25 kg of coke, MDMA seized during $1.5M drug-trafficking bust in Edmonton region

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A young man is facing a lengthy database of charges pursuing a supplier bust that progressive raids connected respective properties successful nan Edmonton region.

Last October, nan Edmonton Police Service said its supplier and pack enforcement (EDGE) conception began looking into nan activities of a fishy from Leduc.

The investigation culminated successful hunt warrants being carried retired astatine a location successful that metropolis southbound of Edmonton, on pinch 2 retention accommodation successful Edmonton and Calmar, arsenic good arsenic a hunt of 2 two vehicles belonging to nan suspect.

Police seized astir 15 kg of cocaine, almost 11 kg of MDMA (ecstasy), 270 tabs of LSD, 21 grams of methamphetamine, 863 oxycodone pills, and six kg of a buffing supplier called phenacetin.

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Phenacetin is simply a pain-relieving and fever-reducing supplier that was wide utilized for astir 100 years, until it was withdrawn from medicinal usage successful nan 1970s for nan broadside effects being excessively dangerous.

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“This was a important supplier seizure, removing kilograms of cocaine and MDMA and smaller quantities of different narcotics from our metropolis streets,” said EPS EDGE Staff Sgt. David Paton.

“EDGE Section would for illustration to convey nan Leduc RCMP for their assistance pinch this investigation, arsenic good arsenic our rule enforcement partners successful British Columbia.”

The thoroughfare worth of nan narcotics is estimated to beryllium astir $1.5 million, EPS said.

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Police said devices utilized for supplier trafficking, including a hydraulic press, were besides seized, on pinch 5 firearms, almost $80,000 successful rate and a conveyance pinch a blase hidden compartment.

Jeremy Manuel, 23, from Leduc was charged pinch 10 counts of drug-trafficking-related offences, 2 counts of possession of nan proceeds of crime and unsafe retention of a firearm.

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