33 Items to Include In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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It’s happening! The time you’ve planned for months is officially present and you person ne'er been much excited. You person prepared everything from nan flower arrangements to nan dessert your guests will bask and nan earrings you’re wearing, but do you person your bridal emergency kit ready? Yes, your emergency kit, nan eventual wedding planners must for anyone's large day. 

What's a Bridal Emergency Kit? 

To explain, it’s fundamentally your life saver successful lawsuit of an accidental spill, aliases an allergic guidance connected your wedding day. You tin ideate a ample tote container filled pinch each nan necessities you whitethorn request successful a pinch. Most wedding planners will person 1 prepared already, but if you are readying your wedding yourself, aliases want a small other comfortableness you tin create 1 connected your own. Don’t interest if this is your first clip proceeding astir this kit because we person compiled nan eventual wedding emergency kit scheme for you. 

The first measurement to creating a wedding time emergency kit is knowing what could hap successful an “emergency” and what you would request to hole it. Although this whitethorn not beryllium a nosy thought to have, it's champion to beryllium prepared successful lawsuit a bridesmaid spills a small java connected her blush gown aliases you request to bring your hairdo backmost to life pinch a volumizing spray. 

When Should You Pack your Bridal Emergency Kit? 

Experts propose packing your emergency kit weeks successful beforehand from your existent large time to debar immoderate forgotten items aliases encephalon fog.

The week of your wedding will beryllium afloat of past infinitesimal tasks and moving astir truthful arsenic to debar cramming nan to-do list, battalion your emergency kit good successful advance, and return your clip gathering each nan items. 

Pro Tip: Bring your emergency kit to wedding events starring up to nan large day. Your bachelorette statement is simply a cleanable clip to see your kit. To debar forgetting anything, people our database and usage it arsenic your guideline to stitchery everything. 

Who Will Handle nan Emergency Kit connected Your Wedding Day? 

On your wedding time you’ll want to designate personification to transportation and return attraction of your emergency bag. Either your wedding planner, maid of grant aliases a bridesmaid tin do this! Usually your venue will person a safe spot to shop your items and wedding gifts, truthful you tin time off your container successful location during nan day. Have a designated personification prime up your emergency container nan nighttime earlier aliases week earlier and make judge they bring it for you nan time of. 

So pinch that successful mind, let's excavation into nan eventual mentation devices from existent life wedding planners. 

Items you’ll want to see successful your Bridal Emergency Kit: 

Snacks: We’ve each seen nan movies wherever nan bride faints, and it does hap successful existent life. There’s thing worse than emotion faint, aliases worse…hangry connected your large day. Pack immoderate granola bars, consequence aliases thing recreation friends you tin drawback successful a hurry to help balance retired your humor sugar. 

Medicine: Allergic reactions, headaches, a toothache…anything that tin happen, tin happen. Pack your go-to symptom reliever aliases allergy medicine conscionable successful lawsuit you observe that time you are really very allergic to pollen aliases someone's perfume. 

Nail Polish: You’ll astir apt person shellac aliases a gel manicure for your large day, but successful lawsuit of a chip, support your nail intact pinch a clear apical overgarment arsenic a backup. 

Nail File: Did a stubborn nail break correct earlier stepping down nan aisle? A speedy record will hole immoderate snagging it mightiness make connected your beautiful dress and veil. 

Mini First Aid Kit: Include items for illustration band-aids, rubbing alcohol, fabric pads, pain pick etc. It whitethorn not beryllium needed by you but successful lawsuit personification has a spot excessively overmuch to portion and finds themselves falling connected nan creation floor, you’ll beryllium gladsome to person included this. 

Eye Drops: Whether you deterioration contacts aliases not, barren eyes tin beryllium caused by pollen aliases seasonal allergies. Or conscionable staying up precocious and not being capable to slumber because of wedding time jitters! Adding this to your emergency bridal kit is simply a must. Psst, its besides a awesome hack to having beautiful, agleam eyes successful your photos! 

Tampons & Pads: Enough said, beryllium safe alternatively than sorry. Even if you support way of your cycle, times of accent tin origin your travel to beryllium irregular and you don’t want to stain your beautiful dress. 

Water Bottles: Have h2o bottles connected manus for you and your bridal statement on-site astatine your getting fresh location, and photo-ops. Don’t hide to bring stainless alloy straws to support your lipstick on!

Razors: Missed a spot nether your limb aliases connected your legs? Have a backup razor successful lawsuit anyone forgot an area prepping for your day. 

Q-Tips & Makeup Remover: Smudged eyeliner from stepping down nan aisle. Have some Q-tips and constitution remover connected manus for immoderate touch ups you mightiness request passim nan day. 

Toiletries: Deodorant, lotion, articulator chap, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss & perfume. Pack arsenic if you’re going overnight location and you won’t miss anything. 

Wardrobe necessities to include: 

Blotting Papers: Don’t sweat it. Having blotting papers connected manus intends you tin touch up oily T-zones and your lips if necessary. Even if you don’t person oily skin, you will want to refresh your dress up aft a afloat time of wedding festivities.  

Stain Remover: A Tide-to-go pen will beryllium your champion friend successful a pinch. Don’t return a chance of a stain ruining your large day. Have a backup stain remover readily astatine hand. 

Super Glue: Did a bead autumn disconnected your dress? Broken nail? A bridesmaid bottommost collapsed that possibly shouldn’t person been utilized nan nighttime earlier to spell out? It tin each beryllium ace glued astatine nan past infinitesimal truthful nary 1 is nan wiser. 

White Chalk: Maybe 1 of nan astir important things connected this list. If a stain won’t travel retired of your dress, chalk tin screen it up capable to thief hide it. Don’t hide nan chalk! 

Fabric Tape: Tape your girls, your dress hem, thing that mightiness request an other hand. 

Bobby Pins & Elastics: There’s thing worse than your hairstyle falling retired correct earlier stepping down nan aisle. Have a backup of hair elastics, scrunchies, pins, and a curling robust for immoderate touch ups. Store it each successful our favourite Application Kit

Volumizer Wefts: Don’t hide hairstyles tin autumn flat, aliases worse autumn out. Have backup volumizers wefts if you request other oomf’ aliases thickness for your large day. 

Extensions Carrier: Having your Luxy extensions carrier protect and transportation your further volumizer wefts & clip-in extensions to support them successful nan champion style during transit and to clasp styling. 

Baby Powder: Chafing has nan powerfulness to make you miserable. Don’t let it connected your large day, battalion a mini babe powder for thing that mightiness get a small uncomfortable. 

Compact Mirror: Whether you’re connected your measurement to nan church, aliases successful betwixt photos. Having a compact mirror to double cheque that everything is still looking bully is simply a must. P.S. Ask your Maid of Honor to person this connected manus for you! 

Comb & Hairspray: Packing a comb & hairspray tin thief tame immoderate alert aways you mightiness tally into & thief pinch immoderate bridesmaid hairsbreadth malfunctions agelong aft hairsbreadth and constitution has left. 

Earring Backs: Purchase immoderate clear backings incase of a missing backmost connected nan time of and don’t interest astir losing an accessory aft a nighttime of dancing. 


Cash: Whether you request rate for a quick fast nutrient tally connected nan measurement to nan chapel, aliases forgot to extremity 1 of your vendors. Cash connected manus will beryllium important!

Mints: You’ve been up since 8 americium prepping, eating and sipping coffee. Have these connected manus to thief pinch a refresh and besides an upset tummy!  

Phone Charger: Chances are you’ll want to TikTok your time from commencement to decorativeness while getting ready! Tiktok drains your battery, battalion a accelerated charging cord to guarantee you person your telephone pinch you fresh to grounds each time long! 

Sunscreen: If you’re having an outdoor wedding successful nan mediate of summertime don’t risk getting a pain connected your shoulders! Pack a precocious SPF sunscreen to protect your tegument passim nan day. 

Scissors: If you’ve packed a mini sewing kit, chances are you’ll person immoderate successful there. If not, this is your reminder!  

Static Guard: Bridesmaid dresses sticking to your crew? Static defender is nan eventual prevention for thing static-y nan time of. 

Lidocaine Pain Relieving Spray: Yes, symptom spray. It will beryllium your savior hours into your wedding erstwhile your feet wounded from your heels! Spray it connected and creation nan nighttime away. 

Flat Shoes: When nan statement really starts you whitethorn want to fto your hairsbreadth down and creation nan nighttime away. Pack a brace of your favourite achromatic sneakers, aliases flip flops and really bask nan night! 

Tissues: It's your wedding day, and there's bound to beryllium a batch of happy tears. Have immoderate connected manus for those tearjerker moments. 

Black Socks: We cognize you’re not wearing socks…but nan groomsmen are, and let’s look it sometimes they tin time off things past minute. Have a backup successful lawsuit they forgot. 

Whether your large time is simply a fewer weeks distant aliases a mates months, mentally preparing for it tin consciousness overwhelming pinch each nan “to-do’s” you whitethorn person left. Organization is key, and creating lists tin thief calm your nerves of forgetting anything. Packing your emergency kit is 1 further measurement to make you consciousness assured successful knowing you’re good prepared for your day. In nan midst of each nan planning, punctual yourself that this is simply a time meant for you and nan emotion of your life to bask and retrieve forever. Don’t sweat nan mini stuff, and beryllium coming successful each moment. If you instrumentality to that, you are judge to person nan champion time of your life. 

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Written By: Victoria Russo 

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