Biden makes surprise visit to Beau's widow and Hunter's ex Hallie just a week before she is set to testify in the president's son's federal gun trial

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  • Biden visited Hallie's Wilmington, Del., location connected Sunday night
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By Emily Goodin, Senior U.S. Political Reporter In Washington D.C.

Published: 10:18 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 11:59 EDT, 27 May 2024

President Joe Biden stopped to spot Hallie Biden, nan widow of nan precocious Beau Biden and boy Hunter's ex, connected his measurement backmost to Washington D.C. connected Sunday night, conscionable a week earlier she is scheduled to attest successful his son's trial.

Biden spent astir 15 minutes astatine her location successful Wilmington, Delaware. His motorcade stopped location successful way to nan Delaware National Guard Station, wherever Biden would assistance disconnected connected Marine One to return to nan White House. 

The White House didn't opportunity why Biden made nan stop. His grandchildren, Natalie and Little Hunter, unrecorded pinch their mother. 

In summation to Hallie Biden, Hunter's ex-wife Kathleen Buhle and his ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan will besides attest successful nan trial, wherever Hunter faces three charges related to forbidden possession of a gun. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years successful prison. He has pleaded not guilty. 

The proceedings is scheduled to statesman successful Wilmington, Delaware, connected June 3rd. 

Special counsel David Weiss alleges that Hunter Biden unlawfully purchased and kept a Colt Cobra 388PL revolver successful October 2018 and made mendacious statements connected a shape utilized for weapon purchases, claiming he was not an unlawful supplier user. 

Then Vice President Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Beau and Hallie Biden successful February 2012

None of nan women were named successful nan tribunal papers but they do authorities that 'Witness 1 was antecedently joined to nan defendant' and that 'she would cheque his conveyance from clip to clip because she did not want their children successful a conveyance pinch drugs.'

Hunter and Kathleen separated successful October 2015, 5 months aft Beau Biden's death.

Witness 3, according to nan filings 'was successful a romanticist narration pinch nan suspect successful October 2018, and earlier and after.' 

And it besides references Witness 2, a female who 'was antecedently successful a romanticist relationship' pinch Hunter and 'observed nan suspect utilizing ace cocaine frequently—every 20 minutes isolated from erstwhile he slept.'

Hallie and Hunter dated successful 2017, 2 years aft Beau Biden died of encephalon cancer. Hunter has said nan narration developed retired of their shared condolences complete Beau. 

In May 2019, Hunter wed South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen. Their boy Beau was calved successful March 2020. 

Witness 1 is alleged to beryllium Buhle, 2 to beryllium Hallie Biden and 3 to beryllium Kestan. 

It's unclear if Hunter will return nan guidelines successful his ain defense.  

It's expected nan proceedings will past up to 9 days.

Hunter Biden has acknowledged an addiction to ace cocaine during nan play successful which he purchased nan weapon but his lawyers person said he didn't break nan rule and nan lawsuit is politically motivated. 

But prosecutors won a triumph connected a cardinal constituent arsenic U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika recovered that they wouldn't person to beryllium that he specifically utilized narcotics connected nan time of nan purchase. 

Judge Noreika, however, agreed to a defense push to support retired different specifications astir his past, including a child-support lawsuit successful Arkansas and his dismissal from nan Navy aft a affirmative supplier test. 

Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden started making love 2 years aft Beau Biden died

Hunter has said nan narration developed retired of their shared condolences complete Beau

President Joe Biden visited Hallie Biden's location successful Wilmington, Delaware

Hunter Biden's proceedings originates June 3. He is seen extracurricular tribunal past week for a pre-trial appearance

Also adjacent month, Hunter Biden could spell to proceedings connected nan other seashore for nan lawsuit involving taxation evasion. That proceedings is scheduled to commencement June 20. 

He's accused of failing to salary astatine slightest $1.4 cardinal successful taxes complete 4 years while surviving an 'extravagant lifestyle' during a play successful which he has acknowledged struggling pinch addiction. The backmost taxes person since been paid.  

If convicted successful nan case, Biden faces a maximum of 17 years successful prison.

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