Bill Belichick 'autographed Jordon Hudson's SCHOOL WORK when he met his future girlfriend in 2021'

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By Alex Raskin

Published: 08:36 EDT, 18 June 2024 | Updated: 08:44 EDT, 18 June 2024

What started arsenic a chat connected logic ended successful a chemistry instruction for 72-year-old Bill Belichick and his rumored 24-year-old woman Jordon Hudson.

TMZ has published photos of Hudson's assemblage textbook purportedly autographed by nan legendary New England Patriots coach during their reported first gathering aboard a formation from Boston to location successful Florida.

Hudson was 21 and a student astatine Bridgewater State University erstwhile she and Belichick reportedly struck up a speech astir nan book she was reading.

The website published photos of nan autograph, purportedly shared by 1 of Hudson's classmates.

'Jordon,' nan connection began. 'Thanks for giving maine a people connected logic! Safe travels!'

Bill Belichick is reportedly making love 24-year-old ex-cheerleader Jordon Hudson (bottom left)

A self-proclaimed 'glamorous Girl Scout', Hudson is simply a pageant queen and a cheerleader

The six-timer Super Bowl-winning caput coach continued to laic connected nan charm beneath his signature by listing each Lombardi Trophy he won pinch nan Patriots: '36, 38, 39, 49, 51, and 53.'

The book, Deductive Logic, was written by Warren Goldfarb and published successful 2003, erstwhile Belichick was en route to his 2nd Super Bowl title and Hudson was astir 2. 

An nonstop timeline for nan reported romance has been elusive. They initially kept things lowkey and were only concisely spotted connected uncommon occasions, but TMZ claims Hudson – a competitory cheerleader – secretly visited Gillette Stadium to support Belichick during nan 2022 and 2023 seasons pinch nan Patriots.

Belichick was spotted rooting for her astatine a cheerleading title successful Maryland earlier this year.

Since then, it's been revealed that nan 72-year-old known to galore arsenic 'boring Bill' is making love personification 48 years his junior.

Now 72, Bill Belichick is simply a divided begetter of 3 and a six-time Super Bowl champion. He and Hudson (left) person reportedly bonded complete her schoolwork astatine Bridgewater State University 

Until September, Belichick was reportedly pinch 60-year Linda Holliday (left) for 16 years 

A self-proclaimed 'glamorous Girl Scout', Hudson is simply a pageant queen and a cheerleader. From pictures she's posted connected Instagram, Hudson enjoys nan outdoors and has a peculiar fondness for birds - having antecedently owned 1 she called Mango.

In her cheerleading pursuits, she won a nationalist title while she was a student astatine Bridgewater State University successful Massachusetts.

When it comes to pageant work, earlier this twelvemonth she took portion successful nan title for Miss Maine USA - wherever she came first runner-up down victor Anne Baldridge.

As for work, Hudson is an entrepreneur and is an executive head astatine a typical members club, Trouble Club Enterprises. She's besides apparently progressive successful helping pinch Belichick's business endeavors, which was besides nan lawsuit pinch his past girlfriend, Linda Holliday.

The 2 reportedly divided successful September aft 16 years. The 60-year-old Holliday was President of nan Bill Belichick Foundation, but reporting from People astatine nan clip put that successful doubt.

'They person issues to clear up that travel from a agelong narration arsenic good arsenic her domiciled successful his master life,' a root told People.

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