Canada mulling import tariffs on Chinese-made EVs after U.S. move

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Canada is looking astatine nan monolithic caller U.S. import tariffs connected Chinese-made electric vehicles imposed by President Joe Biden earlier this month, but is not making immoderate committedness to pursuing suit northbound of nan border.

Chinese brands are not a awesome subordinate successful Canada’s EV marketplace astatine nan infinitesimal but imports from China person exploded successful nan past twelvemonth arsenic Tesla switched from U.S. factories for its Canadian income to its manufacturing works successful Shanghai.

And nan Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association says Chinese EV makers person already made large inroads successful Europe and are looking to North America next.

“That perchance is connected nan horizon,” said CVMA President Brian Kingston successful an question and reply pinch The Canadian Press.

He isn’t advocating for Canada to lucifer nan tariffs specifically, noting nan consequence of Chinese retaliation. But he said Canada can’t get excessively retired of measurement pinch nan U.S.

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“We ever person to align our policy,” said Kingston.

President Joe Biden moved May 14 to quadruple nan U.S. import tariff connected Chinese-made EVs to 100 per cent. He cited unfair subsidies from nan Chinese authorities to Chinese EV makers. He is besides hiking tariffs connected a lengthy database of different Chinese products including star cells, machine chips, aesculapian instrumentality and lithium ion batteries.

 'New studies attraction attention connected EV artillery concerns'

2:00 New studies attraction attention connected EV artillery concerns

Canada presently imposes a six per cent tariff connected Chinese-made vehicles, but nan cars do suffice for up to $5,000 successful national rebates for EV purchases.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne and Trade Minister Mary Ng person each nudged unfastened nan doorway to nan conception of tariffs since nan U.S. made its move but nary of them committed to pursuing suit.

“We’re watching very intimately what nan Americans are doing,” Trudeau said successful Philadelphia connected May 21, soon aft he met pinch U.S. vice-president Kamala Harris connected nan sidelines of nan Service Employees International Union convention.

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Economic ties and proviso chains formed a cardinal portion of that speech according to Trudeau’s staff. Canada and nan U.S. person been aligning their EV industries successful caller years, including captious minerals, batteries and EV manufacturing itself.

And Canada has massively invested successful nan EV industry, pinch $30 cardinal laid retired successful conscionable nan past 2 years for EV artillery and conveyance manufacturing sites for Stellantis, Volkswagen and Honda.

The effort is successful ample portion an effort to support China from making a dent successful North America’s storied car industry. The assemblage accounts for almost 5 per cent of nan U.S. system and much than 2 per cent successful Canada.

Nearly 10 cardinal Americans and 500,000 Canadians are employed straight aliases indirectly successful nan car industry.

Going forward, EVs are forming an ever-growing portion of that sector, pinch Canada mandating one-fifth of each income must beryllium EVs by 2026, three-fifths by 2030 and 100 per cent by 2035,

Fully electrical and plug-in hybrid vehicles accounted for almost 11 per cent of full caller conveyance registrations successful 2023 successful Canada, up from 8 per cent successful 2022.

 '‘Historic’ $15B scheme announced for Honda EV plants successful Ontario'

2:57 ‘Historic’ $15B scheme announced for Honda EV plants successful Ontario

The U.S. wants astir one-third of its caller conveyance income to beryllium electrical by 2032 but Canada hasn’t mandated it.

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Kingston said currently, Canada’s business argumentation is retired of statement pinch nan U.S. connected a number of fronts, including nan EV income mandate, which he wants to spot end. But he said Canada’s business strategy astatine nan infinitesimal has nary interest for wherever EVs are made.

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“That’s a problem,” said Kingston.

While Chinese car companies aren’t trading successful North America currently, nan cheaper value of comparable EVs has seen marketplace stock successful Europe jump substantially.

A Chinese MG4 EV successful Germany starts astatine astir C$42,000, compared pinch a akin Volkswagen ID3 EV, which starts astatine almost C$60,000.

Chinese car brands accounted for 4 per cent of nan EV marketplace stock successful Europe successful 2022, up from little than 0.5 per cent successful 2019. An study by nan European defense group Transport & Environment suggests it will scope 11 per cent marketplace stock successful Europe this twelvemonth and 20 per cent by 2027.

Last October, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen launched an investigation of Chinese EV subsidies pinch a position to enacting import tariffs.

“Fair title is good,” von der Leyen said successful March.

“What we don’t for illustration is erstwhile China floods our marketplace pinch massively subsidized electrical cars. And we person to tackle this, we person to protect our industry.”

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1:54 Do Canadians person an appetite for electrical vehicles? Experts are divided

Kingston said Canada should see its ain anti-dumping investigation of China’s EV subsidy practices up of nan presence of Chinese EVs successful nan Canadian market.

Canada doesn’t request to lucifer nan U.S. tariffs immediately, but should beryllium prepared to do truthful if things change, said Kingston.

“We perfectly request to beryllium fresh for a surge successful Chinese EVs,” he said. “We should make judge we person nan lever to propulsion successful nan arena that we person to summation tariffs.”

Prior to 2023, Chinese-made electrical vehicles accounted for a very mini information of Canada’s market, pinch $84 cardinal successful imports from China marked successful 2022, aliases 1.2 per cent of nan full worth of each electrical conveyance imports.

In 2023 however, arsenic Tesla shifted its vehicles produced for Canada from California to China, that jumped to $2.2 billion. Tesla accounts for almost one-third of nan Canadian EV marketplace stock currently.

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That put China 2nd down only nan U.S. astatine $2.8 cardinal successful imports.

Tesla made nan alteration because it needed to revert astir of its American income to its U.S. factories to guarantee they qualified for a lucrative taxation in installments that is only disposable to EVs manufactured successful North America.

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