Bryson DeChambeau hits glow-in-the-dark balls at Donald Trump's golf course in brilliant new video - after drinking wine out of the trophy with Eric following US Open win

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  • DeChambeau claimed his 2nd US Open title connected a melodramatic time astatine Pinehurst
  • The 30-year-old edged an enthralling final-day conflict pinch Rory McIlroy
  • READ MORE: DeChambeau downs WINE from trophy pinch Trump's son, Eric

By Oliver Salt

Published: 08:49 EDT, 18 June 2024 | Updated: 08:54 EDT, 18 June 2024

Newly-crowned US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau celebrated his triumph connected Sunday nighttime by hitting glow-in-the-dark play balls astatine Donald Trump's people successful Westchester.

The big-hitting American claimed nan 2nd US Open title of his profession connected a melodramatic last time astatine Pinehurst, wherever he yet held his nervus to prevail pursuing an bonzer illness from Rory McIlroy.

While McIlroy stormed consecutive retired and headed location aft his precocious capitulation, DeChambeau celebrated his first awesome triumph successful 4 years pinch Trump's family astatine his Westchester National Golf Club.

The erstwhile President, who could not beryllium location himself, sent a video connection to congratulate him connected nan nighttime earlier things took a boozy turn, pinch Bryson soon drinking vino retired of his US Open trophy alongside Trump's boy Eric.

And later connected successful nan evening, a superb video has emerged of him enjoying a precocious nighttime driving convention successful nan acheronian connected 1 of nan Westchester courses.

Bryson DeChambeau celebrated his US Open triumph connected Sunday nighttime by hitting glow-in-the-dark play balls astatine Donald Trump 's people successful Westchester

DeChambeau won a 2nd US Open title connected an bonzer Sunday astatine Pinehurst

Eric's woman Lara Lea posted a clip of DeChambeau hitting glow-in-the-dark play balls acold into nan region arsenic onlooking spectators fto retired immense cheers.

'SEND IT, Bryson,' Lara Lea wrote alongside nan video.

As good arsenic landing a 2nd profession major, DeChambeau besides scooped a stunning $4.3million for his triumph connected Sunday - which will ever beryllium remembered for nan mode of McIlroy's illness connected nan closing holes.

The Northern Irishman bogeyed 3 of nan past five, pinch 2 putts from a mixed scope of 7 feet blowing up his two-shot lead and allowing his closest competitor to pip him to glory. 

Trump, who has adjacent ties to LIV and has been seen astatine a fistful of their events successful caller years, posted a congratulatory connection to chap American DeChambeau connected Truth Social connected Sunday nighttime and moreover appeared to excavation retired McIlroy.

He said of 'toughness and soul strength', arsenic good arsenic praising LIV play - which McIlroy has been a fierce professional of successful nan past.

The 78-year-old wrote: 'Congratulations to Bryson DeChambeau connected his unthinkable WIN of nan United States Open! 

The American poured reddish vino into nan US Open trophy - pinch thief from Eric Trump - while celebrating astatine nan family's people successful Westchester

Rory McIlroy fto his champion chance to extremity a 10-year hold for a 5th awesome gaffe done his fingers

'He showed a toughness and soul strength, matched perfectly pinch his GREAT Golfing Talent, that tin ne'er beryllium denied! Under monolithic pressure, he pulled disconnected immoderate of nan top shots ever made, particularly his spectacular soil prevention connected nan 18th Hole that gave him nan Victory.

'"Mr. 58" has ever been a WINNER, and will spell connected to galore much Major Championships. He is simply a genuinely reliable competitor, moreover a nasty one, but he besides happens to beryllium a awesome guy. The U.S.A. could not beryllium amended represented.

'Congratulations besides to LIV Golf for their brilliant successful signing Bryson and different of nan champion Golfers successful nan World. 

'Hopefully Golf will soon travel together arsenic one, afloat united, which is nan measurement it should be!'

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