A class of schoolboys saw this UFO and drew identical pictures to prove it. Now, nearly 50 years after a military investigation, eyewitnesses break their silence to tell what they REALLY saw that day and say: 'It's never gone away'

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The rugged coastline of Pembrokeshire is simply a spot that evokes a definite mystery. Myths and legends were spun present and successful hundreds of years past smugglers would ply their illicit waste and acquisition connected its sea-lashed, treacherous rocks and coves.

And, backmost successful 1977, different enigma of a different benignant altogether came to hover (perhaps rather literally) complete this westerly outpost of Wales; aliases much precisely, complete 1 peculiar village: Broad Haven (population 856).

The funny events that unfolded successful a section abutting nan colony superior schoolhouse here, connected a cold, bedewed Friday successful February, propelled this mini seaside bolthole onto nan world shape arsenic a hotspot for imaginable extra-terrestrial activity.

It would beryllium different 9 months earlier Steven Spielberg's first subject fabrication blockbuster — Close Encounters Of The Third Kind — would deed nan large screen.

Eerie drawings of UFOs created successful 1977 by pupils from Broad Haven Primary successful Wales

But what happened successful Broad Haven that twelvemonth was a real-life blockbuster, remaining 1 of nan astir hotly discussed incidents successful British UFO history, and now nan taxable of a caller four-part BBC documentary, Paranormal: The Village That Saw Aliens.

It each began complete nan people of a azygous schoolhouse time erstwhile 15 schoolchildren — 14 boys and 1 woman — each reported to their teachers seeing a funny silver, cigar-shaped craft successful fields down their school. More funny yet, immoderate of nan children claimed they had seen a metallic man, pinch pointed ears, look from nan unusual vessel.

It could, truthful easily, person been put down to nan fertile imagination of childhood, were it not for what happened next.

So insistent were nan children that they had seen something, that, having returned to their homes that Friday evening, respective parents made reports to nan section constabulary station.

By nan clip Monday rolled around, schoolhouse headmaster Ralph Llewhellin decided he had to tackle nan clamour, truthful sat them each down successful exam conditions and asked them to picture and tie what they had seen.

The consequence was remarkable: nan children sketched retired pictures that were adjacent identical.

Fifteen children each reported sightings to their teachers of a cigar-shaped craft successful fields down their school

A logical man, moreover Ralph Llewhellin was astounded. He was clear connected 2 fronts: nan children were not tin of maintaining specified a blase prank, and they had so witnessed thing that couldn't beryllium explained — and still can't beryllium explained today.

For, arsenic it would transpire, nan Broad Haven schoolhouse 'incident' of 1977 would beryllium nan commencement of a bumper play of UFO sightings, unusual encounters and happenings, from nan terrifyingly plausible to downright comical, that turned this Welsh seaside colony into an enduring mecca for conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters.

So conscionable what did hap astatine Broad Haven Primary that day? This week nan Mail said to David Davies, who was a ten-year-old bookworm pinch a passion for Greek and Roman mythology, who still stands by each connection of what he saw.

Now a father-of-two and proud grandfather, David's recollections of that time are arsenic beardown now arsenic they were 47 years agone erstwhile he sat successful his schoolroom reference while his classmates went retired to play.

'The time itself was perfectly miserable,' he says. 'It was dreary, it was drizzly, it was cold, it was horrible. I've ne'er been a awesome person of getting acold and wet, truthful I was inside, reference books.'

David, however, kept getting interrupted by children moving backmost into schoolhouse pinch excited reports of a unusual object, apparently parked connected its perimeter.

'This went connected passim nan full time and was getting to beryllium a spot persistent,' recalls David, who contempt nan assumptions 1 mightiness make looking astatine his UFO-adorned T-shirt and nan Area 51 (a highly classified U.S. Air Force installation associated pinch conspiracy theories) signs connected his agency door, calls himself a 'natural-born sceptic'.

In nan 1970s, flying saucers and nan for illustration were still nan worldly of bad sci-fi movies and David wasn't into that benignant of thing.

But, an inquisitive, agleam lad, astatine nan extremity of nan schoolhouse day, he decided to analyse for himself and group disconnected crossed nan section to spot what he could find.

A changeable from Paranormal: The Village That Saw Aliens, a caller four-part BBC documentary

'I investigated astatine nan apical of nan playground and location was perfectly nothing, truthful I thought I'd get a spot much adventurous, measurement complete nan perimeter fence, hop complete nan watercourse and get a person look,' he says.

'I've sewage 1 limb complete nan obstruction and this point conscionable came up from down a group of trees. It was silver, cigar-shaped and astir 45ft long. I watched it for what couldn't person been immoderate longer than astir 10 seconds earlier for immoderate logic I sewage nan impulse to tally away.'

Whatever emotion it was, David insists it wasn't fear. He didn't talk what he'd seen pinch nan different boys connected their measurement home, only blurting retired what he had seen to his mother.

To his surprise, acold from telling him not to beryllium truthful silly, his mother made interaction pinch retired veterinarian and typical of nan British UFO Research Association, Randall Jones-Pugh, whose consequent reports would substance nan world enigma that came to beryllium known arsenic The Dyfed Enigma.

David says he will ne'er hide his headmaster's look erstwhile nan children handed successful their sketches of what they'd seen.

'His look went white,' he says. 'He realised that we had seen thing that was wholly beyond his comprehension.'

There were, however, nary satisfying answers for David aliases his friends. Just much questions and a barrage of 'hypotheses' arsenic to nan existent personality of what they'd seen — from sewage lorries, an craft from adjacent RAF Brawdy, and a concealed subject task — arsenic good arsenic ridicule arsenic nan communicative was picked up by section and nationalist media.

It is noteworthy that 1 of David's classmates was nan boy of a section RAF Squadron Leader who besides stood by his son's account, telling reporters that he believed him 'implicitly'.

Nor, David insists, was location immoderate anticipation of him and his classmates collaborating connected their stories complete nan play earlier they were asked to do their sketches.

'Bear successful mind, this was nan 1970s successful agrarian Pembrokeshire,' he chuckles. 'We didn't person iPads aliases mobile phones. If you were fortunate capable to person a location phone, immoderate speech would beryllium very short, astatine your parents' insistence, and they would beryllium listening.'

And while he mightiness person built up rather a postulation of alien paraphernalia complete nan years (gifts from humorous friends and family), he besides insists he has ne'er described what he saw arsenic extra-terrestrial, moreover if, each these years later, that remains a persistent hypothesis.

He saw an object, he insists, an unexplained and unusual aircraft. He chuckles again. 'It would beryllium marvellous to deliberation that aliens had visited Broad Haven, but what they would do location I don't know.'

Still, he didn't deviate from his account, moreover erstwhile confronted by secondary schoolhouse bullies.

'Even astatine that age, I had principles and location was nary measurement connected world I was going to opportunity that I lied astir nan UFO, because I won't enactment quiet successful bid to support different group happy,' he says.

'It's surely had a monolithic effect because it's conscionable thing that's ne'er gone away. It's location successful my caput and I've conscionable ne'er sewage to nan bottommost of what it was.'

The incident would person been singular enough, but 2 days later — a time earlier it each went nationalist — location was different sighting.

On this occasion, it was a mother-of-two, Louise Bassett, who astatine nan clip ran a edifice successful Camarthen, pinch her husband, 40-miles inland from Broad Haven.

She was driving, alone, backmost to their location successful Ferryside erstwhile her travel took an different turn.

As she tells nan Mail: 'It was precocious and acheronian and arsenic I drove on listening to nan radio... it was for illustration location was interference. I thought it was spot overseas arsenic it had ne'er happened earlier and I'd done this thrust many, galore times before.

'I kept twiddling nan knobs and past nan power started jamming permanently.'

Things were to get much unnerving erstwhile she saw bluish lights, which astatine first she thought must beryllium an mishap — and past she saw a grey, cigar-like style successful nan sky.

Such was her concern, she phoned constabulary to inquire if location had been immoderate different activity that mightiness explicate what she had seen. The reply was no.

Then, a further different incident occurred. A time aliases 2 later an creator neighbour, who lived crossed nan estuary, telephoned. He was successful nan wont of sketching from nan model of his workplace and said he had seen an entity complete Louise's location and had drawn it.

'He had drawn what I saw,' she says.

The slim, softly spoken woman, who now lives successful England, is not prone to hyperbole aliases sensationalism. Indeed, her big children, who were very young astatine nan clip of nan sighting, only recovered retired astir their mother's UFO brushwood very recently.

What has compelled Louise to talk now is that she still doesn't cognize what she saw. 'There's ne'er been an explanation,' she says.

The show follows nan mysterious events that unfolded successful Broad Haven, Wales, successful 1977

Could that mentation dishonesty extracurricular nan world we know?

'I really don't know,' says Louise. 'I unrecorded successful a really beautiful spot now and we've sewage acheronian skies and sometimes I look up and I wonderment . . .'

Not suprisingly, successful nan months that followed, a unusual UFO fever dispersed done Dyfed, arsenic group started having moreover person 'encounters'.

There was, for instance, section hotelier Rosa Granville, who, successful April 1977 — 2 months aft nan schoolhouse incident — described seeing 2 'creatures' look from a spaceship successful a section extracurricular nan hotel.

Archive sound recordings stay of Rosa, who has since died, talking astir what she saw. 'Monsters,' she says. 'They were 7ft, 8ft tall, very agelong arms, very agelong legs. They looked arsenic if they had boiler suits on, a metallic colour, they conscionable turned astir and looked astatine maine and I couldn't spot immoderate features astatine all. It frightened maine truthful much.'

Whatever she saw — pranksters aliases aliens — it surely frightened her, arsenic some nan constabulary serviceman who responded to her telephone and her daughter, Francine, attest connected camera successful nan BBC series.

Then location were nan Coombs — dairyman Billy Coombs, woman Pauline and their 5 children — who, successful consequent months, made repeated reports of adjacent encounters pinch UFOs astir their workplace successful nan area.

On 1 juncture Pauline reported driving her car on a state lane and being pursued by a fiery entity shaped for illustration a rugby ball. On different occasion, they reported a herd of cows had been inexplicably teleported from down a locked gross into an adjacent farmyard. Not surprisingly, their accounts person travel successful for immoderate adjacent scrutiny by sceptics.

Yet nan astir terrifying incident of each came successful nan early hours of April 23, arsenic nan family were watching a movie astatine home, only to realise they excessively were being watched: by a 7ft gangly fig successful a spacesuit, peering done nan window.

It doesn't return a immense agelong of imagination to put this down to nan activity of a section prankster who'd travel up pinch an amusing pastime to while distant nan long, acheronian evenings.

Indeed, respective years later, successful 1996, a businessman and personnel of Milford Haven's Round Table reportedly stepped guardant to asseverate that successful 1977, arsenic a prank, he had walked astir nan area successful a metallic firefighter's suit.

To nan Coombs family, however, it was very real. In fact, nan policeman who responded to their telephone that nighttime would later study that, successful each his 26 years of service, 'that was nan astir frightened family I person ever been to see'.

So insistent were nan children that they had seen thing successful 1977 that respective parents made reports astatine nan section constabulary station

But what was nan Government's consequence to this flurry of extra-terrestrial activity successful South Wales?

In 1977, aliens and UFOs were still taken seriously. The Ministry of Defence had a dedicated UFO sightings unit, arsenic did nan American government. Even erstwhile U.S. President Jimmy Carter claimed he'd seen a UFO, but nan charismatic responses to nan Broad Haven incidents were broadly sceptical.

When nan past MP for Pembroke, Nicholas Edwards, contacted nan Ministry of Defence aft being 'inundated' pinch UFO sightings, a discreet investigation did, archived files reveal, return place.

But if nan words of nan RAF serviceman who said to Rosa Granville pursuing her sighting are thing to spell by, nan cognition was dismissive.

'Should a UFO get astatine RAF Brawdy we will complaint normal landing fees,' he quipped.

Academic, journalist and UFO master Dr David Clarke was a advisor for nan National Archives erstwhile it released a swathe of antecedently concealed files connected UFO sightings backmost successful 2005. He curated a book that included nan drawings of nan Broad Haven superior schoolchildren and remains open-minded connected nan subject.

'I don't deliberation location is immoderate uncertainty personification walked astir successful a firefighting suit, scaring people, but what triggered that thought successful nan first place?' he asks.

'It doesn't explicate it all, you tin debunk things, you tin look astatine individual stories and opportunity that must person been caused by X, Y, Z, but location is ever an constituent of enigma left, it's ne'er imaginable to wholly explicate it.'

Two decades later, TV's The X-Files programme would transportation nan tagline 'the truth is retired there'.

David Davies, who did go a sci-fi fan, erstwhile he became a teenager, remains unsure whether answers are needed.

'What happened has go 1 of Pembrokeshire's people tales. So there's portion of maine which makes maine deliberation possibly it's amended if we don't find out. Keep nan mystery. But past there's nan technological broadside of maine that really does want to know.'

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