Budget Friendly Bride: Get the Most Out of Your Extensions

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Every bride-to-be knows that having a beautiful hairstyle is 1 of nan cardinal components to looking elegant and image cleanable connected your large day. And if you’re a fund savvy bride, you’re astir apt trying to determine if hairsbreadth extensions are a worthy investment. 

We understand that it tin beryllium costly to ammunition retired nan large bucks connected a group of hair extensions but they tin past for months erstwhile well-maintained. And alternatively than deterioration them erstwhile for your typical day, why not usage your hairsbreadth extensions for your wedding and besides for each nan typical occasions starring up to it? 

Since we want you to get nan champion return connected your investment, we’re dishing retired styling tips connected really you could get nan astir retired of your extensions before, during and aft your wedding day. Here are immoderate hairsbreadth extension-friendly hairstyles that you tin stone during your ​​bridal shower, bachelorette party, honeymoon and moreover aft nan wedding festivities are over. 

Bridal Shower: Beach Waves

We can’t deliberation of a much elegant bridal ablution hairstyle than long, cascading formation waves. This look is cleanable for those pinch balayage aliases highlighted hairsbreadth because nan formation waves meld together to show disconnected nan rich | palette of colors passim your hair. This regal hairstyle will person you looking for illustration nan belle of nan shot astatine your bridal shower.

How to Recreate This Look:

All you’ll request to recreate this look is: 1)  a heat-protectant spray, 2) 1-inch tube curling wand, 3) a wide-tooth comb, 4) sectioning hairsbreadth clips and 5) a strong-hold hairspray. Upgrade yourself from a princess to a queen pinch your favourite brace of hairsbreadth extensions.

First you’ll want to conception disconnected your freshly washed and blowdried hairsbreadth into 4 abstracted sections utilizing hairsbreadth clips. Next, starting from nan backmost of your head, unravel a mini conception of your hairsbreadth and spritz it pinch heat protectant spray. It’s important to commencement from nan backmost of your caput because you tally nan consequence of ruining nan curls you’ve already done erstwhile starting from nan beforehand and making your measurement to nan backmost of your head.

It’s besides important to usage a power protectant spray because it helps to create a obstruction betwixt your hairsbreadth and curling wand which helps to forestall power damage. Once you spritz your hairsbreadth from guidelines to extremity pinch power protectant spray, you’ll want to lightly comb it to thief activity nan merchandise into your hair. Since you’re looking to execute looser curls, drawback a larger conception of hairsbreadth (about half an inch).

Now you’ll want to commencement curling each conception of your hair, wrapping your hairsbreadth astir nan curling wand for nary longer than 7 seconds. Wrapping your hairsbreadth astir nan curling wand for nary longer than 7 seconds allows you to execute a softer activity arsenic opposed to ace tight Shirley Temple-esque curls. It’s besides important that you make judge to alternate betwixt curling towards your look and distant from your face. Have you ever coiled your hairsbreadth only to person it each clump into 1 ample curl? You astir apt didn’t alternate your curl pattern. Alternating your curl shape towards and distant from your look helps to forestall this because each curl is positioned other to 1 another. Continue to repetition this curling mobility until your hairsbreadth is afloat curled. 

Because you’re going for a soft cascading activity look, you’ll want to abstracted those curls and loosen them up moreover much to toggle shape your hairsbreadth to a formation activity pattern. Start separating your curls pinch your fingers. Once you’ve successfully separated those locks, utilizing a wide-toothed comb commencement softly combing done it to get those curls bully and wavy. Finally, use a beardown clasp hairspray truthful you tin creation nan nighttime distant without nan fearfulness of your waves dropping. 

Optional: dress your hairsbreadth up pinch a neutral colored flower crown that acts arsenic an accent to your agelong flowing locks.  

Bachelorette Party: High Ponytail

Let’s look it — sometimes wearing your hairsbreadth down tin beryllium a small stressful erstwhile you're laser-focused connected having a bully time. This is wherever a classical high-ponytail could beryllium your champion friend during your bachelorette statement festivities. Not only is simply a precocious ponytail a applicable hairstyle to thief support your hairsbreadth retired of your face, it besides helps to look sculpted by emphasizing your cheekbones and seamlessly contouring your full face.

How to Recreate This Look:

To recreate this look, you’ll request a group of clip-in ponytail extensions (either consecutive aliases curly, depending connected your hairsbreadth type), a loop brush, satin scrunchies, and a beardown clasp gel aliases hairspray. We besides urge adding ornamental hairsbreadth clips to thief dress your hairsbreadth up connected your typical day.

Start by brushing retired immoderate tangles successful your hairsbreadth past tying it up arsenic precocious and tight arsenic imaginable pinch a satin scrunchie. Cotton and metallic based scrunchies tin lead to dryness and breakage to your hair, particularly erstwhile worn for agelong periods of clip connected curlier hairsbreadth types. Satin-based scrunchies thief to support your hairsbreadth moisturized, hydrated and breakage-free. Once you’ve tied your hairsbreadth up to your desired height, use your clip-in ponytail astir your hair, utilizing nan interior combs to connect and wrap it astir to fasten. 

The adjacent measurement to execute nan precocious ponytail is applying either a beardown clasp gel aliases hairspray to nan apical information of your hairsbreadth to thief tame flyaways and execute that sleek ponytail look. The finishing touch to this look is adorning your hairsbreadth pinch pearlescent hairsbreadth clips.  

We urge placing your hairsbreadth clips correct supra nan nape of your cervix underneath nan ponytail. Bachelorette hair accessories for illustration these will thief to embellish your hairsbreadth by adding an other dose of flare to your ponytail. When your nighttime of partying is each said and done, drawback yourself a satin clothes (don’t hide matching robes for your girlfriends) and binge-watch romcoms connected Netflix successful anticipation of your large day. You’ll want to beryllium judge to sphere our beautiful hairsbreadth by sleeping connected a satin pillowcase to lucifer that stylish satin clothes connected nan nighttime earlier your wedding to thief to sphere nan moisture successful your hairsbreadth and support it from getting frizzy. 

Honeymoon: Chignon Bun

Of each nan styles of buns, location are nary much refined and timelessly prestigious arsenic nan chignon bun. A cleanable and elemental chignon bun will thief to tie attraction to your beautiful face. Similar to nan antecedently mentioned precocious ponytail updo, we emotion this refined updo look because it is adjacent parts functional and fabulous. 

The chignon bun is nan cleanable look for a honeymoon getaway because we cognize nan clip you’re spending pinch your important different is precious truthful you request a elemental hairstyle that isn’t overly time-consuming. If you’re looking for a honeymoon hairstyle that’s soft and elemental that won’t get successful nan measurement of your remainder and relaxation, nan chignon bun is precisely what you need. 

How to Recreate This Look:

To recreate this cleanable and debased attraction look, you’ll request a 1) scrunchie, 2) bobby pins, 3) a curling wand or 4) velcro rollers and 5) those beautiful pearlescent hairsbreadth clips that we mentioned earlier. Add immoderate other thickness to your hairsbreadth by utilizing a clip-in bun.

First, you’ll want to conception disconnected 2 face-framing pieces successful nan beforehand and necktie those distant while you style nan remainder of your hair. Next, utilizing your scrunchies, you should necktie your hairsbreadth into 2 loose debased ponytails, 1 connected apical and nan different connected nan bottom. Once you’ve created 2 abstracted ponytails, you’ll request to mildly fold each ponytail into half crescent-shaped circles holding them successful spot pinch bobby pins. Be judge to usage bobby pins that lucifer your hairsbreadth colour truthful they are readily undetectable. 

Next, you want to create very loose curls pinch those face-framing pieces you sectioned disconnected successful nan beginning. If you’re looking to protect your hairsbreadth from power damage, you tin create heatless curls by utilizing velcro rollers and keeping them successful for 3 to 5 hours depending connected really easy your hairsbreadth tin clasp a curl.

If your hairsbreadth is connected nan ace consecutive side, you’ll want to time off nan velcro rollers successful for a longer play of clip to let your curls to set. If you’d alternatively walk your clip sunbathing and enjoying your romanticist getaway, simply spritz connected immoderate power protectant (remember to comb it done your hairsbreadth utilizing a wide-tooth comb for illustration we mentioned earlier) and curl those 2 face-framing pieces for astir 5 seconds each and bask nan remainder of your honeymoon. If your face-framing curls are a small excessively tight, don’t worry, wrong an hour, particularly if you’re honeymooning successful a tropical environment, those curls will driblet down to soft waves successful nary time.

Wedding Day: Braided Bun

It’s yet your large time and you tin practically perceive nan wedding bells chiming successful your caput from nan infinitesimal you aftermath up successful nan morning. We couldn’t deliberation of a much glamorous wedding time hairsbreadth look fresh for a bride than a braided bun. Equal parts functional and fabulous, a braided bun is nan cleanable hairstyle to propulsion your hairsbreadth distant from your veil and let your important different to beryllium enchanted by your beauty connected your large day.

How to Recreate This Look:

To recreate this look you’ll need: 1) a curling wand, 2) bobby pins, 3) a satin scrunchie, and 3) a  beardown clasp hairspray.

Be judge to bring a hairsbreadth extensions carrier to your wedding venue truthful your hairsbreadth remains preserved. After clipping successful your hairsbreadth extensions, you should commencement by sectioning disconnected 2 heavy face-framing pieces astatine nan beforehand of your hair. Clip those sections distant arsenic you will beryllium braiding them later.  Next, drawback two-inch wide-sized sections of your hairsbreadth for each curl. By now, you cognize that you must use a power protectant spray earlier you use power to your hair. Once you statesman nan curling process, beryllium judge to clasp nan curling wand to each conception for nary longer than 5 seconds astatine a clip arsenic you are looking to execute soft and loose curls and beryllium judge to only curl your hairsbreadth astir halfway down.

Once you scope nan midpoint, you’ll want to people nan midpoint by bobby pinning your hairsbreadth down successful nan center. Once you coiled each of your hairsbreadth and applied a bobby pin to nan halfway conception of each curl, drawback nan uncurled ends of your hair, conception them into 3 parts and shape 1 braid going down to nan extremity of your hair. 

Now it’s clip to unravel those 2 heavy face-framing pieces and braid those down arsenic well. Bobby pin those 2 braids down past drawback nan braid you created from nan halfway constituent to extremity of your hairsbreadth to create a debased chignon braided bun. For a much Bohemian-friendly look, unravel a fewer wispy pieces of your hairsbreadth from nan bun. Be judge to apical your hairsbreadth disconnected pinch a beardown clasp hairsbreadth spray.

And location you person it - a braided bun, fresh for a princess. 

Regular Day Glam: Side Braids

So your wedding festivities are complete pinch and done, but you still want to support your hairsbreadth snatched to nan nines. For days erstwhile you’re swapping retired your wedding dress for a t-shirt and jeans, a broadside braid is nan quintessential hairstyle. If you’re nan type of woman who says “I’m connected my way,” erstwhile you’re not moreover adjacent to being ready, nan broadside braid is nan cleanable last-minute hairsbreadth look.

How to Recreate this Look: 

To recreate this look you’ll request a: 1) level brush, 2) clear elastic rubber bands,  3) a sectioning tail comb, and 4) a heavy conditioning hairsbreadth mask

Start by making judge each of your hairsbreadth is detangled earlier opening nan braiding process. It’s important to thoroughly detangle your hairsbreadth earlier braiding because tangled, matted hairsbreadth will perpetually shape knots arsenic you many times effort to transverse your hairsbreadth complete nan halfway conception to make a braid. The first measurement towards making judge your hairsbreadth is detangled is to use a repairing hair mask aft shampooing. This will thief to moisturize and replenish your hair. A hairsbreadth disguise is an particularly important detangling method if you person curly hair, arsenic it is ever champion believe to detangle curly hairsbreadth erstwhile bedewed to forestall breakage. If you’re looking to stimulate hairsbreadth maturation and soothe your scalp, usage a guidelines massager while you let nan hairsbreadth disguise to process successful your hair. Let nan hairsbreadth disguise penetrate your hairsbreadth for 15-20 minutes past rinse it retired pinch lukewarm h2o and you’ll announcement your hairsbreadth is softer than ever. 

Once rustle dried, clip successful your hairsbreadth extensions. If you person curly aliases frizz-prone hair, you’ll want to beryllium judge to use gel to your roots to slick down your hairsbreadth earlier braiding. Next, utilizing a sectioning rat tail comb, portion your hairsbreadth to either your correct aliases near side. Separate your hairsbreadth into 3 sections past commencement crossing nan correct strand complete nan mediate strand of hair, past repetition that mobility pinch nan near strand of your hair. Continue to repetition this series until you person successfully braided your hairsbreadth correct earlier you scope nan tip. You’ll want to time off retired astir an inch of nan extremity of your hair, past drawback a clear elastic rubber set (or 1 that matches your hairsbreadth color) to fasten nan braid. 

Now, you’ve mastered nan creation of a broadside braid.

What do you deliberation of these looks? If you’re looking for hairsbreadth extensions for your wedding make judge to cheque retired our virtual hairsbreadth colour lucifer tool to find nan champion shadiness for you. 

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