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Published: 06:56 EDT, 8 October 2012 | Updated: 11:21 EDT, 23 October 2012

We are looking to enlistee users of MailOnline to look successful a short movie for business to business purposes (i.e. not to beryllium broadcast).

To alteration america to prime group for nan film, we are asking you to nonstop america a short video of yourself talking astir why you sojourn MailOnline.  From each nan videos received we’ll prime up to 20 finalists; these finalists will beryllium professionally interviewed and nan footage included successful a movie astir MailOnline.

If you are successful successful getting done to nan last trim you will person $300 successful cash.

Hurry - we request to person your video by Friday 19th October.

Tips for your video
Your video tin beryllium very elemental and recorded from a mobile device, webcam aliases a video camera.   You will past request to prevention your video to a machine truthful you upload present and taxable to us.
It only needs to beryllium a short video.  As a guideline location astir 30 seconds to 1 infinitesimal - don't interest if it is longer though.   Save your video record utilizing your first and past name, e.g. John_Smith.

Please see nan pursuing successful your video:

  • Your name


  • Your age
  • Where you unrecorded - conscionable nan Town and State
  • Your job/career
  • How often you sojourn MailOnline
  • Why you sojourn MailOnline
  • The things you for illustration champion astir MailOnline
  • Where and erstwhile you sojourn MailOnline

Once you person vanished your video, complete nan shape below. 

To adhd your video:

  • Save your video to your desktop
  • Complete your sanction and email address
  • Click nan browse fastener beneath and prime your video successful your files
  • Then click 'Submit video' and your video will past beryllium sent to us.

Alternatively, you whitethorn email your video straight to lucy.scott@mailonline.co.uk

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