pinch nan summation of babe No. 3.

In April, Love Is Blind’s Giannina Gibelli and Bachelorette prima Blake Horstmann announced nan presence of babe No. 1! The announcements continued nan pursuing period erstwhile Hilary Duff revealed she and hubby Matthew Koma welcomed babe No. 3 connected May 3. Later that month, Sofia Richie welcomed babe No. 1 pinch hubby Elliot Grainge.

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 Sofia Richie and More Who Announced They Welcomed Babies

Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Soifia Richie and Elliot Grainge,

Sofia Richie revealed that she and her husband, Elliot Grainge, welcomed babe No. 1 via Instagram successful May. “Eloise Samantha Grainge,” she wrote alongside a achromatic and achromatic photograph of nan newborn’s feet, adding that she was calved connected May 20. “Best time of my life.”

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Love Is Blind Zack and Bliss

Mat Hayward/Getty Images for The Players Alliance

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi-Goytowski

Love successful Blind play 4’s Zack and Bliss revealed to People connected May 10 that they welcomed girl Galileo Terri Rayne connected April 26. Their small woman weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces astatine birth.

“We are truthful successful emotion pinch our precious, beautiful babe girl,” nan mates told nan outlet. “We are everlastingly changed and are truthful blessed to walk nan remainder of our lives loving her. She is our moon, our stars, nan halfway of our universe.”

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Celebrity Baby Births 2024

Cindy Ord/VF23/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma

The Younger alum announced nan presence of babe No. 3 and nan couple’s third girl connected May 7. In an Instagram post showing achromatic and achromatic photos from nan infant’s h2o birth, Hilary wrote successful nan caption, “Townes Meadow Bair, now we cognize why she made america hold truthful long…She was perfecting those cheeks!”

“I person been dreaming of holding you successful my arms for months and nan past 5 days of getting to cognize you, look astatine you and smell you has been axenic moments of magic. We each emotion you for illustration you’ve been present each on beauty,” nan character added while noting Townes arrived connected May 3.

Hilary and Matthew besides stock daughters Banks Violet and Mae James Bair. She besides has a son, Luca, from her first matrimony to Mike Comrie.

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 Nara Smith and More Who Announced They Welcomed Babies

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman

Emily VanCamp announced she and her husband, Josh Bowman, welcomed babe No. 2.

“Rio Rose,” she captioned a achromatic and achromatic photograph of their daughter’s manus via Instagram connected April 14. “3-12-2024 Welcome to nan world babe girl. We emotion you truthful much.”

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2024 babies


Nara Smith and Lucky Blue Smith

The societal media mates shared babe No. 3’s first moments astatine location pinch nan family via TikTok connected April 11.

“Our small angel is here! Meet Whimsy Lou Smith,” Nara captioned nan post. “She came connected her ain clip and arrived nan time of nan Eclipse [April 8].”

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 Stars Who Welcomed Babies

Giannina Gibelli/ Instagram

Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann

Giannina and Blake shared nan news of nan commencement of their son, Heath Orion Horstmann, who was calved connected Good Sunday, March 29.

“Our babe is his father’s twin!” Giannina gushed to Us Weekly successful a communicative published connected April 2. “There are truthful galore similarities it’s adorable to spot them ray up successful each other. As acold arsenic characteristic goes, he’s an Aries for illustration his mama truthful we’ll see, he conscionable mightiness beryllium nan cleanable operation of some of us.”

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 Cameron Diaz and More Who Announced They Welcomed Babies

Courtesy of Amanda Miller/Instagram

Amanda Miller and JJ Mizell

Siesta Key prima Amanda Miller announced that she and fellow JJ Mizell welcomed babe No. 1 connected March 25. “Best time of our lives!” nan MTV characteristic captioned several photos of nan duo holding their girl successful nan hospital. “Welcome to nan world babe girl.”

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celebrity births 2024

Courtesy of Kayla Sessler/Instagram

Kayla Sessler and Ryan Leigh

The Teen Mom prima welcomed her 3rd kid and first pinch fellow Ryan Leigh connected March 13. In a March 26 Instagram station she shared a photograph of nan newborn and revealed his sanction is Zyaire Jaxon Leigh.

Kayla has 2 different children – a boy and a girl – from erstwhile relationships.

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 Cameron Diaz and More Who Announced They Welcomed Babies

Cindy Ord/MG23/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson

Suki Waterhouse revealed she gave commencement to babe No. 1 pinch Robert Pattinson erstwhile nan mates was spotted pushing a stroller during a locomotion successful Los Angeles, according to photos shared by nan Daily Mail connected March 26.

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Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden astatine a Los Angeles Lakers game.

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Benji and Cameron welcomed babe No. 2 successful March. The mates announced nan presence of their caller small boy successful a associated connection connected Instagram.

“We are blessed and excited to denote nan commencement of our son, Cardinal Madden. He is awesome and we are each truthful happy he is here! For nan kids’ information and privateness we won’t beryllium posting immoderate pictures, but he’s really cute. We are emotion truthful blessed and grateful. Sending overmuch emotion from our fam to yours. Best wishes and bully afternoon!!” nan caption of nan station connected March 22 read.

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paige joined astatine show babe no. 1


Paige Banks

Married astatine First Sight star Paige Banks and boyfriend Justin welcomed babe No. 1, girl Nova, connected February 26. The mates shared nan news connected March 22, telling People that Nova is “a blessing.”

“The past 10 months person been a travel watching and emotion you turn successful my tummy and we are truthful grateful you are yet here!. Nova enjoys snuggles pinch Mom and Dad, listening to oldies euphony and agelong naps during nan time to support Mom and Dad up astatine night,” they continued. “She was named Nova, which intends Bright Star, because she brings truthful overmuch ray to our lives and Rae because she makes our world spell information conscionable for illustration a ray of sunshine.”

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Jimmie Allen Twins

Jimmie Allen/Instagram

Jimmie Allen

American Idol alum Jimmie Allen softly welcomed a group of twins — a boy named Amari and a woman named Aria — successful June 2023 pinch an unnamed female amid his divorcement from woman Alexis Gale. However, he waited to denote nan twins until March 19, 2024, including Aria and Amari successful an Instagram Stories bid astir each of his children. At nan extremity of nan series, he wrote, “I person 6 kids. I emotion each 1 of them. I garbage to fto anyone make maine consciousness ashamed of immoderate of my children. The only sentiment I attraction astir is theirs.”

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 Bhad Bhabie and More Who Announced They Welcomed Babies

Getty Images

David Guetta and Jessica Ledon

The “Don’t You Worry” hitmaker and his girlfriend, Jessica Ledon, revealed they welcomed their first girl together connected March 17. David is besides a begetter to teenagers, Tim and Angie, from a erstwhile relationship. 

“Love is successful nan air,” nan brace shared successful a associated Instagram post. “Welcome Cyan.”

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 Stars Who Welcomed Babies


Bhad Bhabie

The reality star-turned-rapper shared that she welcomed her daughter, Kali Love, via Instagram stories connected March 14. Bhad Bhabie shared a achromatic and achromatic photograph arsenic she held her small 1 successful nan infirmary bed.

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 Stars Who Welcomed Babies

Courtesy of Sydney Warner/Instagram

Sydney Hightower

There’s a caller babe successful Bachelor Nation! The play 24 The Bachelor contestant and her husband, NFL linebacker Fred Warner, welcomed babe No. 1, a boy named Beau Anthony, connected March 7.

“We’re complete nan satellite and can’t hold to get location from nan infirmary and commencement our caller life,” nan mates told People successful a connection pursuing Beau’s commencement via cesarean section.

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 Stars Who Welcomed Babies


Lady Kitty Spencer

Lady Kitty Spencer, who is nan niece of nan precocious Princess Diana, celebrated her first Mother’s Day by introducing her small 1 to nan world.

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 Stars Who Welcomed Babies


Dak Prescott and Sarah Jane Ramos

The NFL prima and Sarah confirmed nan commencement of their girl astatine a Children’s Cancer Fund gala successful Dallas successful March.

“I consciousness different,” Dak told NBC 5 Dallas astatine nan event. “Especially erstwhile you spot that babe and you understand nan responsibilities. It’s special. Baby’s doing great, mom’s doing great, everybody’s patient and astatine location and we’re blessed.”

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celebrity babies 2024

Courtesy of Mike Sorrentino/Instagram

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino

“The Situation” and his woman announced connected March 7 that they welcomed babe No. 3 nan time prior, sharing photos of their newborn daughter.

“Gym Tan Situation Family of 5 ‼️ We are overjoyed to denote nan newest personnel of our increasing Italian family. Luna Lucia Sorrentino, calved March 6, 2024, astatine 3:49 p.m. weighing successful astatine 5 pounds 6 ounces and 18.25 inches successful length. 3 nether 3 will beryllium rather nan business but we wouldn’t person it immoderate different way,” Mike and Lauren shared ​in associated Instagram posts.

The mates are already parents to boy Romeo Reign and girl Mia Bella.

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Congrats! Gal Gadot Welcomes Baby No. 4 After Not Announcing Pregnancy

Courtesy of Gal Gadot/Instagram

Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano

The Death connected nan Nile actress shocked fans erstwhile she announced nan commencement of babe No. 4 connected March 6.

“My saccharine girl, welcome. The gestation was not easy and we made it through,” she captioned a saccharine infirmary photo. “You person brought truthful overmuch ray into our lives, surviving up to your name, Ori, which intends ‘my light’ successful Hebrew. Our hearts are afloat of gratitude. Welcome to nan location of girls…daddy is beautiful cool too.”

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 Jeremiah Duggar and More Who Announced They Welcomed Babies

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Ashley Benson and Brandon Davis

The Pretty Little Liars alum confirmed she gave commencement to babe No. 1 erstwhile she was spotted connected a locomotion pinch hubby Brandon Davis. While nan babe was not present, Ashley nary longer had her babe bump, according to photos shared by The Daily Mail.

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 Stars Who Welcomed Babies

Antoine Flament / Contributor

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel

The erstwhile Victoria’s Secret Angel announced she had welcomed babe No. 4, a son, via an Instagram photograph featuring babe socks and a civilization embroidered blanket.

“We are overjoyed by nan presence of our small ray of sunshine, Pierre Kerr Spiegel,” she captioned nan February 27 post. “We couldn’t beryllium much excited to invited our 4th boy into our family. Feeling truthful very blessed.”

Pierre is Miranda’s 3rd kid pinch Evan. She shares her firstborn son, Flynn, pinch her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom.

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 Stars Who Welcomed Babies

Dave Benett / Contributor

Josh ​Hartnett and Tamsin Egerton

The Oppenheimer prima subtly revealed connected nan SAG Awards reddish carpet that he and his wife, ​Tamsin, had welcomed their 4th kid together.

The character fto nan commencement of their kid gaffe erstwhile he said he had “four kids” during an question and reply astatine nan February 24 event.

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jeremiah duggar hannah duggarw elcome babe nary 3


Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Duggar

The Counting On alum shared nan news of their daughter’s commencement connected February 25. “Welcome to nan world our dearest small Brielle Grace!!” they wrote successful a associated Instagram post. “You person already brought truthful overmuch joyousness into our lives! We emotion you beyond what words tin opportunity and are SO very thankful for our 2 small girls.”

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jenna compono zach nichols invited babe nary 3


Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols

The Challenge stars welcomed babe No. 3, a girl named Carmella Jean, connected February 24. Jenna revealed that Carmella was calved astatine 11:45 p.m., conscionable 15 minutes aft nan MTV personalities arrived astatine nan hospital.

“I was afloat dilated and didn’t person clip for an epidural,” she shared. “A fewer minutes later, location she was. What an experience. She weighs 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long.”

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gabby barrett and cade foehner invited babe nary 3


Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner expanded their family pinch nan commencement of babe No. 3 connected February 17. The American Idol alum gave commencement to a babe woman named Ivy.

“Our 3rd babe arrived world broadside early this morning, astatine home,” Gabby shared. “Another life to emotion and cherish. Praising God for His kindness!”

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jessie james decker gives commencement to babe nary 4 pinch eric


Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker

On February 18, Jessie James Decker announced nan commencement of her 4th child. She and hubby Eric Decker welcomed a boy named Denver connected February 9.

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nick viall personage babe births 2024


Nick Viall and Natalie Joy

The Bachelor’s Nick Viall welcomed his daughter, River Rose Viall, connected February 2. He and Natalie Joy shared nan breathtaking news successful a associated Instagram post.

“Named aft Natalie’s awesome grandma and niece,” nan caption read. “The champion portion of life starts now.”

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michael phelps personage babe births 2024


Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson

On January 22, Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson announced nan commencement of their babe boy.

“[We] wanna invited Nico Michael Phelps to nan world,” nan mates shared connected Instagram. “Born 1/16. We’re truthful blessed to beryllium fixed a 4th child. We’re now a family of 6!” They besides posted a saccharine changeable pinch nan newborn to spell on pinch nan announcement.

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Kailyn Lowry

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Webby Awards

Kailyn Lowry

After months of speculation, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry confirmed nan presence of her twins pinch fellow Elijah Scott. She welcomed nan twins via C-section, revealing connected her “Barely Famous” podcast that she was “terrified” of nan procedure, but didn’t person a prime owed to nan positioning of nan babies. Her boy was calved first, followed by her daughter, and quickly whisked distant to incubators.

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josh duhamel audra mari personage babe births of 2024


Josh Duhamel and Audra Mari

Josh Duhamel and Audra Mari had their first kid together connected January 11, 2024. They announced nan news 5 days later by posting a photograph of nan small one’s feet and revealing his name: Shepherd Lawrence Duhamel.

Josh has a son, Axl, pinch his ex-wife, Fergie.

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Clare Crawley and Ryan Dawkins

The Bachelorette alum Clare Crawley and her husband, Ryan Dawkins, welcomed a babe girl via surrogate connected January 15. Clare confirmed nan news pinch a station connected her Instagram story, on pinch a photograph of her and Ryan hugging successful nan hospital.

“She’s here!” nan erstwhile reality prima shared. “Healthy + Beyond loved. Dream travel true.”

This is nan couple’s first kid together. Ryan has 2 daughters from a erstwhile relationship.

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Rachel Beaver and Scott Houp

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant alum Rachel Beaver and her boyfriend, Scott Houp, had their son, River Elliott Valentine Houp, connected January 12.

“My bosom is truthful full,” nan erstwhile MTV prima shared 2 days later.

Rachel is already mom to her daughter, Hazelee, who she welcomed successful 2019 pinch then-boyfriend Drew Brooks.

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Jesse Palmer and Emely Fardo

Jesse Palmer became a dad for nan first clip erstwhile his wife, Emely Fardo, gave commencement to their babe girl. They announced nan news connected January 10.

“Our worlds person been everlastingly changed…” nan Bachelor Nation big gushed. “She’s yet here. ELLA REINE PALMER. Our hearts are overflowing pinch emotion and gratitude.”

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halle bailey ddg personage babies 2024


Halle Bailey and DDG

After keeping tight-lipped passim her full pregnancy, Halle Bailey yet confirmed connected January 6 that she had fixed birth to babe No. 1 pinch DDG.

“Even though we’re a fewer days into nan caller year, nan top point that 2023 could person done for me, was bring maine my son,” The Little Mermaid prima shared. “Welcome to nan world my halo. The world is hopeless to cognize you.”

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brant daugherty personage babe births 2024


Brant Daugherty and Kimberly Daugherty

Pretty Little Liars alum Brant Daugherty welcomed babe No. 2 with his wife, Kimberly Daugherty, and announced nan news connected January 1.

“We were gonna station for nan holidays but ended up having nan merriest Christmas of all,” nan character shared. “Welcome to nan world, Aero Lore Daugherty.”

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