Black bear is given VERY on-brand nickname by locals as it breaks into California homes, raids kitchens, and leaves with one sweet treat

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A four-legged bandit has been breaking into homes successful a sleepy California neighborhood, making disconnected pinch groceries and its all-time favourite snack: Oreos.

Neighbors connected Canyon Crest Drive successful Monrovia person grown accustomed to nan show of a hulking achromatic carnivore strolling down nan sidewalk, often pinch a sugary snack betwixt its jaws.

On Saturday, nan furry thief tore down a model surface astatine 1 location to nab a package of its namesake sandwich cookies. This came conscionable a week aft a different carnivore collapsed into that family's car and stole groceries.

'We are very utilized to them,' Monrovia resident Vina Khoury told KTLA.

Khoury's history pinch Oreo is personal. Last summer, nan carnivore wandered into her garage, batted unfastened nan refrigerator and retrieved a container of cocoa cake.

A ample achromatic bear, nicknamed 'Oreo,' has go a predominant show connected Canyon Crest Drive successful Monrovia, California

Neighbors person spotted nan carnivore casually strolling done nan vicinity pinch packs of sweetener cookies betwixt its jaws

Nestled successful nan foothills of nan San Gabriel Mountains, residents of Monrovia often mingle pinch wildlife. Signs posted astir nan vicinity pass unsuspecting visitors of carnivore sightings.

So communal is Oreo's beingness that residents will guidelines connected their beforehand porches to watch nan carnivore make disconnected pinch its spoils.

While Oreo has yet to show signs of aggression, Khoury says it is still worthy being cautious.

'We’ve ne'er heard of a carnivore onslaught present earlier but still, erstwhile they’re excessively adjacent aliases erstwhile it’s a mama carnivore pinch her small ones, you don’t want to beryllium excessively adjacent to them aliases scare them because you don’t cognize erstwhile they’re going to complaint astatine you,' she said.

And wildlife experts agree. While achromatic bears are known for being awkward and flighty, group are encouraged to support their region erstwhile bears are spotted successful their backyards.

BearWise, an acquisition investigation that helps group unrecorded safely pinch nan animals, instructs people to 'make large noises, shout, aliases bang pots and pans together' to scare a carnivore disconnected their property.

If nan carnivore is encountered wrong a building, it is important to springiness nan animal a clear flight route. 

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife notes that nan achromatic bear is nan only carnivore type surviving successful nan Golden State today.

They travel successful a scope of colors and are often confused for grizzlies - for illustration Oreo, their coats whitethorn scope connected nan blonde aliases cinnamon side.

The furry bandit moreover collapsed into 1 resident's car shed and rummaged done nan fridge for a container of cocoa cake

Oreo and different bears will often rotation down from nan surrounding San Gabriel Mountains successful spring, scavenging for trash and food

The four-legged thief tore down a model surface astatine 1 location to nab a package of its favourite sandwich cookies, conscionable a week aft different carnivore collapsed into that family's car

For years, Canyon Crest Drive has been frequented by California achromatic bears arsenic nan upwind grows warmer and nan omnivores wantonness their wintertime dens successful hunt of food. 

They often travel their chemoreceptor into residential neighborhoods, lured by nan scent of trash and thing other they tin negociate to scavenge.

So wide is nan problem that nan City of Monrovia has posted a 'Bear Safety Guide' connected its charismatic website.

'The Monrovia Police Department would for illustration to punctual nan nationalist to enactment responsibly erstwhile successful carnivore territory,' it reads.

Included among nan 'Tips for Bear-Proofing Your Home' are waiting to put trash retired until nan greeting of postulation day, deodorizing garbage cans and keeping barbecue grills cleanable and tucked distant erstwhile not successful use.

Neighbors are discouraged from keeping nutrient aliases trash successful their cars and keeping doors and windows locked.

As nan lines betwixt quality and civilization proceed to blur, location is simply a consequence of animals becoming habituated to nan beingness of humans, causing spot harm aliases risks to nationalist safety.

But astatine nan extremity of nan day, it's important to retrieve they're conscionable bears being bears. 

'Throughout outpouring and summer, nan California Department of Fish and Wildlife person galore calls erstwhile bears break into homes and rummage done trash bins,' nan City website reads.

'These bears are often branded “nuisance” bears, but successful reality they are conscionable doing what comes people to them - foraging for food.'

Several residents are considering talking pinch wildlife experts astir whether nan carnivore should beryllium relocated, but thing charismatic has been group successful motion. For nan clip being, Oreo stays.

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