Caitlin Clark vs Angel Reese Part III ticket prices soar AGAIN... as fans clamor to get hold of the most expensive ticket in WNBA history

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By Eric Blum

Published: 09:06 EDT, 22 June 2024 | Updated: 09:08 EDT, 22 June 2024

College basketball's biggest individual rivalry has spawned an moreover bigger pursuing successful nan WNBA. And nan 3rd Angel Reese-Caitlin Clark master matchup is group to person nan astir costly tickets successful WNBA history. 

According to nan website TickPick, nan mean acquisition value for a azygous summons for Sunday's Indiana Fever versus Chicago Sky crippled is $291. 

The cheapest tickets disposable are for $208, precocious successful nan nosebleeds, pinch nan least-expensive summons successful nan little vessel going for $260. 

In some erstwhile Fever-Sky matchups, Clark has been astatine nan halfway of contention pinch an opposing player, pinch nan second clip being Reese herself. 

On June 1, Clark was body-checked by Reese's teammate, Chennedy Carter, successful a move dubbed by fans to not beryllium successful bully religion pinch basketball. 

Caitlin Clark has been astatine nan forefront of nan emergence successful fame of women's basketball

Reese, Clark's main rival, has been a subordinate successful nan sport's rise, contempt her bombastic nature

Carter refused to reply immoderate questions connected nan matter successful a post-game property conference, but did double down online stating 'beside 3 constituent shooting what does she bring to nan array man' connected Threads. 

Last Sunday, Reese committed a flagrant foul to Clark erstwhile nan erstwhile LSU prima missed a artifact effort and swatted Clark successful nan caput pinch her arm, sending her rival to nan crushed successful pain.

Reese besides bad-mouthed Clark and her squad to nan press, stating they had a 'special whistle'. 

Both erstwhile Sky-Fever matchups this play took spot successful Indianapolis and were won by nan Fever. 

Now, it will beryllium Reese's first clip playing against Clark arsenic a master connected her location court. A raucous, sold-out crowd is expected astatine Wintrust Arena, gathering nan request of nan summons prices.  

'I saw nan summons prices, I conjecture nan only point is I'm amazed we aren't playing astatine nan United Center,' Clark said Friday nighttime aft a triumph complete nan Atlanta Dream. 

Clark past admitted she was unaware that rapper Russ has a show scheduled successful nan evening astatine nan location of nan Chicago Bulls.  

'I thought that would person been really bully for nan crippled and each nan women's hoops fans successful Chicago,' Clark continued. 'Maybe there's a conflict of immoderate benignant I don't cognize astir - evidently that's a small supra my paygrade.'

The United Center holds astir 21,000 fans while nan Wintrust Arena, nan venue for Sunday's game, holds little than half that astatine 10,000.

The Fever travel into Sunday's matchup having won 4 consecutive games. The matchup against nan Sky is nan opening of a four-game roadworthy travel for Indiana.  

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