Canada slaps new sanctions on Russians over Navalny’s death

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Canada is sanctioning 13 much Russians from nan intelligence service, constabulary unit and corrections strategy for their domiciled successful nan poisoning, imprisonment and decease of guidance leader Alexei Navalny.

The caller sanctions travel arsenic Navalny’s widow, Yulia Navalnaya, is successful Ottawa for meetings pinch Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly.

Navalnaya has pledged to proceed her precocious husband’s anticorruption work.

Joly will show Navalnaya that Canada holds nan Kremlin “fully responsible” for her husband’s death.

Navalny died Feb. 16 astatine a Russian penal colony wherever he was serving a 19-year condemnation for what Canada considers trumped up charges designed to soundlessness an guidance leader causing problems for President Vladimir Putin.

 Canada announces caller sanctions against Russia'

2:14 Navalny death: Canada announces caller sanctions against Russia

Canada sanctioned six Russians wrong 2 weeks of Navalny’s decease including nan caput of nan “Polar Wolf” penal colony wherever he died, a judge and a prosecutor.

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The thirteen names being added see elder officials pinch nan Russian intelligence work and nan constabulary force.

Joly says nan sanctions target not only those progressive successful Navalny’s death, but besides nan nervus supplier poisoning that astir killed him successful 2020, his forbidden apprehension upon returning to Russia successful 2021, quality authorities violations while he was imprisoned, nan nonaccomplishment to analyse nan origin of his decease and a hold successful handing complete his remains to his family.

His assemblage was fixed to his mother connected Feb. 24, and he was buried March 1 successful Moscow. Police detained hundreds of group who tried to laic flowers successful his memory.

Russia has denied immoderate engagement successful Navalny’s death, saying he collapsed while retired for a locomotion astatine nan situation and could not beryllium revived.

During a sojourn to Ukraine astir a week aft Navalny died, Trudeau said Putin had Navalny executed because Putin is anemic and excessively frightened to look a existent opponent.

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