Bear spraying B.C. boutique workers lands man 10-month jail sentence

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A man who admitted his portion successful a bear spray robbery successful a downtown Vancouver Boutique 2 years agone has been sentenced to 10 months successful jail.

With in installments for clip served, Elliot Daryl Cassels, will walk an further 33 days down bars for September 2022 incident.

Cassels pleaded blameworthy to 1 count of robbery successful what his lawyer described arsenic a “very sad case.”

Crown prosecutors stayed a complaint of possessing a limb for a vulnerable intent aft nan 30 twelvemonth aged entered his blameworthy plea.

The crime was captured connected a information camera.

 'CCTV footage released of bear-spray battle connected Vancouver shop owner'

0:27 CCTV footage released of bear-spray battle connected Vancouver shop owner

In nan video, a female wearing a disguise tin beryllium seen entering nan shop and browsing, earlier Cassels walks successful and tries to drawback a telephone and costs strategy from nan beforehand counter.

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When unit tried to extremity him, he sprayed them pinch capsicum spray earlier fleeing pinch $950 worthy of goods.

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Cassels, who Crown said had 8 abstracted bail hearings connected this record because he was incapable to be tribunal consistently erstwhile not successful custody, has been sentenced to 18 months of probation erstwhile his jailhouse word is up.

Court heard Cassels, who is Indigenous, was successful foster attraction from property 8 to 18 aft his mother gave him up owed to her supplier use.

She is still connected nan Downtown Eastside today, while her boy battles a terrible supplier addiction.

Cassels’ lawyer said he was precocious and hopeless astatine nan clip of nan robbery.

Defence counsel recommended his customer whitethorn wish to person nan Crown beryllium their case, and told nan tribunal this was a “meaningful blameworthy plea.”

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“There was CCTV footage wherever constabulary officers opportunity they recognized him arsenic Mr. Cassels but those cases are ever very difficult because group tin beryllium misidentified,” defence lawyer Leo Fmano said.

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“In truth Mr. Cassels had antecedently been misidentified successful a case, and truthful it was surely not a slam dunk condemnation for nan Crown, and truthful he surely was fixed in installments for taking work contempt nan truth he whitethorn person been acquitted astatine trial.”

Judge Patricia Stark told Cassels, “There’s thief retired there, I dream you return it.”

She went connected to statement that he has a three-year-old girl successful care.

“If you don’t get a clasp of your addiction, it’s conscionable going to support causing much and much trouble for you and nan community,” she added.

Cassels’ co-accused, 24-year-old Jolesa Ascon-Ramos, pinch whom he shares his child, has pleaded not blameworthy and has opted to spell to trial.

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