Awkward moment Bobby Cannavale is grilled by Today host about his 'imminent wedding' to partner of 12 years Rose Byrne

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  • Bobby, 54, has been successful a narration pinch character Rose, 44, since 2012
  • The mates stock 2 sons and precocious worked together connected nan movie Ezra
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By Kirsty Mccormack, Senior Entertainment Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 10:15 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 10:51 EDT, 27 May 2024

Actor Bobby Cannavale was near squirming successful his spot during an quality connected Today connected Monday greeting arsenic big Craig Melvin grilled him astir his 'imminent wedding' to Rose Byrne.

Bobby, 54, joined Craig, 45, successful nan workplace to beforehand his caller movie Ezra - which besides stars his partner Rose - and nan big couldn't defy asking The Watcher character astir moving pinch her, and besides their wedding plans.

In a alternatively awkward moment, Craig said: 'I publication that she gave an question and reply past twelvemonth wherever she said, "the wedding is imminent, it's going to happen..."' to which Bobby replied: 'She said that? I didn't spot that interview.'

'Do you want maine to read it to you?' Craig replied arsenic Bobby fired back: 'Nah, that's alright!' earlier bursting retired laughing and admitting: 'We're good,' arsenic he shrugged his shoulders and glanced astir nan workplace looking alternatively uncomfortable earlier adding: 'Yeah, sure.'

Craig intelligibly took nan hint and said: 'Okay, alright,' earlier quickly wrapping up nan question and reply and telling Bobby: 'Film looks good, again. Bobby Cannavale, ever a pleasure.'

Bobby Cannavale (right) looked alternatively awkward connected Monday greeting arsenic Today big Craig Melvin grilled him astir his 'imminent wedding'

Bobby and his partner Rose Byrne person been together since 2012 and stock 2 sons

The movie Ezra, which besides stars Robert De Niro and Whoopi Goldberg, sees Bobby and Rose play divided mates Max and Jenna, and Craig was keen to cognize really they equilibrium moving together pinch being a real-life mates and parents to their 2 young sons. 

Referring to their latest film, Bobby revealed: 'The bully point astir this is for illustration we changeable it present successful New York and New Jersey, and nan kids cognize wherever we are astatine each times erstwhile we're moving together truthful that's nice.

'Our life is really just... speech from raising nan kids, it's conscionable scheduling, everything is scheduling. And truthful we effort our champion to really enactment together, we ever say, "we've sewage to support nan set together", truthful we return nan kids pinch america wherever we spell and we effort and activity present arsenic overmuch arsenic we can.

'So whenever location is an opportunity to activity together, we cognize that we're gonna person nan kids adjacent by and it benignant of each revolves astir that. But it's ever a bully clip moving pinch Rose, she makes maine laughter for illustration nary 1 else.'

The couple, who person been successful a narration since 2012 and stock 2 sons, person worked together connected respective occasions connected films specified arsenic Adult Beginners, Spy, and Seriously Red. 

In an question and reply pinch People, which was published successful May 2023, Rose admitted that she and Bobby already telephone each different hubby and wife.

'I'm much joined to him than anybody I've ever been pinch my full life,' nan Bridesmaid character said, earlier confirming that she and Bobby will 'absolutely' necktie nan knot, but 'scheduling' makes it difficult to find nan correct clip to do it.

'Definitely thing that we will do,' she told nan publication and added: 'I emotion going to weddings. I've been a bridesmaid twice, I loved it. Everyone other is truthful complete being a bridesmaid and I'm like, I loved it. I recovered it truthful entertaining.'

Prior to gathering Bobby, Rose was successful a narration pinch Australian character Brendan Cowell for complete six years, but they parted ways successful January 2010.

Meanwhile, Bobby was joined to actress/screenwriter Jenny Lumet from 1994 to 2003 and nan mates had a boy named Jake, who is now 29 and useful arsenic an actor.

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