Auditor says Nova Scotia needs better prevention to address rising school violence

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By The Staff The Canadian Press

Posted June 11, 2024 10:18 am

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 'N.S. parents speak retired astir violence, bullying successful schools'

2:13 N.S. parents speak retired astir violence, bullying successful schools

RELATED: Two parents successful nan Halifax area are raising nan siren astir rising instances of unit and bullying successful schools. As Amber Fryday reports, nan business is said to beryllium worsening – and nan parents opportunity nan provincial authorities and schoolhouse administrators haven't provided capable support to guarantee nan information of children successful nan classroom. – May 10, 2024

Reports of schoolhouse unit successful Nova Scotia person accrued by 60 per cent since 2017, pinch schools successful nan Halifax area accounting for half of each incidents.

In a caller study released today, provincial auditor wide Kim Adair says nan number of convulsive incidents jumped to 27,000 from 17,000 complete nan past 7 years.

Adair says training and prevention measures person not kept gait pinch rising unit successful schools, resulting successful teachers and administrators emotion “unprepared to woody pinch it.”

The study says nan Education Department lacks a cohesive attack to preventing and addressing unit successful schools, and Adair recommends it create a provincewide strategy.

She adds that nan province’s codification of behaviour for schools needs to beryllium updated to amended specify unit and to connection much guidance to educators connected really to woody pinch it.

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Adair says 70 per cent of respondents to her office’s study said they didn’t person capable training to negociate schoolhouse violence, while galore teachers said they often don’t study incidents because they fearfulness nan unit won’t beryllium addressed.

The study says location was nary grounds of action being taken regarding 26,000 of nan 142,000 reported incidents complete nan past 7 years.

This study by The Canadian Press was first published June 11, 2024

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