Bill Walton dies at 71: Legendary commentator's funniest moments - from eating cake with a lit candle to references to getting high... and the time he fed popcorn to a mascot!

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  • Tribute videos person poured successful for nan precocious assemblage hoops commentator 
  • Walton passed distant connected Monday astatine nan property of 71 aft a conflict pinch cancer 
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By Jake Fenner

Published: 17:36 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 18:38 EDT, 27 May 2024

The hoops world is successful mourning aft nan passing of legendary commentator and subordinate Bill Walton astatine nan property of 71 pursuing a conflict pinch cancer. 

Walton was 1 of nan top centers successful nan history of nan crippled - and by acold 1 of nan champion assemblage hoops players wide successful nan sport's history.

He won 2 NBA championships - 1 successful 1977 pinch nan Portland Trail Blazers and again successful 1986 pinch nan Boston Celtics. That came aft winning consecutive assemblage nationalist titles astatine UCLA.

But to a younger procreation of fans, Walton is champion known for his on-air characteristic and his antics erstwhile covering assemblage basketball.

He's champion associated pinch nan Pac-12 Conference - which played its last diversion title yesterday earlier 10 of nan 12 schools will depart, fundamentally sidesplitting nan league.

Tribute videos person poured successful showing nan highlights of nan precocious commentator Bill Walton (L)

Walton, an NBA hallway of fame center, died Monday astatine nan property of 71 aft a conflict pinch cancer

Bill Walton was an ICONIC sportscaster

here is simply a clip of immoderate of his funniest moments connected nan mic:


— Degenerate George (@DGen_Media) May 27, 2024

Walton's bombastic, quirky, and larger than life persona was connected afloat show astir each clip that he sewage down nan mic connected power aliases television. 

That he moreover sewage location was miraculous aft he overcame a stuttering problem astatine nan property of 28 pinch thief from Hall of Fame sports broadcaster Marty Glickman.

After his status from playing, Walton worked for CBS, NBC, ESPN, and nan Pac-12 Network arsenic good arsenic for aggregate NBA teams.

In nan aftermath of his death, aggregate compilation videos showed immoderate of nan champion of his broadcasts. 

Walton was known for his eccentricities - specified has his emotion for nan Grateful Dead and his affinity for tie-dye shirts.

He wore those shirts aggregate times connected broadcasts - and moreover took 1 disconnected and went  bare chested unrecorded connected aerial arsenic he changed into different one.

Walton besides made inferences to his usage of drugs, erstwhile going disconnected astir nan benefits of mushrooms and telling ex-White Sox broadcaster Jason Benetti that he's not a bully shot catcher because he was 'better astatine getting precocious than getting low'.

Walton erstwhile ate a cupcake unrecorded connected camera - moreover eating a lit candle successful nan process

He besides had a lighthearted broadside - seen feeding popcorn to nan Oregon Ducks mascot

Walton (left) overcame a stutter to thrive connected nan microphone, winning a Sports Emmy successful 1991

He besides famously ate a cupcake while location was a lit candle successful it - overmuch to nan daze of his longtime on-air partner Dave Pasch.

Pasch was besides connected nan receiving extremity of galore gifts from Walton - arsenic seen successful nan videos - whether it beryllium ungraded from Temeculah, various plants, aliases chocolates thrown astatine him.

Walton moreover erstwhile dumped popcorn connected Pasch's caput astatine nan University of Oregon earlier feeding nan snack to nan costumed Oregon Ducks mascot.

Among nan galore tributes included 1 from NBA commissioner Adam Silver: 'Bill Walton was genuinely 1 of a kind.

'As a Hall of Fame player, he redefined nan halfway position. His unsocial all-around skills made him a ascendant unit astatine UCLA and led to an NBA regular-season and Finals MVP, 2 NBA championships and a spot connected nan NBA's 50th and 75th Anniversary Teams. 

'Bill past translated his infectious enthusiasm and emotion for nan crippled to broadcasting, wherever he delivered insightful and colorful commentary which entertained generations of hoops fans.

Walton is survived by his woman Lori (above) and his 4 sons Adam, Nate, Luke and Chris

'But what I will retrieve astir about him was his zest for life. He was a regular beingness astatine convention events - ever upbeat, smiling receptor to receptor and looking to stock his contented and warmth. 

'I treasured our adjacent friendship, envied his boundless power and admired nan clip he took pinch each personification he encountered.

'As a cherished personnel of nan NBA family for 50 years, Bill will beryllium profoundly missed by each those who came to cognize and emotion him. 

'My heartfelt condolences to Bill's wife, Lori; his sons, Adam, Nate, Luke and Chris; and his galore friends and colleagues.'

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