Adorable moment girl, 7, who beat cancer and is now in need of a lung transplant finds out she is going to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour on its 100th show

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This is nan heartwarming infinitesimal a young woman successful request of a lung transplant aft beating cancer finds retired she has been talented tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras circuit connected its 100th show.

Florence Ava Bark, from Corby, Northamptonshire, is presently battling graft-versus-host illness (GvHD) of nan lungs.

She sewage nan illness aft receiving a bony marrow transplant successful August 2022, pursuing her test of acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Florence has ever loved euphony and dancing but because of her illness, she was ne'er capable to acquisition them.

Days earlier Taylor Swift's last show successful Liverpool, Sean Reddington, CEO of Thrive, was giving distant 2 VIP tickets for 'someone who genuinely deserves them.'

A instrumentality of Florence's societal media sewage successful interaction pinch Sean and nominated her for nan tickets and aft proceeding her story, he decided to gift them to nan family.

Florence Ava Bark is pictured pinch her mother Stacey Bark astatine Taylor Swift's 100th Eras performance successful Liverpool 

The infinitesimal nan young seven-year-old woman recovered retired she was going to her first ever concert 

Florence has ever loved euphony and dancing but because of her illness, she was ne'er capable to acquisition them

Sat successful their surviving room, her mother Stacey Bark said: 'Someone very benignant was giving distant 2 typical tickets to spell to a typical arena and a beautiful woman called Olivia nominated you.'

She past asks Florence which superstar they were speaking astir nan different day, to which nan young woman says pinch a immense grin connected her face: 'You were talking astir Taylor Swift! Are we going to a Taylor Swift concert?'

After being told that they were attending nan sold retired arena Florence giggled and said: 'I emotion music, I've ne'er been to a performance before, convey you. 

Florence past began crying earlier nan clip trim to her enjoying nan concert, singing on and waving her stuffed canine to nan music. 

Stacey, 34, said: 'They were truthful great. Sean said location were rather a fewer tears successful nan agency proceeding Florence's story.

'They moreover made other typical arrangements for Florence arsenic nan tickets weren't primitively wheelchair accessible but they called nan stadium and made judge they were capable to look aft her.

'Sean's PA rang maine astatine 4pm connected Friday during nan schoolhouse run, a time earlier nan show, to corroborate it had been sorted.

'That's erstwhile I rushed location to show Florence.'

Stacey, her hubby Andrew, 36, and their oldest kid Freddie, 10, each made nan travel to Liverpool.

Florence is pictured pinch a Taylor Swift t-shirt connected on pinch balloons and a cutout of nan celebrated singer 

Florence cuddles her stuffed canine artifact arsenic she waits to spot Taylor Swift successful Liverpool 

Other Taylor Swift fans show Florence their relationship bracelets astatine nan concert 

Florence Bark, seven, her mother, Stacey Bark, 34 her father, Andrew, 36, and her brother, Freddie, 10

 Stacey attended nan performance pinch Florence and contempt concerns astir really she would fare, Florence perfectly loved it.

Stacey, who is now her daughter's full-time carer on pinch her husband, said: 'Florence has spent nan mostly of nan past 2 and half years successful hospital.

What is Acute myeloid leukaemia? 

Leukaemia is crab of nan achromatic humor cells and Acute leukaemia intends it progresses quickly and aggressively, and usually requires contiguous treatment.

AML is simply a uncommon type of cancer, pinch astir 3,100 group diagnosed pinch it each twelvemonth successful nan UK and it is astir communal successful group complete nan property of 75.

The symptoms of AML usually create complete a fewer weeks and go worse complete time.

These tin include:

  • Looking ray aliases 'washed out'
  • Feeling tired aliases weak
  • Breathlessness
  • Frequent infections
  • Unusual and predominant bruising aliases bleeding, specified arsenic bleeding gums aliases nosebleeds
  • Losing weight without trying to

Source: NHS 

'Even earlier she sewage sick, nan twelvemonth she was meant to commencement schoolhouse nan pandemic started truthful she had ne'er been successful a crowd that large before.

'To spot her person this acquisition meant everything and nan unit were conscionable truthful wonderful, benignant and attentive.

'Florence called it a "once successful a lifetime" experience.

Florence first fell sick successful precocious April 2022 and was diagnosed pinch acute myeloid leukemia successful May.

Stacey said: 'She was diagnosed wrong 24 hours of her humor trial coming back.

'Florence started chemo nan adjacent time because she was diagnosed arsenic a high-risk patient.'

It quickly became evident that nan chemotherapy was not moving and Florence's parents were told she needed a bony marrow transplant.

'Just complete a period later, connected June 17, we were told she would request a bony marrow transplant,' Stacey added.

'We were told location was a precocious chance of nan transplant not moving earlier nan surgery, but we didn't person immoderate different existent action astatine nan time.

'She had nan transplant connected August 18, 2022, aft which location was still immoderate crab remaining.

'The bigger rumor past became her immune system, which had to beryllium suppressed truthful nan transplant would beryllium accepted into nan body.'

Florence was declared cancer-free successful October 2022 but a period later was diagnosed pinch graft-versus-host upset (GvHD) of nan lungs.

GvHD occurs erstwhile transplanted philanthropist cells recognise nan recipient's tissues arsenic overseas and onslaught them.

Florence Ava Bark, from Corby, Northamptonshire, is presently battling graft-versus-host illness (GvHD) of nan lungs

A instrumentality of Florence's societal media sewage successful interaction pinch nan CEO of Thrive and nominated her for nan ticket

Florence smiles arsenic she watches nan concert, singing on and waving her stuffed canine successful nan air 

 Stacey said: 'Her lungs activity astatine 30 per cent capacity connected a bully time but she now needs a lung transplant.

'She gets a batch of infections successful her lungs which person to beryllium cleared retired up of immoderate transplant.

'Florence was connected a ventilator for 8 days this past January arsenic a consequence of complications pinch nan infections successful her lungs.'

What is graft-versus-host disease?

GvHD is simply a imaginable complication of a stem compartment aliases bony marrow transplant from different person.

 GvHD happens erstwhile peculiar types of achromatic humor compartment (T cells) successful nan donated stem cells aliases bony marrow onslaught your ain assemblage cells. 

This is because nan donated cells spot your assemblage cells arsenic overseas and attacks them.

You are astatine higher consequence of GvHD if: 

  • Your philanthropist is not related to you
  • Your champion disposable bony marrow philanthropist is still a flimsy mismatch 
  • The donated stem cells aliases bony marrow incorporate precocious numbers of T cells 
  • You aliases your philanthropist are older 
  • Your philanthropist is simply a different activity to you
  • You don't person a very communal microorganism called cytomegalovirus (you are CMV negative) but your philanthropist is CMV positive
  • You person a philanthropist lymphocyte infusion (DLI), utilizing achromatic humor cells from nan donor 

Source: Cancer Research UK  

Florence is now undergoing tests to cheque her wellness up of a imaginable lung transplant.

Her parents person group up nan instauration Bemorefab aft her initials to thief pinch donations some for Florence and for different children battling GvHD.

Stacey said: 'We wouldn't person gotten this acold without nan support of our organization successful Corby and nan kindness of strangers consenting to donate.'

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