$3.3 billion available for mental health beds as Newsom jump-starts Prop. 1 spending

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Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday that nan authorities will make $3.3 cardinal successful backing disposable by July to statesman building inpatient and outpatient intelligence wellness curen centers arsenic portion of a monolithic effort to transform California’s intelligence wellness system and reside nan homelessness crisis.

The money is nan first tranche of a $6.4-billion enslaved authorized by voters erstwhile they narrowly approved Proposition 1 successful March.

Newsom traveled to a caller installation successful San Mateo County to make nan announcement — to underscore, his agency said, really galore much specified accommodation are needed and really his hard-fought intelligence wellness measurement tin toggle shape attraction for Californians.

Newsom has framed Proposition 1 arsenic an basal portion of nan state’s strategy to reside nan homelessness crisis. The scheme includes a arguable push to compel group pinch terrible intelligence unwellness and constituent disorders into care. With nan enslaved funding, it besides makes billions of dollars disposable to build much beds and lodging for treatment.

“In a matter of weeks, $3.3 cardinal will spell retired and we’ll quickly o.k. those plans,” Newsom told reporters extracurricular a Redwood City curen installation that plans to adhd much lodging erstwhile money funnels successful this summer. “In a matter of months, not a matter of years.”

Newsom besides urged counties to sign up early for CARE Court, different programme he has championed to thief resoluteness nan state’s intelligence wellness and homelessness crisis. Counties person until nan extremity of nan twelvemonth to unfastened specialized courts that connection voluntary curen and services. San Mateo County, southbound of San Francisco, precocious became nan ninth region to motion up.

“Counties don’t person to hold until December. Let’s go. Get those applications going,” he said.

When nan proposition passed, Newsom said “this historical betterment will only win if we each footwear into action instantly — authorities government and section leaders, together.”

This week, his unit said nan politician was doing his part: This first information of backing wasn’t promised until nan fall.

For nan record:

9:11 a.m. May 14, 2024An earlier type of this article said Proposition 1 expands nan criteria for nan detention, curen and conservatorship of group pinch terrible intelligence illness. That argumentation is successful a abstracted measure Newsom signed past year.

In summation to spearheading nan building aliases rehabilitation of much than 10,000 curen beds and complete 45,000 outpatient curen slots, Proposition 1 reforms California’s 20-year-old Mental Health Services Act to amended attraction and support for group pinch superior intelligence wellness issues. A abstracted bill signed past year, Senate Bill 43, expands nan criteria for nan detention, curen and conservatorship of group pinch terrible intelligence unwellness — an effort that was strenuously opposed by immoderate civilian liberties advocates.
The cookware of money disposable for task applications successful July is specifically earmarked to build aliases refurbish curen centers and clinics. Counties, cities, tribes, nonprofits and for-profit companies will each beryllium eligible to use for funding.

To qualify, building projects must person support from their region intelligence wellness department, and they must perpetrate to treating patients pinch Medi-Cal arsenic good arsenic backstage insurance.

All projects are required to put up matching costs aliases collateral. That could see onshore aliases a building, arsenic good arsenic a backing stream, specified arsenic a promise from a healthcare supplier to nonstop patients location aliases from nan opioid settlement, successful which pharmaceutical companies and distributors are paying nan authorities millions to thief reside nan harms of nan pandemic of addiction.

Once assistance applications arrive, officials said they could beryllium approved wrong 3 months, meaning money could beryllium distributed astir nan extremity of nan year.

Later successful nan year, officials said they planned to unfastened a caller information of grants to build and rehabilitate much than 13,000 imperishable supportive lodging units.

Then, adjacent year, officials will unfastened different $1 cardinal to support further buildings aliases programs, they said.

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